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My First Electrolysis Appointment for the New Year!

So I was looking into some electrolysis for the new year to be rid of this facial hair once and for all!

My facial hair does not bother me nowhere near as much as it did when I was younger, but it’s simply something I want to do for me to better myself and my self image.

So I found a spa in my area that offers all types of services, but the electrologists in the shop is not only experienced, but she performs laser hair removal as well. How awesome is that!?

I plan on having my consultation sometime this week, since she said that was the protocol for getting services which did not surprise me. When I had my electrolysis done before, I had to have a consultation. No big deal.

The lady’s name is Debbie and from the information on the website, she has been doing electrolysis for 20 years.

I researched her and I did not find much information on her, neither did I find any complaints of her work. And the salon she works at has no complaints as well in the electrolysis services.

Sometimes, depending on the state you are in, it’s hard to find licensed electrolysis businesses because performing electrolysis does not require having a license in Virginia.

That’s why it is crucial to do a little digging on any practicing electrologist (or any professional in general) so you know what you are getting into. I usually pay attention to the licenses that should be on display in any esthetician-like office or hair salon, nail salon, medical spa, etc.

But for the most part, I am psyched to finally be getting this done! After a little digging, I found that after 5-6 treatments on my areas of most concern, I should be fair free! I cannot wait either!

I am aware that it will not be terribly comfortable; I am considering  some numbing creams I can start to invest in.

I will detail as much as I can about my treatments. My hope is to be allowed to take some pics or a short video of my progress.

Read more about Debbie here.

Stay tuned!



How to Have the Life you Want…While Being a Broke Ass Single Mom!

Courtesy of zadishaefreeman.com

Well this is the life I want:

I want to have a successful book detailing my hirsutism struggle and the various ways to deal with everything concerning excessive hair growth.

I want to have a successful electrolysis and laser hair removal salon. Not a huge one; just one I can operate part time.

I want to not have to work in military contracting EVER again! Ugh…that’s a whole other blog right there!!!

I want to have a nice sized house I purchased, with cash. (I hate loans and debt!)

I want to pay off majority, or all of the 100k I owe in student loans. Yes, I said that right….100k!!!!

I want to work for myself and a success story and not have to worry about how to fund vacations and my kid’s future educations.

How will I get there? How will I pay off my debt and my live the life I want? It seems impossible on my salary of (roughly) 48k yearly.

Most would think I make a good salary as a single person, which I do….now as a single mom…..eehhh…..

Considering my bills per month (rent, power bill, gas, etc. etc.) I have roughly 1k left to just…have.

That is not including the randomness I have to deal with (leisure, toys for the kids, some shit falling apart in the house that I have to pay for, car repairs)

So what does that mean? Basically, much like most people, I’M FUCKING BROKE!

But all is not lost for me or my dreams.

I am expecting a lovely tax refund (one of the perks of being a single parent). Let’s say that refund will be 3k.

I have a 3k surplus I intend on NOT touching. After all, I want to write a book (which, even if going the independent route, may cost me a couple thousands of dollars).

I found an electrolysis school which cost 4k.

So to start my dreams, I need to save, at least, 6k (the book and electrolysis school).

I am not including the cost to actually establish salon space for myself. Hell, I am just trying to find a way to pay for the school.

The option of asking my parents for the money is there but I rather find my own way! But if I get desperate, I will not be too proud to beg AT ALL!

So, how do I save the additional few grand I need? I already know I will be expecting a healthy refund of 3k (estimation).

So what do I do? I only save around 1k a month.

Here’s what you do….yes, it’s going to sound painful, but no pain, no gain, right?!


