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What Ethnicities have the Hairiest Women?

I know it crosses peoples’ minds from time to time; what is the smartest race? Dumbest? Best looking? Most likely to go to jail? Yadda Yadda…
But how often do we ask which race (or in this case ethnicity) is the hairiest?!
Now this blog post is NOT intended to offend anyone. This is just an interesting hirsutism topic I decided rap about that clearly is not discussed in many other similar blogs or websites.
It is well know that with hirsutism, especially idiopathic hirsutism, genetics play a huge part in the hair distribution make up on a woman.

Cute Turkish girl. Courtesy of loginlove.com

The worst parts for a hirsute woman are typically her face and abdomen area. I have seen hairy women of all ethnic backgrounds.
From my own personal analysis, I cannot pin point any type of race that may be deemed hairier than the other because some of the most hirsute women I have ever seen in my life were all from different backgrounds.
I recall a long time ago being in a restaurant and standing next to a friendly Hispanic woman who had obviously just finished shaving her thick facial hair. The stumble was growing from her sideburns down her neck. This particular woman was heavy set so looking back on it, she could have had a more serious underlying cause for her hirsutism.

Pretty black girl. Courtesy of black-women-beauty-central.com

The thickest mustaches that I ever seen were on two black women. I remember seeing a woman at Wal Mart and another woman at a local university, both with mustaches made of very thick, black hair against brown skin. The crazy thing was they seemed to actually like their staches! The staches were nicely trimmed and neat! They almost seemed proud parading their mustaches in public! I was almost more fascinated with their self-confidence than their cleanly shaven mustaches!
White women, particularly blondes, got it a little easy. All the hairy blonde women I ever seen had very light hair against very fair skin. A white girl I worked with a few years back had dark hair but very heavy facial hair, but the facial hair was extremely light. The naked eye probably could not tell she may have been a bit hirsute. I did have an Italian women work in my doctor’s office who had pretty fair skin but very dark hair who admitted to getting laser hair treatments on her arms and face. She and I chatted about hirsutism for a few minutes and she sympathized with my pain, claiming to be the hairiest woman in her clan too!
I recall seeing an Indian girl on my college campus several years back who was extremely pretty, mocha skin, thick, shiny long hair and very soft-haired sideburns. They were very thick, but the hair was so soft, sweeping underneath her earlobes, it truly did not look that bad in my opinion, even on days I recall her pulling her hair back.
But according to a study published in the Human Reproduction Update on November 6, 2011, the Ferriman-Gallwey scale and other logical subjective factors rate these ethnicities of women from hairiest to least hairiest (of the racial groups tested):
1.       Turkish women (of Middle Eastern backgrounds)
2.       Mexican, Iranian, Spanish
3.       Italian
4.       White (of Hispanic and Caucasian backgrounds) and Black Americans
5.       Asian (of Chinese and Thai backgrounds)

The study itself admitted its shortcomings such as the subjective view of numerous physicians trying to decide what is a hairy woman and what is not? How hairy is she? How thick is the hair? How dark?

Lovely Indian woman. Courtesy of articles.businessinsider.com

That is probably why there is not a lot of solid data on our condition because the conditions of determinacy have to be subjective. A well-qualified doctor will have to be able to determine what is hairy, what is not, and then that doctor would have to even be educated and experienced enough in hormonal disorders. I went to one endocrinologist who did nothing for me, but the second one I chatted with gave me the medication I needed right away!
In addition, even if these determinations from the Human Reproduction Update are accurate, it certainly does not deem one group of women or men more attractive than the other. There are different strokes for different folks and no two people are meant to look the same anyway. What is a turn off to you might be a turn on to someone else. Therefore, before you claim all Turkish women are weird looking and all Asian women are perfect, make sure your own flaws are in check!
Thanks for reading!


The Blessing in Hirsutism!

The Lovely and “Abnormal” Mulan! Courtesy of disgeek.com

I think “normal” women have no idea what it is like to be real abnormal.

I love that most people look at our condition as a simple flaw. But it is quite damaging how us hirsute girls look at ourselves.

We hate our faces and our bodies. The constant hair growth. The shave…the regrowth….the tweeze…the regrowth…the depilatory…the regrowth…

Some of us are so scared of ourselves, we hide. I know I did.

I started having it when I was in middle school. I hid so much that by the time I emerged from my Bat Cave, I was damn near 30 years old.

