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Brazilian Waxing…The Cure to Crabs (Pubic Lice?)

Animation of lice “down there!” Courtesy of sexualityandu.ca

I JUST got an alert on a very interesting article, detailing the drastically reducing cases of pubic lice (or crabs) possibly due to waxing the pubic area.

The Bloomberg article by Jason Gale and Shannon Pettypiece basically states that the Phthirus pubis, the infestation organism more unfondly called “crabs,” may become an endangered species because of the growing amount of men and women waxing those balls and coochie hairs!

It almost makes sense…I mean, the insect lives amongst the pubic hair and skin of an infected person, thus causing horrible irritation and itching. If there is no hair for it to be a nuisance, it likely will not be able to live very long or develop at all. This is just my educated guess.

Because people are getting more hair removal done (commercial depilatories, waxing, shaving, tweezing, laser or electrolysis) the multi-billion dollar business of getting rid of hair is growing even more.

So it may quasi-official that “waxing it all off” may actually be good for your pee-pee’s health!

Of course this is no excuse NOT to protect yourself if you sexually active. Ignorance is not cute!

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Ingrown Pubic Hair vs. HPV and other STDs!!

How do you distinguish the two…or three!?

I will be brave and admit to having both. I dealt with a dirty ex several years ago when I just started college, and well, the rest is very gross, painful history!

On the other hand, an ingrown hair is easy…you will see the hair within the pimple. Sometimes, especially for darker toned women, the ingrown may even appear very dark or even black, especially if your vagina hairs are dark too.

This is not for only hirsute girls or girls who think they have hirsutism. An ingrown hair can happen to anyone.

Mine are occasionally very dark also; that’s how I know it’s an ingrown.

Some ingrowns are so obvious, you can almost pull the hair out yourself.

Most of them are painful though.

The best way to avoid ingrown hairs is to keep that area lubricated at all times. Consider waxing and not shaving and if you do shave, use an electric shaver that doesn’t go all the way to the skin….for me, it kinda gives the bikini line a close cut per say as opposed to a Brazilian wax!

Ingrown Cooch hairs. Courtesy of twigsandberriesbook.com

Now, HPV (human pailloma virus) on the other hand, for me, appeared as a small cluster of white bumps on the vagina with no hairs in them. These actually appear in my vagina, not on the skin where pubic hair grows (that’s a HUGE difference between the two!) I also had some appear in a small patch on the side of my knee on both legs!

An example what HPV may look like for men or women. Courtesy of std-aid.com

See, when you have a HPV or even a herpes out break, since the two look so similar, they can appear anywhere on the body…mouth, hands, pubic area, legs, arms, fingers.

For me, the HPV was not painful to the touch, but getting treated for it was holy hell! When I went to the clinic to get checked out, they had to scrape my vagina to test the fluids and I screamed like a baby.

Though HPV was not painful to the touch, walking and even sleeping was painful because I was rubbing my legs against my vagina of course. It got so bad, I had to walk with a limp for a day or two.

I got completely treated for my HPV shortly after. The funny thing is while there is no cure for it, it’s one of those type of viruses that just goes away on it’s own. Thankfully, it’s gone from my body and has ever returned! Therefore; no long term medication is required from it!

But it did cause my cervix to have some abnormal cell growth and out of the fear of developing cancer, my OBGYN had those cell frozen. That was nearly 8 years ago. I’m blessed to say that did not develop into cancer! 🙂

A herpes outbreak, however; may require on going treatments for the long term. That’s just my guess. I never had herpes but because it is a more complex disease, it may require a lot more attention from a medical professional.

So that is the difference between an ingrown hair and HPV. One spreads, the other doesn’t. One (unless it is deeply infected) does not require major medications, the other does. One may itch like hell, the other may give you difficulty trying to piss. One may look like a typical zit, one looks just…strange! One can be removed with a sterile needled and a steady hand, one shouldn’t EVER be touched unless by a doctor. One cause unsightliness, one potentially causes cancer.

That’s why it pays, ladies and gentleman, to maintain your check ups, and choose partners wisely. My situation was pretty bad and embarrassing but it could have been WAY worse!

Side note: The moron that gave me the HPV denied it and said I need to monitor the way I wipe my ass better after using the bathroom…..Needless to say, we stopped being friends after that statement and I never looked back.

For more information about HPV click here on the U.S. National Library of Medicine dialogue about HPV and Herpes.

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