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Pics of my reducing hirsutism progress so far!

Ok! Here are some pics of my progress thus far trying to manage my hirsutism!

Keep in mind this is from me epilating with a Panasonic epilator, (not tweezing), using eflornithine hydrochloride cream 2x a day (the brand name is Vaniqa), birth control Beyaz, Spironolactone (when I could get it; doctor has been a little stubborn lately!) Inositol, Vitex (or chasteberry), fenugreek, washing my face daily with an liquid soap made of african black soap and using a mild glycolic cream, two salicylic chemical peels, two homemade turmeric and cucumber facial peels.

I did very little waxing or tweezing on my face but I did post one before and after results of my sugar wax of my bikini line.

I must say I think my face is clearing up! I had very dark marks under my neck and side burns but it’s really trying to clear up.

The pics are in chronological order from mid August 2012 to today, September 25, 2012.

My neck in early to mid August
My neck and sideburn mid August
my neck today! Sept. 25th, 2012. It’s is a wee bit blurry, but it is lighter that’s for sure!
My side burns today, Sept. 25, 2012
My other sideburn today, Sept. 25, 2012

So as you can see, I am definitely making some noteworthy progress clearing my skin up! I am not totally satisfied with my neck just yet but it’s an improvement for sure! I mostly credit the lack of a tweezer to my face, cleaning and the peels, though I am sure all my routine and medications played a part in slowing the growth as well as clearing my skin!

Improving, but still a work in progress! Thanks for reading!


Turmeric Peel for Hirsutism and Hyperpigmentation…maybe!

So yesterday I was Googling recipes for natural, DIY chemical peels.

I liked the results I was getting from the salicylic peel I did for my hyperpigmentation from years of shaving and tweezing, but frankly I like being a ginny pig and trying new things on my skin….as long as it’s safe!

So I came across a simple recipe for a cucumber peel mixed with gelatin. So I added my own little remix to the list:

  1. cucumber juice (I just bended a whole small cucumber with a little water)
  2. tiny bit of pomegranate juice
  3. few drops of lemon and lime juice
  4. few drops of tea tree oil
  5. VERY few drops of willow bark extract
  6. few drops of avocado and jojoba oil
  7. few drops of aloe vera gel
  8. 2 packs of gelatin diluted in hot water

So when I blending the cucumber and added everything to the cucumber blend then added that to the gelatin mix, I let it sit out and cool down to harden into gel….it never did.

I figured it was because I had too much water in my solution. But then I remembered that I had a turmeric powder mix in my house too!

Turmeric is a powder that has great uses for skincare and general healthcare. It is believed to be very good for evening out the skin tone with continual use!

I have even read in several places that is helps with facial hair growth as well, but I didn’t find any reviews on it doing such a thing for anyone else.

So I said “What the hell? Give it a try!” I mixed my cucumber/gelatin solution with a lot of turmeric powder until it became like a paste as such below:

I put the paste on my face and let it dry up completely for about 20-30 minutes. That may be too long but I spend extra time typing this blog when the turmeric was on my face:

So I rinsed it off with  warm wash cloth and it started flaking off. The peel, not my skin!!!

Afterwards, my skin looked fresh and soft, but a little dry! I think it was because I let the peel stay on for too long. I then put some Burt’s Bees Blemish stick on my darker spots.

I must say the reviews I have been reading about Turmeric are almost all positive, but of course I have no came across solid medical research. I am definitely going to keep this recipe on  hand and use this peel more often. I am very interested in seeing how it helps with my hirsutism on my face.

I am pleased with how it made my face feel! I would definitely add more jojoba, avocado or aloe vera gel to make it a little more moisturizing. In all fairness, I usually put light facial lotion on my face as habit any right after washing.