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Why I am choosing to write about Adam Lanza, shooter responsible for the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut

My priceless cargo!!!

I am not going to spend too many words discussing Adam Lanza, the man responsible for the killing of numerous small children and teachers in Newtown, CT today at Sandy Hook Elementary School…

I have no interest in glorifying his name, not even in the slightest.

Sorry ladies for going off topic a wee bit, but my oldest daughter, Kira, celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday and I woke up to this terrible news in Connecticut…

My heart wants to express remorse for this clearly disturbed individual; something clearly was wrong with him.

And not only was there something wrong with this individual, but clearly it was ignored for quite some time.

The normal human brain does not wake up one day and tell its body to start shooting up little babies….something was terribly wrong with this young man and the other suspected individual(s) responsible.

All the shootings that have taken place in our country in the past 5-10 years were almost always over something hidden within their minds….something ugly but very, very real…something dismissed as just a crazy person, or something that people simply cannot or will not address! It drives me batty!!!!!!

As crazy as this sound, I cannot help but to associate those hidden, dark feelings to girls dealing with hirsutism or any issue that makes them hate themselves and just hate life!

Ladies (and gentlemen), you cannot bury your sadness, regardless what it may be over. You are simply not doing yourself no favors living life pissed over something you cannot control. You develop a discord with your true happy self and adapt to being angry and hateful and that poison slowly controls all aspects of your life. That is what depression does.

You hate waking up, you hate other people’s happiness, you hate smiling, you hate socializing, you just HATE.

I have spoken to countless girls who are so upset and hurt over their condition(s) and it is simply something you cannot avoid. You build unnecessary anger that may make you snap.

I admit; I have snapped. I snap on my kids occasionally, I use to snap at people on the job, I have gotten into hideous fights with my sister because I…snapped! Other underlining factors played a part in my triggering to go off on people, but my hirsutism-induced depression did not help at all.

Please talk to someone ladies. Please find an outlet. PLEASE…

I don’t give a shit….write me an email, leave your number, if you need a friend, if you are THAT depressed about your condition, talk to me. I will be your friend! I’m dead fucking serious…I’ve done it before!!! I actually enjoy it! 🙂

Do not think for a minute you HAVE to live life in the dark, only waiting to snap on someone in the street, in school, in a mall, in the car, in an elementary school…You are not doing yourself or people who love you any favors.

I am not assuming you are going to go on a shooting rampage, hirsute girl. But I KNOW you are too valued of a person to waste your life on hate and even worse, self-hate.

You got to let the shame and fear go…you have to say to yourself  “I do not like my life…I do not like myself…I do not like that I feel this way…I want to change.” And just GO for it, and never look back at that vicious attitude about yourself.

Do not ignore your emotions or feelings. Do not ignore the bullies or the teasing. Someone, somewhere holds you close to their heart and wants to see you prosper, not sit around feeling less than a woman, less than human because you may be or look a little different or act different from the “typical.”

You cannot measure hate. You cannot determine how clouded a person is with loathe until it is too late…until they hurt others with their words, fists or guns…

As a mom, my heart holds heavy for the children and adults who lost their lives so terribly in Newtown, CT today. To know those babies will never get to open gifts underneath the tree this Christmas makes me fight tears while I am typing at this very moment…

As I write this blog, I plan on holding my children very strongly tonight and will continue to do so throughout their lives.

In closing, I say to you all: Please do not hold your emotions in darkness. Regardless if it’s your hirsutism, your PCOS, your hair loss, weight gain, your diabetes, your love life, your marriage, your grades, your friends, your finances…Please know that someone, somewhere values your words and wants to see you and your life blossom for the good.

Please keep the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School in your hearts always….


Cause of Idiopathic Hirsutism and Possible Natural Treatments

Ok so you know that idiopathic hirsutism is abnormal hair growth that’s strictly genetic.

Meaning that your blood levels are fine, your menstrual periods are fine, you are not diagnosed with any hirsutism-inducing condition at all.

That’s my issue!

I have written about this before but not in this capacity.

For a great explanation of idiopathic hirsutism and to see whether or not you have it, click here!