Over a decade, I hid in shame and hurt. Questioning over and over “Why me? Why not the pretty girls who sleep around and bully people and cause so much turmoil in high school….they don’t deserve the good life they got. Why can’t they suffer from something like this?! Why me!?”

I hid because of what men would think about me…that no one would truly ever accept the whole me. That’s why I went through so much work to get rid of the hair. To the point, I did even more damage to my skin.

I blamed everything on my hirsutism. Even as a mature 30 year old, I cannot help but to wonder why I have not married yet? Are men that scared of my condition?

Why can’t I just be like every other woman? I don’t want to be the prettiest girl. I just wanted to be a normal girl. I just wanted to meet someone that would try to understand my condition and not judge me over something I simply cannot control.

I feel for the young girls who cannot seem to understand their hirsutism. My heart weighs the heaviest for them. I was that girl that gave up SOOOO MUCH in my youth. I would not even go to parties or hang out with friends because I was so embarrassed by my excessive hair growth.

I stopped hanging out with friends because of what they would think about me. And I just started to isolate myself.

That behavior simply stuck with me all the way into adulthood. I found myself with very, very few friends and not much of a social life because I emotionally abused my brain and heart into thinking I was not worthy and/or normal enough for a regular life.

Most of the men in my life only stuck around for a short time. Even the father of my kids; I sit back and realized there was never any true love there, besides the fact we made two kids together.

And while I am much more mature now and I don’t allow hirsutism to keep me from having a life, I look back on those years and get disappointed with myself. Disappointed because I never cared enough in the right manner to tackle my problem.

I only cared in the sense of feeling sorry for myself and convincing myself that was lower than a woman because I did not look like a typical woman.

I am not the typical woman….

I am not the typical woman….

I am not the typical woman?….Do I want to be?

Typical…is boring….

Typical…is expected….

Maybe…I am DESIGNED NOT to be typical….

Maybe…I am designed to be…who knows…extraordinary…?

Maybe I was never intended to be amongst the “normal” women. Maybe I was designed to be flawed in the way I am so I could help build up women’s self esteem issues. Hirsutism can be damaging to a young person’s life, especially if they have no manner in how to manage it. I lived that for 15 years.

And if that is the case, I will take my abnormality in stride!

I know of no other woman, like me, in my position, with the type of desire I have to help other women.

I know of no other woman, like me, in my position, who knows what it is like to hate yourself and not even know why!

I know of no other woman, like me, in my position, who knows what it is like to have a thicker beard than her boyfriend.

I know of no other woman…

I am not proud to have this condition. Hell no! The thought that I could pass this shit down to my children, my DAUGHTERS, breaks my entire heart!

But I am happy to understand my condition and how it works, why it happens and how to manage it. I believe this will give me the upper hand at handling my kid’s hormonal conditions if they have any. (God bless them with normal skin!!)

And I know, truly and unconditionally know, that I am still beautiful. I partake in photoshoots because I am beautiful and I enjoy sharing beauty. It’s my beauty. I do not think I am the most beautiful but after spending 15 years not feeling beautiful, I feel like I am at my most beautiful in my life!

And I think there is nothing wrong with my refined confidence that I have been without for so long. And I am not a damn bit sorry about it.

And you should not be either!

Find what makes you feel beautiful and you will start believing it, as will others around you.

Being flawed may make you different from other “normal” women but as quoted in one of my favorite animated films of all time:

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” – The Disney film, Mulan

How I epilate unwanted facial hair to get very smooth skin! *Video!*

So I got SUPER brave and made a video of how I epilate some problem hairs on my face and neck.

Using an epilator just seems to be the best method for me to clear unwanted hair while waiting to get my money together for more permanent solutions like electrolysis or laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is long term reduction and does not permanently remove the hair for most clients. But it should drastically reduce your growth. Only problem is it can get very expensive!

So I will make this blog posting short since I made a video of the whole process. Here are the steps I took, which I state in the video, to epilate my skin the right away.

  1. Make sure my face is clean.
  2. Exfoliate my skin with a nice scrub which makes my hairs come out better.
  3. OPTIONAL: Use a numbing cream to cut down on the pain factor.
  4. Clean skin completely of exfoliating cream/scurb.
  5. Make sure my wet/dry epilator is wet and has a little soap on it. I do this simply because I hate epilating dry skin!
  6. Epilate in circular motions. This should only take a few minutes or less.
  7. OPTIONAL: Wipe your face again.
  8. Put some ointment on the freshly epilated areas like Aloe Vera or Cocoa Butter.
  9. Walk around the house proclaiming how sexy you are!

Enjoy the video!