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Salicylic Acid peel for Hirsutism scars; Working for me!

So I have had blemishes and such for years after tweezing and shaving and yadda yadda!

I got the idea to try a chemical peel to even out my skin tone after all the blemishes after chatting with some folks on my Facebook support page Girl Talk for Female Hormonal Issues!

I ordered a 30% Salicylic acid peel from Amazon.com I used it immediately after receiving it in the mail.

This wasn’t a “peel” per say but almost a method to more so shed the damaged skin. It is a liquid that you thinly put on your problem areas. The actual peel solution is the more professional type. Though makeup stores like ULTA sell chemical peel kits. You can look at some of them here though you may find more variety inside the store itself.

I started by cleaning my face thoroughly then following it up with a quick wipe the hydrogen peroxide. The directions said to use alcohol but hydrogen peroxide was the best thing I had in my house! I used it on my neck and sideburns mainly. It was quite bearable I must say. I tried a dab on my whole face and yes, it was quite intense! I sat directly under my ceiling fan! It cut down on the stinging sensation.

The directions said to leave it on no longer than 5 minutes. I left mine on for more than 10 minutes since I could handle the mild stinging.

I must say my skin immediately felt much more smooth! Some spots were kinda dry and patchy though. The directions said not to manipulate the skin too much, especially scratching and picking at your skin. My neck looked a little lighter, I must admit though it was not a drastic change. You definitely have to use it for a period of time which is what I am going to do. I think I am going to try the Philosophy Line of peels next. They seem promising but kinda pricy!!

I would post a photo but the naked eye cannot see any real difference. But once I see some dramatic changes, I promise to post before and afters!
Thanks for reading!