Women with idiopathic hirsutism get their hair because in their blood, they have a sensitivity for androgens. Specifically, the 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme,  contributes to the metabolism of sex hormones. It is high in women with idiopathic hirsutism, thus, because of the increased number of sex (androgens), their skin is delicate to male characteristics, like hair.

Sometimes, women with IH also exhibit voice-deepening, smaller breasts, and enlarged clitoris, amongst other abnormalities.

But the mystery behind it is that we don’t yet know how or why 5-alpha reductase acts the way it does, unfortunately.

Sometimes, I wish I could submit myself for research!!!

For now, the best treatments are anti-androgen drugs (spironolactone, Ketoconazole, finasteride, flutamide, cyproterone acetate, amongst others) and birth control, particularly ones with estrogen in them.

The use of Vaniqa may also help in managing the hair growth on the face but as far as the hair growth on the body, that will be determined by how well the body reacts to the anti-androgens.

The idea of laser hair removal or electrolysis may give more desired results quicker. Waiting for the drugs to work alone may take several months to a year.

Some of us more desperate IH girls can consider hormonal therapy but please know what you are getting into and only undergo such treatment under the direction of a reputable doctor.

Now, after a little research, I have found some natural foods that could help lower the 5 alpha reductase activity in blood and skin of IH patients, but I was not able to find a lot of medical documentation on humans that these foods really work. And it would likely take a while for these foods to take effect in the body to see any real improvements in IH.


  1. Green or Spearmint Tea
  2. Saw Palmetto
  3. Krill Oil
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Fatty foods
  6. oily seafood
  7. lean meats
  8. the closer to Paleo, the better

So the more you exclude sugars and processed stuff, the likelihood your 5-alpha reductase will come down, much like in a Paleo diet.

The good thing is that us IH girls do not have worry about underlining issues like PCOS, adrenal problems or thyroid issues. I never really had to deal with painful periods at all, ever. And then I had kids and that wrecked my whole body!

Either way, there is something telling me, my very being, that there is a reason, a cause for our 5 alpha reductase to act the way it does. Maybe it is strictly genetics. I have yet to meet a hairier woman than me in my family. Maybe she was a great-aunt in the 1800s or something.

Bottom line, whatever treatment you consider will take time and dedication. If you try one of the anti-androgens listed, you will need to give it time to work. If you want to establish a Paleo diet for yourself, that will take time and dedication as well.

And also talk to your doctor first. I have noticed a lot of girls who chat with me say their OBGYN blow off their hirsutism without the offering of an endocrinologist to which I say: To Hell With your Doctor! Get a New One!

No one should have to live like this with NO way out. You have many!

Good Luck!

My personal HIrsutism Hero #2: Siobhain Fletcher!

The Brave and Beautiful Siobhain! Courtesy of abcnews.go.com

Siobhain Fletcher is an English woman who suffers from hirsutism due to PCOS. She has dealt with it more than half of her life.

Sounds all too familiar!

Of course, she dealt with self esteem issues, image issues, and isolation all in fear of being made fun of and rejected.

Even still, sadly, she had to deal with it anyway.

Then she noticed a friend growing his beard in support of “Movember” a movement that takes place in December to recognize mens health issues.

It is intended to inspire more men to get screenings for cancer developments (mainly prostate and testicular) and general health check ups.

Inspired by her friend, Siobhain decided to grow her beard too, stating these beautiful words in a recent article:

“”Now it’s actually saying to the world, look, this isn’t a sideshow, I’m doing this to raise awareness for men’s cancer to stop families possibly losing a family member and also to help people with self-esteem issues to say, ‘It doesn’t matter.'”

It does not matter and it should not. How right she is!

You go Siobhain! And for that reason you are my #2 Person hero in my battle against hirsutism!

The Insults of Ignorance

People are ignorant. Individuals are very sophisticated. But People as a whole are ignorant.

They do not try to understand what they don’t know. So what do they do? Run their mouths. They create a faux sense of reality of something they know nothing about and then convince themselves that their lack of knowledge is correct.

They take no time to learn about what they do not know. They find it easier to insult or ridicule what they do not know.

Because of this, they only show their self-justified stupidity. When people volunteer to explain the truth of their outlandish reality, they either take no interest in learning nothing new or they do not have the brain capacity to retain the new information as truth.