  1. You cannot be ashamed to do the Peanut Better Jelly Time Dance! Yes, like…literally. Eat like you are on food stamps (no offense to anyone in of public assistance. I’ve been on Medicaid myself!) Eat like you seriously cannot afford it. Don’t be scared to Ramen Noodle things up a bit either! Bottom line, act like fast food and take out do not exists! Cook at home more. As a single mom, I know that’s difficult. But you have to try. Here’s a tip single moms: buy the fast food for the kids, but not you. Just don’t make it a habit.
  2. Don’t be afraid to let people know you are on a financial diet. Your coworkers asking to take you out to lunch need to know that or if you decide to go, buy something very simple and inexpensive like an appetizer and not a full course meal.
  3. Don’t be afraid to let people you are dating know you are on a financial diet. Hell, he may fall for you even more once he realizes you are financially responsible!
  4. Don’t drive too many places. If you don’t need to make that business trip or trip to meet up with friends at a bar, then don’t. Having a meeting over the phone if possible or invite friends to your house for drinks. And tell their freeloading asses to BYOB!
  5. Entertain your kids more the free way. Parks, walks, rides, window shop, or hell, my kid’s enjoy the double seated shopping carts at Target. They like riding around in that for hours!
  6. Take your lunch to work. Eat fruit for lunch. Go to Food Lion of a can of fruit or canned chicken or soup as opposed to Burger King.
  7. Take your car to a professional car repair person, not a repair shop. Someone with a good reputation in working on cars will save you A TON! But make sure they have a good track record first. Just don’t trust any friend of a friend of a friend. That goes for repairs on your house as well.
  8. Pay as many bills as you can at the same time. That’s the fastest way to get them out of your hair.
  9. Work from home more. If you have the option to clock in hours at home, do it, especially if you can rack in some overtime. Or it will at least keep you from going crazy on the job while dealing with the stress of finances.
  10. Get more active. Clean the house more, vaccuum the floor more, just get more active with whatever! That why you don’t have to deal with spending money all the time.

I plan on establishing these tips in my own financial life so I can afford the life I eventually want.

I will keep you up to date about how it works out!

Getting Electrolysis Treatments as my Christmas Gift!

Before and Afters of Electrolysis. Courtesy of transgriot.blogspot.com

So I was Googling “electrolysis schools” and of course did not come up with a thing in my area.

However; I did come across some new electrolygists in my area! How dope is that!?

I have had electrolysis treatments done in the past but I did not have time or money to keep up with the treatments.

Electrolysis, in my opinion, is a little uncomfortable but it bearable. The needle going into your hair follicles is not painful but the zap of electricity makes me jump a wee bit. But not much.

I do not want it done all over my body. My neck has always been my biggest insecurity area but I think I will get great results with electrolysis treatments.

I think laser hair removal would have given slightly better results but at the same time, the hair would not have been removed permanently.

Here is a list of electrolysis in the Hampton Roads, VA area where I am from for anyone looking for electrolysis who just happen to be in the same area as me:

Just Smart Electrolysis in Virginia Beach, VA (registered with the AEA)

Electrolysis by Debbie in Yorktown, VA

Poquoson Electrolysis, Poquoson, VA (I went here for my electrolysis the first time and Lisa was wonderful!!)

As I undergo the treatments, I will do my best to take as many pics and photos as allowed.

OH! And PLEASE go to someone who knows what the hell they are doing! Check out reviews and everything about this person before under going treatment. The very nature of the procedure takes skill and precision and not having that could cause some serious scars.


From my own research, an hour’s worth of electrolysis will cost you about $60-$70. Typically, electrolygists charge $1.00/minute but this is in the Virginia, USA area. That amount may fluctuate depending on your area and how high in demand the procedure is for your region.


In my opinion, it may take quite a few sessions to kill a hair follicle. The dermal Papilla will need to be destroyed completely to stop hair growth. That will be done in two or three sessions. But consider a few things:

1. Is your hair growth from a medical condition? Get that under control and then attempt electrolysis.

2. Your hormones.

3. The stage your hair is in. The newer the hair, the softer, it is, the less time it will take to kill the follicle. The darker and more coarse the hair, the more sessions it will take. Hair grows in the anagen, catagen, and telogen stages. The closer to telogen your hair is, the more terminal/permanent it is. When your hairs are in the telogen phase, they will not go anywhere, regardless how many times you tweeze, wax, epilate or even laser remove. They will always return. At this point, you will need to have the follicle itself killed in order to stop growth, thus why electrolysis is the best option.

Picture of a hair follicle. The dermal papilla is what allows hair to grow; that’s why electrolysis aims to destroy that. Courtesy of xenolite.co.uk

The below details exactly how electrolysis works. The needle is inserted in the hair follicle and that’s why the current passes into the hair follicle, destroying it.

