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Smoking Weed May Slow Hirsutism?!?!?!

Marijuana leave. Courtesy of nationalallianceofmarijuana.wordpress.com

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While I am not a smoker and I cannot stand to be around smoke very long, I know a lot of women who are. Furthermore; some of those women are abnormally furry.

I just always thought it was because they were genetically hairy to begin with but I found a European medical article that states that smoking can in fact influence hirsutism.

Basically, a smoker’s hormones are tossed outta wack as well. The activity of smoke may somehow disturb the synthesis of androgens to estrogens and may increase a woman’s androstenedione level. Androstenedione is a hormone level that is very likely to be tested when you go and chat with an endocrinologist about your hirsutism.

Now, my assumption is that this article is talking about cigarettes.

Read more about that article here.

Marijuana, on the other hand, contains phytoestrogens.

According to an article in the U.S. National Library of Medicine website, apigenin, is the phytoestrogen in cannabis. The crude marijuana (or pure cannabis) was condensed (likely chemically) to smoking form and given to baby rats and showed no increase or decrease to estrogen activity.

My thought is take the phytoestrogens in pure cannabis and do the test? Phytoestrogen activity may level out the already increased testesterone in a hirsute women…or I guess it would! I am sure there’s a lot more doctor-shit to it than what my pea-brain can decipher!!!

They only tested on the rats with a manipulated type of weed and got no results. If using rats and pure cannabis, they may field more provocative results. But then again, pure cannbabis may be too strong for baby rats and might kill them. Plus, it may make the rats addicted to it.

So in doing the test on pure weed, they may be doing more harm to poor baby rats….even worse, poor HUMANS!

So if estrogen is down and androgens are increasing or staying level, it makes sense that a woman may appear to have more manly features like extra muscles mass and/or body and facial hair if she smokes, especially cigarettes.

As I stated, I personally hate smoke. Both of my kids were born premies so I am very particular of having them around smoke, even now as school age children.

And smoke just makes your clothes and breath and car and house STINK! (Sorry to the smokers reading this! I am not talking about YOU personally! I’m talking about your SMOKE!)

If you are hirsute and are a smoker, my educated guess would be to stop smoking first of all. If you were not hirsute before smoking, then clearly the smoking caused it. It’s possible it could have been a combination of other factors like age, weight, hormonal level, medications, etc. as well.

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Spearmint Tea, Genistein, Insitol, Birth Control…Any of them help with Hirsutism?!

So I am continuing my quest to improve my hirsutism management  and I came across genistein.

In summary, genistein is a phytoestrogen deriving from soy. Besides being an antioxidant, it is also known to have receptors that react positively to estrogen.

While I have not found any medical reports of genistein being effective for hirsutism or any hormonal condition, it appears to be an herbal supplement.

And if you were to take genistein, it may take a very, very long time to see a difference in your hormonal issues. And it may not reduce your hirsutism but may gradually enlarge your boobs and widen your hips! I say this for women like me who are genetically hirsute who have normal menses and hormonal levels so the estrogen might work too well! Or it may not work at all!

I take inositol and vitex as herbal supplements quite often. Now the U.S. National Institute of Health did find positive results in a study of women who took myo-inositol for 6 months. I am not sure if these women were IH (idiopathic hirsute) or just hirsute though. Either way, I have been taking it for a few months  now and I want to believe it’s working along with the mechanical methods I have been using.

I stopped taking them everyday after my sleeping patterns got erratic along with Spironolactone. So now, I am strictly on birth control and inositol, though I may restart my spironolactone regimen again soon or seek another anti-androgen regimen.

By the way, I have no been having any issues with BeYaz at all. Many types of Yazmine birth controls have been heavily referenced in the U.S. on commercials for medical malpractice for horrible (sometimes deadly) side effects, particularly blood clots….but those side effects can honestly happen with ANY birth control! I believe in the U.K., the closest thing to Yaz would be Dianette. I have been on birth control, or some form of it, since I was 19 and reading the little pamphlets, you realize any birth control medication comes with risks. Not that I am defending health risks at all, but it is the reality of medications like birth control.

Now, I did find some information about spearmint and its effects on hirsutism. It appears to be a well know and pretty effective manager of hirsutism.

According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, spearmint tea does help reduce hirsutism particularly in the follicular phase of your period. The follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, from how I understand it, is the day your period starts or the day you see blood tissue. The subjects drank spearmint tea for 5 days, 2x a day.

While I am not a huge fan of tea, I am interested in looking for spearmint capsules in pill form. I simply don’t like the taste of spearmint! But I guess I could consider adding something to it or mixing the tea with another tea.

At least you breath will be minty!

I really think I’m going to give spearmint a try. I really like the fact that it’s an herbal supplement too. I am not a huge fan of a million prescriptions!

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