What ignorant people don’t understand is that they are truly killing themselves with their ignorance…

Our brains are “exercising” every time we learn and retain information. The more valuable the information, the happier your brain is. It wants to retain as much information as possible. When you store more information in your brain, you keep the brain active.

For example: I have hirsutism. I want to learn how to treat hirsutism. I learn it. Now I want to learn how to treat it naturally. I learn it. Now I want to actually treat my hirsutism. I experience it. Now I want to how to maintain my treatment. I learn it. Now I want to learn about other beauty secrets, say, in other cultures. I learn it. Now I want to actually experience this new culture. I experience it. Now I want to write about my experience in a blog. I do it.

See how I keep my brain proactive with experiences and things it can retain and create new neurons to expand my curiosity?

An ignorant ass cannot do that. He/she will do this:

“She’s hairy. Wow that’s really not normal. She looks like a chipmunk.”

As opposed to…

“She’s hairy. Wow that’s really not normal. I wonder if she may have a health disorder. Hmm…what kind of disorder would make her look like that? Maybe I will research it when I get time.”

See the difference between the two? One person has no interested in being educated (ignorant) as opposed to trying to educate himself/herself on something new (sophisticated) like the second person.

Ignorant people usually have a stale educational background. They are typically the type of people who have lived the same drumbeat for all their lives. And if the ignorant person is actually educated, they probably have an ignorant heart.

How can you have an ignorant heart? Simple. You hide your ill thoughts and unappreciated experiences in your heart not your head. You save your brain the damage of ignorance by filling it with technical academia or experiences that you have no way of being unbiased to.

But those thoughts are still in your heart and what truly shape your personality.

That’s why you have bullies, and extremists, and hatred. And who wants to be around that?

Think about a seriously ignorant person you know. I mean, they are so ignorant, the thought of them hurts your brain. Ok…does that person have any friends? Do they discuss anything remotely compelling? Do they have any drive to do…well…anything with their lives?

Ignorant people are miserable, unhappy, uneducated, unaware, unwilling, unloving, unavailable to see anything outside their black and white 4 walls.

So when someone insults your flaws, do yourself a huge favor and ignore them. They are lonely, experiencing something they know nothing about and choose not to learn anything about.

Or better yet, if you have the time, smile and explain to their dumb asses why you look the way you do.

For example, if you are hirsute like me, tell them: “It is a hormonal condition that causes it. My skin is sensitive to androgen in my blood and it causes my skin to react with hair growth. However, hirsutism can be a part of more serious conditions like PCOS, acne, Cushing’s Syndrome, and other disorders of the adrenal glands, ovaries, pituitary, and/thyroid. Typically, the hirsutism is caused by a tumor developing in one of these organs and in a small percentage of case,s the hirsutism can be a sign of cancer.”

See how easily I told that ignorant ass about my condition without being insulting back? I actually told him something new. Now whether or not he chooses to retain that information is strictly up to him.

So do yourself a favor; don’t be ignorant. Learn as much as possible about people, the world, yourself. Because you never know when you will find yourself as the brunt of insults of ignorance too.


DIY Masks to Treat Acne!

DIY acne masks. Courtesy of mybeautybunny.com

While I was never diagnosed with acne, I feel I have acne-prone skin, though I never had a breakout. I know that makes no sense! But I am one of those people that just have problem skin outside of my hirsutism. My skin is very, very bi-polar! Some areas, my face is oily; others it is quite the dry pit.

I am very aware that hirsutism is often related with acne because they both fall under the hormonal imbalance category in women’s health.

That is why women with PCOS are often plagued by both hirsutism and acne. Dealing with my hirsutism is enough to drive me crazy but to have to deal with it, plus other conditions can really wreak havoc on a young woman’s life.

When it comes to hirsutism and acne, there are many DIY efforts that can help you manage your conditions. I am constantly posting about DIY hair removal methods on this blog but I noticed I don’t discuss many ways to help treat acne. So here we go!

I hope these methods work for you as some of the DIY methods for hair removal really worked for me. This is not, however, to bypass any advice you were given from a medical professional. Please stick to that advice and/or those medications and simply use this holistic methods as a means to supplement the professional advice you were given.