Courtesy of electrolysisnyc.net

The hairs on my neck are definitely terminal. Very dark and coarse and being African American, my hairs definitely tend to produce ingrowns. It’s terrible!! I look forward to my sessions and, again, will do my best to show photos and videos.

Thanks! I’m excited!

My experience with doing Electrolysis on myself!

UniProbe Lite Electrolysis Epilator. I owned the very same one. Courtesy of texaselectrolysissupply.com

I not only had electrolysis done professionally, but I attempted to do it myself with the machine pictured above.

I actually loved this little machine! It did work on some hairs. My sideburns are nowhere near as hairy as they use to be.

Unfortunately, performing electrolysis on yourself is very difficult.

Because you have to insert a small, light needle into each follicle, you need to be extra careful not to stab yourself. The little black stylus you see in the photo holds the needles. The peddle on the floor sends the electric channel to the stylus to the needle to your hair follicle. The dial on the machine controls the intensity of the current.

Because this machine is so small, the current I used was not so bad. On a scale of 1 to 7 I think, I typically stayed on 3.5 to 4 knots.

I do not advise performing your own electrolysis because you have to be comfortable. Your posture must be good to ensure the needle slides into the follicles right. You will need to have incredible lightening and a high-powered mirror. You will need great light and a wonderful mirror to perform not only electrolysis on yourself but anyone else, if you ever were to pursue a side career in electrolysis.

I have considered going to school for it and opening up my own electrolysis and/or laser hair removal salon one day! Maybe not too far in the near future when I am a gazillionaire I can open up a few salons for you hairy lovely people!! 🙂 🙂

Bottom line, I think if I were to have maintained my self-administered electrolysis, I would have made great progress. But sadly, I was in school, working, and raising my two kids on my own so finding time for doing my electrolysis was beyond difficult.

Oh! And it takes A VERY LONG TIME! Considering each hair needs to be zapped several times for the follicle to be killed meant I would have been at it for a number of months, maybe even years.

So if you have the time (and money) to invest in electrolysis, I say go for it. Seriously, it is not all that painful (but it isn’t painless either!) But just understand it will take a while for true permanency.

But just know you are certainly not alone in your hairiness…Kim Kardashian has said on numerous occasions how hairy she and her sisters are, due to their Armenian bloodline. She says she uses Tria to remove some hair on her body too. Watch that video here:

Additionally, enjoy some lovely peach fuzz on Megan Fox as well!

The beautiful Megan Fox…with peach fuzz! Courtesy of sherdog.net


Hirsutism AND Acne….The Double-Headed Dragon

Woman with hirsutism AND acne! Courtesy of blueridgeobgyn.wordpress.com

After talking to my endocrinologist a couple of months ago, I receive the official diagnosis that I did NOT have acne though I suspected I had it for years.

She took one look at my skin and clearly saw hirsutism but nothing along the lines of acne-influence.

Not having acne doesn’t stop my skin from feeling and looking like shit occasionally, even when my hirsutism is not getting on my nerves that much.

But when you have to deal with BOTH, I bet that can be one of the biggest, most unattractive pains in the ass ever!

Typical hirsutism, the type that is generated from abnormal hormonal behavior and typical acne, are both generated from an abnormal growth in hormones, particularly in androgens.

Now, having idiopathic hirsutism and acne is probably the worse.

You have to control the hair growth as well as the acne.

I know when I got laser hair removal done, my hair was removed and my skin cleared up wonderfully. All the blemishes I had from ingrowns and ingrown hair pimples (ya know, the type of ingrown that has pus in it? EEWW!) all cleared up!

Infected ingrown hair with pus in it! Sorry to gross anyone out!! Courtesy of wisegeek.com

There is no official medication for idiopathic hirsutism other than anti-androgen medications like spironolactone. For acne, which is a more widely known disorder, you have countless types creams, lotions and medications that will ease the appearance of the zits from forming. I mean, just Google “acne treatment” or acne cures” and you will get loads of hits on variety of different products.

I recommend trying Acne Control by Forces of Nature, the only USDA certified acne treatment. I used their Scar Control for my hirsutism scars and my skin seemed to be clearing up, but it did take more than a month to notice a slight difference.

