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Bikini Hair Epilating, Going “Down there,” Boy-Cut Panties and Other Tips *PICS & Raunchy Humor!*

So I woke up this morning and realized I have not tamed my coochie in a while.

Yes, it was looking like  it hasn’t been cut in about 4 months!

And I got to thinking that, while preparing my ammunition for my coochie hair, who is looking down there anyway?! Why all the huff puff about making the bikini line looking flawless!?

For any type of ethnic background and hair type, whenever you remove a hair from the shaft you run the risk of an ingrown, even if you removed it properly.

I like epilating alot, especially for my face and bikini line. Epilating is basically several tweezers on a small device rotating rapidly to capture all hairs and pull from the root. If it sounds painful it’s because it is! But it takes getting use to like anything else.

There simply is no method of hair removal that is painless while being effective AND THERE IS NO PERMANENT  HAIR REMOVAL METHOD BESIDES ELECTROLYSIS!!!!

Even as promising as laser hair removal is, you WILL NEED touch-up sessions in the long-term, thus it is not permanent. This is coming from a woman who has been there, done that with laser hair removal.

And even more deep, does your man REALLY go down “there” that much that the shit constantly got to look like the letter “I” ?!

If so, I ‘m officially jealous of you, and secondly, if he any damn good at it, why the hell is he worried about your bikini line?! He ain’t munching on that too is he?! (Sounds kinky though…. 🙂

Now in his defense (or hers…yes I got love for the LGBT community too!) you may want to keep it trimmed occasionally. I mean, he’s trying to please you, not floss!!!

So getting back to my Amazonian bikini line…I typically do not like shaving my bikini line and try to keep to epilating due to the horrific razor bumps that can happen down there.

But I made sure to moisten my body first and then epilate in the tub!


  1. Ran very warm bath water and put a very generous amount of body hemp oil in it along with a small amount of bath bubbles.
  2. Got my epilator together
  3. Sat my ass in
  4. Relaxed for about 10 minutes to let my body and pores take in the oil.
  5. I took the epilator and shaved my happy trail and bikini line
  6. I then took the epilator part and epilated my trail and bikini line (*Note: my epilator is a shaver/epilator in one that I can use in water!)
  7. Because the epilator can be uncomfortable, I only epilated in the direction of hair growth bit by bit.
  8. Got my hairy ass out
  9. Dried off and immediately put some Aloe Vera gel on my fresh epilated regions as well as some organic shea and coconut oil butter by Bubble and Bee. (*note: good stuff but it’s greasy as hell! Use lightly!) Also try, Bikini Zone.…Good shit there!
  10. Put some clothes on my ass
  11. Took pics!

Keeping the bikini line moisten keeps hairs from acting an ass and not ingrowing. Again, I cannot stress putting something on your freshly epilated hairs. Aloe Vera is good on everything and Bikini Zone is also VERY GOOD for reducing ingrowns! It works very well for my cooch!

And you can always wear some boy cut panties. May work best for those who do not like to removal all the hair. I personally do not remove my bikini hairs full Brazilian style. I mean, WHY? Seriously, why?! Who is going to be looking that damn hard at your ass other than YOU?! I am all for feeling great about yourself but I don’t think I want hot wax put between my ass and ripped off. Might have to pass on that on that one! But suit yourself!!!

Boy cuts are of course shaped to cover much of the bikini line if you are still self-conscious about stubborn blemishes that wont seem to go away.  Here are some photos of me in some, though the quality in some may be slightly blurry because the mirrors in my bathroom and the lens on my camera phone were a little foggy after bathing:

Wear these to cover up much of your bikini line blemishes. They cover mine very well. I actually prefer boy cut bikinis and underwear to regulars.

Did I mention boy cuts make your ass look GREAT!!!!! (*OK OK I’ll stop!  LOL!)

So here is the real reason you’re here! Some before and afters of my freshly epliated bikini!

Right before me getting my stank ass in the tub!

The other side of my cooch.

Happy Trail Before

My happy trail before epilation.

Bikini Line After

My bikini line after epilating in the tub. ONLY epilate in the tub or shower if you have a wet/dry epilator

Bikini Line After

There are still small hairs that even my epilator didn’t catch but as you can see it’s pretty clean and some old blemishes are going away! I make it a point to not shave down there all the time, which allows blemishes and ingrowns to clear up.