  1. Honey mask. Honey is a natural astringent and sucks the oil right out of my face. Acne is nothing but the abnormal build up of oil because of out of wack hormones. Melt the honey down a little, mix with lemon, jojoba oil, and water, let dry a little to the point it is paste-like and apply it to your face. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse.
  2. Avocado Mask. Avocado keeps my hair and skin soooooo soft. This may help for people with acne whose skin is very dry. Mix half of an avocado fruit or avocado oil, soy powder, jojoba oil and water into a paste. Spread over your face and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Rinse.
  3. Turmeric Mask. Turmeric lightens and refreshes my skin. It has countless medicinal benefits, including skin care. Mix a couple of tablespoons of turmeric powder , jojoba oil, and water until you get a paste. Spread on the face and wear for as long as possible. I wore a turmeric mask once for a whole hour! Rinse.
  4. Aspirin Mask. Mash up aspirin pills, add some jojoba oil and water to the mix and apply a layer of it to your skin. Aspirin contains a crap load of salicylic acid which is great for peeling dead skin cells. Wear the mask for 20 minutes and rinse.
  5. Sulfur Mask. Sulfur has always been a great ingredient in acne control. You can buy sulfur powder at vitamin stores or in the vitamin section of your grocery store. It is easier to buy the powder form than the pill form. Take a table-spoon of sulfur, water and jojoba oil, make a paste and apply it to your face. Let sit for 10-20 minutes and rinse. You can also buy some sulfur soap on Amazon.
  6. Baking Soda mask. This is great for microdermabrasion and removing bad skin layers. Take 2 table spoons of baking soda, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin and a few drops of water. Make a paste with this mix and apply to your face. Let it sit for as long as you can and wipe clean in circular motion.
  7. Willow Tree and Tea Tree Mask. Both are antiseptic in nature. Willow tree bark oil is where salicylic acid came from. Mix several drops of willow tree bark oil and/or tea tree oil with jojoba oil and kelp or seaweed powder. Now kelp and seaweed have been known to have iodine in it. While iodine is necessary in our diets, too much of it might prove to be counterproductive for your acne. If you use this mask, I would use it in moderation. Take notice if your skin is improving or not. If not, cease to use. Now it is possible that your skin will experience a breakout before it gets better with kelp so be prepared for the possibility if you use this mask!

A general note about these masks. DO NOT USE THEM EVERYDAY! You risk drying your skin out. I would use these masks every other day or maybe even once a week.

Additionally, I include jojoba oil in all this masks because jojoba oil is actually the one oil that acne-prone skin welcomes. Because jojoba oil is not an oil per say, it’s nutrients are absorbed in the skin immediately, as oppose to clogging pores. But I would use jojoba oil in moderation anyway just as a precaution.

I hope you have good outcomes with these DIY masks. Some actually worked very well for me for making my skin feel and look great. Good Luck!

Were you Dumped for Having Hirsutism?!

This is very old photoshoot of me. I was portraying a sad girl, waiting for her love to return.

I was looking at some research for my blog and I noticed someone searched the term “dumped for having hirsutism” and came upon my blog.

When I saw this, I just looked at the search term for a solid 5 minutes and thought about it all day long.

Outside of everything they may say, what if they really cannot handle your condition and simply are not saying so? Yes, I know. The thought that that may indeed be true may hurt you to the core.

Trust me when I said I been there over…and over…and over.

And realizing that at 30 years old I am not even dating anyone seriously tells me maybe it is true that some guys may cease to think I am attractive because of my condition.

It doesn’t bother me as much as it did years ago but it certainly has not left my thoughts. Heck, at one point I was so desperate to find out why I was having so much bad luck at dating, I even wrote into radio shows in hopes they will read my letter! (Has yet to happen!)

I am looking back over the last 10 years of the guys I took seriously in dating and their reasons for dumping me (Yes, I was usually getting dumped, not doing the dumping) include the following:

  1. Not ready for a relationship, I still want to act unprioritized with life, including my future with you
  2. I’m an asshole, I don’t want to change for you (or my kids!)
  3. My own self-esteem is jacked up
  4. I’m just plum dumb and blatantly insecure with my own life

So when I look back on my exes, clearly I dodged a bunch of bullets! But it still does not change the fact that they did not give the relationship a chance.