So it may be helpful to get the acne treatments first before removing the hair.

The ideal solution for idiopathic hirsutism is an estrogen-based birth control, an anti-androgen, and a long-term treatment regimen of laser hair removal…maybe a long-term supply of Vaniqa too!

For acne, it would likely the same since acne is almost always hormonal.

Since laser hair removal clears up your skin not just the hair, you would want to get the acne under control some. Also, getting a laser zapped on an opened pimple or any fresh-cut, regardless how small it is, is dangerous and hurts like a BITCH! Trust me!

So that’s why I say to treat the acne or at least get it under some type of control before tackling the hirsutism issue.

Also, you may have to consider the fact that acne (skin rejuvenation) and hair reduction might be a different type of laser. That will be something else to look into (and afford!)

If you don’t have the cash for laser therapy, consider a chemical peel to tackle your acne and acne scars. I would recommend going to a professional for this, even though there are plenty of at-home chemical peels you can try.

I wrote a while back about acne masks and some DIY recipes for acne masks. I think an aspirin mask will work best because aspirin has salicylic acid in it and it may prove helpful for people with acne trying to reduce their scars.

Click here to go to that post about the aspirin mask and other DIY masks for acne.

So there you go; some tips for dealing with the hirsutism/acne double-headed dragon. Of course, my advice does not belittle that of discussing official options with a medical professional first. But these are some tips for you to try during your hirsutism and acne journey.


It’s Ok…Your Hirsutism-Induced Depression is Quite the Expectation

Depressed young woman. Courtesy of abovetopsecret.com

After researching some more medical studies on hirsutism, I came across quite a few of repetitive studies on hirsutism and depression.

It appears to be the norm (and understandably so) to be very depressed while dealing with excessive facial and body hair. For a young girl to deal with looking and feeling unfeminine can damage one’s self esteem in ways she or other hirsutes can understand.

Most hirsute girls tend to keep away from social settings, thus making it hard for her to make friends or have anyone to talk to about her condition.

And because she stays away from people so much, it makes it hard to feel accepted because she has grave difficultly accepting herself.

She looks in the mirror from far away and sees a normal girl, maybe even a rather beautiful one. But a close up reveals unsightly hair after unsightly hair, almost in the formation of that of a beard or mustache.

She spends nights crying to herself wondering what in the hell did she do so wrong to look like this? Why won’t it just go away? Is there a pill, a medicine, an exercise she should do to get rid of it?

She is scared to date and even make friends with other women for the fear of someone noticing her hair growth and judging her by that. She may feel other girls will find something they dislike about her and will further insult her through her hirsutism.

(Man, I know this shit too damn well, don’t I?)

According to one study, it is quite normal for teenage hirsute girls to feel a great deal of anxiety with their lives as opposed to “normal” teenage girls.

Another study showed that drastic results from laser hair removal greater helps improve a young girl’s self esteem. Too bad laser hair removal is so damn expensive. And it’s quite sad that young girl has to ask her parents for laser hair removal for her 16th birthday.

(But I prefer laser hair removal to a boob job.)


Another study correlates that hirsutism and increased testosterone are related to depression as well. Unfortunately, this does not differenitate between hirsutism and idiopathic hirsutism, meaning all of your hormonal levels are normal.

I can imagine the studies will probably not differ that much if comparing the types of hirsutism.

Facial hair fucking sucks! Period! And asking a young hirsute girl to accept herself is just plum hard and easier said than done when everyone else around her looks normal.

People don’t know what it’s like to be the “other guys;” ya know, the weirdo kids with little friends in school but the best grades, the special-needs kids that everyone was terrified of, the foreign exchange student that who dresses like color coordination does not exist because they never cared to, or the girl in math with the patchy sideburns.

No one knows what the “other kid” feels like unless they are one. If you are then welcome to my blog! 🙂

If you are hirsute and reading this, understand your self loathe and saddness is normal and I can tell you that most hirsute women are feeling what you are. Even if you are depressed, understand there are countless reasons why people develop depression, so you are not alone in your hopeless or thought of hopelessness.