Full view bikini line

With boy cut panties you cover up many scars which is good because it allows damaged skin to repair itself while enjoying the beach or your man doing his “thing” down there!!! 🙂

Let me remind you that epilating hairs down there can hurt! I recommend only epilating when the skin is very lubricated.

You can also do this method with waxing as well, just as long as you lubricate your skin with Aloe Vera gel or some type of lotion or Bikini Zone lubed on all recently tweezed, waxed, electrolysized, lasered or epilated hairs.

So the point is epilating does hurt but it removes sensitive hairs very well and maybe help ease your bikini line blues!

Thanks for reading!


18 reasons why being DUMPED might be a Compliment!

So….I was listening to one of my favorite 80’s songs by New Edition: You’re Not my Kind of Girl.

I noticed it was not in my iTunes library so I went ahead it purchased it and listened to it over and over. If you are not familiar with the lyrics here ya go:

“Oh girl I know that you’re
Attracted to me
And I should feel the same
About you
There’s just something wrong
I don’t know what it is
That keeps us from becoming a two

It’s not your looks, you’re very pretty
It’s not your style, the way you dress is oh so fresh
It’s not the way that you carry yourself

Oh, girl I’m sorry
You’re not my kind of girl
Case you’re the kind of girl That a man’s dreams are made of

Oh girl I’m sorry
You’re not my kind of girl

Cause you’re the kind of girl
That a man would be proud to call his own

Girl listen to me
You’re so pretty
I wouldn’t change a thing about you
But I’ve been in love before
So I know how it feels
And the chemistry just isn’t there”

And here is the cute video to go with it!

Sexy ass little Ralph Tresvant basically is proclaiming he very much so likes this gorgeous ass girl but something is simply missing from her….or him!

In the past couple of years or so, I have had the worst luck with dating. I read all the books, applied Steve Harvey’s “90-day Rule” from his book Straight Talk, No Chaser, (basically, no oochie coochie for at least 90 days!), behaved like a complete lady, flirted a little bit, never went past 2nd base, I mean, I did everything right….and my furry ass is still single!

It seemed like I simply was not keeping their interest and I was not sure why. It did hurt but more so, it bothered me. I really wanted to figure out what I may have been doing wrong with these men.

At first, I thought it was because I was a single mom and they wanted someone with more freedom. But that was not matching up with their behavior at all. Maybe they noticed my overdue pedicure, or my crooked teeth, or a chipped nail!

Then, yes, insecure little me thought it may have been my hirsutism. Maybe they saw more sideburns than they felt was natural!!

But then it dawned on me that they recognized I simply was not the one, but it might have been for a complimentary reason!

Here are my 18 reasons why a guy seems all into you backs down out the blue and sadly end up dumping or cutting you off when you did almost everything right:

  1. He recognizes you are pretty dope but he is scared of loving again
  2. maybe he just wants to run the streets more (in that case, shit….let him!)
  3. maybe he recognizes she’s too good for him
  4. maybe he’s scared she will noticed his inverted nipples
  5. maybe he’s attached to some chicken head who is keeping him from realizing the prize the girl in the song truly is
  6. He’s unemployed
  7. He’s accustomed to pulling shitbucket looking bitches and you are best looking thing he ever pulled
  8. You don’t act like you need him
  9. You’re the perfect girl….at the WRONG TIME!
  10. You got your shit together better than he does
  11. He has terminal B.O. (body odor) and doesn’t know how to explain it!
  12. His breath is terminally shitty
  13. He can’t kiss
  14. He can’t fuck
  15. He’s a cornball and he knows you ain’t trying to date a dink
  16. He’s too smart it bores her to death
  17. He’s too dumb (in that case, lead him to the tallest cliff and inform him to plank….)
  18. He’s an undercover dickhead and doesn’t want you to find out because you actually are worthy of someone who isn’t a dickhead.

So next time he slowly stops responding to your texts, meets someone else, or just in general acts uninterested in you, don’t be sad. It’s very likely he is doing you a HUGE favor ladies and is silently telling you that you are the shit and he don’t deserve you!

Fellas, if I am wrong, please feel free to chime in! (this should get interesting!) 🙂

Thanks for reading!