And Ladies, understand something: they did not give the relationship a chance because they simply didn’t fucking feel like it! I can promise you it had almost nothing to do with the fact that you are hirsute.

If you know you tried to manage your condition and he knew this and still opted to give you the boot, he was insecure from the start. You do not need another self-esteem killer in your life! You have repair your own!

And I am sure he was not the cat’s meow 100%. Probably had crooked teeth, dimples in his ass, a little weiner, hell, he might have had hairy ass nuts himself! Who the hell wants to go down on that shit!?

Hell, your own momma probably didn’t like him. My mom did not like most of my exes, and my most recent ex she believed was gay!

So, ladies, do not immediately blame your hirsutism, or PCOS or whatever condition you may have that is causing your hirsutism to get you down in the dating game. There are plenty of women in your shoes who don’t have hirsutism that cannot seem to have luck in love either.

Instead of worrying about a man loving you, learn to love yourself first. Learn to build and love your own life, flaws and all.

I was recently given the boot by a guy who actually loved the idea of this blog. He had no problem with my condition; didn’t even notice it! We were both single parents and appeared to enjoy each others company…but after only three dates, he decided to go for a single girl with no kids. Talk about a slap in the face. (Not to mention he was technically still married!) Long story short,  I had to interest in dealing with people like him.

And honestly, being dumped gives you clarity. After I have been dissed, I start to realize everything I gave my dates entirely too much benefit of the doubt and realized I did not like him as much as I once believed! Maybe you should do the same ladies!

In closing, I want to leave you with a great song by Neyo! I feel like he is talking directly to me in this video! The lyrics are so to the core of my heart! I know you will relate to it too!! Enjoy!


The Beauty of Seeking a Second Opinion With Hirsutism!

Cute chic shaving her beard. Courtesy of americanslideshow.org

So I recently sought a second opinion about my idiopathic hirsutism.

My first endocrinologist was very proactive at measuring my hormonal levels. She tested me up the wahzoo: insulin, androgen, follicle stimulating hormone, thyroid, pituitary, testosterone, progesterone….you name it, she tested me for it!

When it was discovered I had idiopathic hirsutism and not hirsutism from another cause, particularly PCOS, she basically told me to hit the road.

I cannot stand doctor’s that think about themselves more than their patients!

I say this because when I talked to a second endocrinologist, she prescribed me with spironolactone right away! Spironolactone is the main medication for women with hirsutism because it is a water pill that acts as an anti-androgen. It is probably the strongest in the U.S. market. In the U.K., they may prescribe cyproterone acetate which may be slightly stronger than spironolactone.

The second endocrinologist was quite confused as to why the first one did not prescribe me spironolactone. It is true: if taken while pregnant, spironolactone may have adverse effects on a male fetus.

But considering my tubes were tied and did not intend on getting pregnant nor was I trying to get pregnant and informing the first endocrinologist of this, she still did not prescribe me the medication, stating she only gives that to patients with some type of underlying condition.

I told her that I have been researching this medication for a while and it appears to show a great deal of promise in managing abnormal hair growth on a woman; this article came to mind.

So the first endocrinologist told me to take a weak estrogen birth control and advised me to get laser hair removal…bottom line…useless! Me and the second endocrinologist felt she was looking out more for herself than me!

So I was not in the office for more than 30 minutes before the second endo have me a very quick physical exam and sent me on my way….with a prescription for Spironolactone! I was elated! Finally, my 15 year battle with hirsutism may be coming to an end!

If nothing else, I have a way to manage it! I actually purchased some Spironolactone from India, but when I saw it came wrapped in Indian newspaper, I was quite reluctant to put it in my body! Needless to say, that regimen of “spironolactone” ended when I received it!

I have read many forums about spiro not working for many women. I guess it is like any other medication…side effects may simply be different for folks. I have been taking my official spironolactone for a week now and I have not seen any adverse changes. (knock on wood!)

So here’s to successful hirsutism management for me! And YOU!