There are cures to depression however. I sternly believe people were not put on this planet to be miserable. Life and all its nonsense has a way of disturbing the natural order of happy. Does not mean that it can’t be undisturbed!

There is life outside of hirsutism and depression. It’s just all about not being afraid to go out there and enjoy yourself. Besides, there is nothing in the mirror besides what you want to see. The real bliss is in looking at life 3 dimensionally; you will see things that you were never able to see before….like how beautiful you are inside and out!



The Untouchable Subject of Ass Hair

Just a little ass humor!! 🙂 Courtesy of sodahead.com

I have been debating about writing about ass hair for some time now, but I was not all that ready on how to elaborate on my thoughts.

I decided to write about it because I know, with hirsutism, abnormal hair can grow anywhere on a woman so I want to reach out to those girls too! Additionally, I know this issue may make even some hairy MEN self-conscious.

I don’t have any abnormal booty hair, but I have dated a guy or two who was unnaturally fury on their ass and balls. (Sorry for being so graphic!!)

The most hair removal I did anywhere near that area was waxing and/or shaving my bikini all the way towards the fine hairs between my butt crack.

Typically I leave that hair alone because it’s quite soft and fine and plus no one typically goes back there anyway!

I never figured out why people were so stuck on removing ass hair; it just seemed unnatural to me for a long time, even as a hirsute woman!

I can also understand waxing ass hair for hygiene reasons. Some people are real anal (no pun intended!) about “particulars” getting caught in the hairs. Some folks are very particular about miniscule shit or piss drops sticking to their ass hole hairs even after showering. I am not an ass or shit doctor but it’s not impossible and that’s the only thing I could come up with!

Also, professional athletes wax those hairs for performance purposes. I have heard of cyclists getting full Brazilian waxes done, male and female, to reduce irritation around the genitalia, rectum, and between the thighs.

Now, again, I typically don’t do anything with ass hair because I don’t have any. But in my years of removing hair from various parts of my body, I think I have somewhat of a solid and educated opinion about the type of hair removal methods when it comes to removing butt hair.

  1. Waxing: This is the most ideal method to remove hair. The hair stays go for a long time and typically you won’t have to worry too much about ingrowns, especially if you get your removal done correctly. Like with any other methods, keeping the skin moist and clean will help prevent ingrowns. The results will be a smooth, clean ass! But waxing is not entirely painless; in fact, it can image it being quite painful in such a sensitive area. I would recommend having a drink or two or taking some aspirin to ease the pain before the torture. Also, see if you can use sugar wax or some other type of organic wax which wipes away easily.

    Sexy Hairy Butt Cartoon! Courtesy of studios.amazon.vom

  2. Shaving: I would be ok with shaving if it was not for the fact that ingrowns are rampant with shaving. And having an ingrown on your ass is NOT sexy at all! Now if it’s a small patch of hair, you may be able to get away with shaving as long as you use a really good shave cream and razor. If you are talking about your entire ass, look for another method!

    These are ass boils…similar to pimples or ingrowns in appearance…yes…I know…not sexy….I recommend any ass hair removal be professional. Courtesy of primehealthchannel.com


  3. Laser Hair removal: Again, unless it is a lot of hair, I would not go this route either. It is impressive in results but you have to get touch up treatments, it’s costly, and it’s uncomfortable as hell.

    Yes….such a thing exist! A “special” salon somewhere in China. Courtesy of funkyjunk.com

  4. Threading: Do people thread ass hair?! This would probably deliver the same results as waxing but it will be just as painful and will likely take longer to do.
  5. Electrolysis: I would no attempt this unless you are beyond DESPERATE to removal hair in this area. Electrolysis will remove the hair forever, but just know you are not only getting your ass zapped, but you are getting the hair tweezed out just as well! It will likely HURT.
  6. Creams: Besides the fact that creams smell like hell, they work well temporarily. But they also irritate the skin pretty bad on occasions. I have used creams on my bikini line, even hairs close to the rectum and receive some pretty bad irritation from it. Use creams on the hair with care. If you are dealing with a lot of hair, I would disregard creams all together.

So there are some options from my “expert” opinion. I think you will be fine going the route of waxing if your butt hairs bother you that much. Just take the same precautions as you would any other time you are undergoing hair removal.