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To appreciate being Rich, respect the theory of BROKE ASS! And Stocks for Beginners! *For Single Income Homes*

Though not related to hirsutism, I did just have an enlightening conversation with a sorority sister of mine and fellow struggling parent and I can proclaim the following very rhetorical statement:


This topic also came to mind when I was debating screaming and bitching to T-Mobile about my bill. A nice gentleman succeeded in changing my mind and putting me on a much cheaper plan while keeping most of my services.

I also gave Direct TV and Capital One a mouthful too!

Then it dawned on my bitchy ass that I was my own worse financial enemy. I was living like I am NOT a single mother!

The fact of the matter is is that if you are in my position as a single parent or as the only breadwinner of the house, you have to live within your means. Period. It’s not Obama, Romney, Democrats, Republicans, the Boogie man under your beds fault that your finances are in disarray!

If barely affording gas is a pain, why the fuck are you driving? If you are not taking your kids to school, taking yourself to school, going to work, or responding to some type of other obligations, Imma need for you to park it at home.

If your man or girl wants to see you, have them haul their ass to your crib. If they got issues with you having some money problems at the moment, why are you with their superficial asses in the first place?!

And if you’re going on a date for the first time and you cannot afford dinner for at least yourself (this is for men and women!) Imma need for you to make that an ice cream and coffee date!

If you can’t afford to spend $10 a day on lunch at work, Imma need for you to bring some oodles and noodles for a while. Respectfully decline your coworkers offer out to lunch and simply tell them you are on a financial diet. Most will probably respect you for it. And if you decide to go, get an appetizer or two. If you need more than that for just lunch, you may need more than just a financial diet!

Why are you buying clothes and shoes (this is for women AND men) and you really don’t go no damn where? The bar? The club? Your mommas? I mean, why are you so self-absorbed with shit that is going to get ice cream or grease or spit or baby piss or cum on it and it’s done anyway!?

If you can dodge name brand ANYTHING, do it. I was in Walgreen’s one day and was told by an associate that many of the name brand companies make the generic brands anyway. Hence, I never again purchased Cover Girl eyeliner after that day!

But it’s that theory on a larger scale that can make the world of difference in your financial health. For example, I know, as a government contractor, I could afford a luxury line sedan or truck. But I know even better as a government contractor WITH TWO KIDS, I can THINK I can afford a luxury line sedan or truck!

Another example, I am seriously considering a Chevy Traverse, but I REALLY want a Buick Lacrosse……but I can AFFORD a Chevy Traverse! End of Story!

Do you see my point?

Yet another example, I am ready to purchase a house but I am in fear of affording repairs and what not. I know rent, at least now and days, is a pain in the ass to pay for. If you are not confident about it, don’t put a dime into it.


OK another topic for me: investing! I don’t want to write this like I am talking to elementary students, but in order for me to really learn what the hell I was doing with stocks, I had to get real “See. Spot. Run.” with it!!!

Here are some basic steps I used to educate myself on stocks:

  1. Figure out what I like and what I wouldn’t mind investing in. I love Victoria Secret. Victoria Secret is owned by Limited Brands.  I invest in Limited Brands since it is publicly traded. I  appreciate energy. I use it. I like it. I would like to own %.000000001 percent of it (at least at first). I invest in it. Shell and BP have IPOs (initial public offers) too; have had them for years.
  2. Find out what these companies ticker symbol is.
  3. This step is two parts. Your job surely offers a retirement plan through investment company. I have worked with Fidelity and Principal. Depending on the circumstances of your job, you can have the option to invest in 401k and an IRA or just a 401k. At my current employer, I do not have the IRA option, but I did with my former. A 401k is for retirement and an IRA is more so for general investing.
  4. Open your account and put money in it. Starting out, you will be putting your money likely into a money market/savings account.
  5. As you accumulate more money into your money market/savings account with whatever investment company you choose, you can put your money where you really want it. (i.e. Limited Brands, Shell, BP, etc.)
  6. Ensure you have enough to buy the stock. If you only have $400 in your money market and one stock of BP costs $350, please don’t buy it. (Do we need to visit my previous examples again!?)
  7. Pay attention to fees. With most investment companies, they will charge fees for every purchase of stock you make.
  8. Pay attention to Morning Star and other methods of predicting how the company performs over the next 3, 5, 10 years. The higher the rate of the company in Morning Star, the better the chances are of the company having some stability and growth, the more the stock may cost, the more return you get on your investment. The lower the rates, well…you follow.
  9. There are other ratings and such to pay attention to to determine how well your stock will perform. When I say perform, I mean today, let’s say a stock of Apple is $50 (I wish!) but tomorrow, with the release of new iPhones and iPads, the stock may very well shoot through the roof to $200, making it suck for you because you didn’t buy the stock sooner and making it pay day for folks who did purchase sooner! There are documents called apparatuses that come with each company stock you purchase. All about reading it!

This checklist may get you a B- in accounting. There’s certainly more to stocks than what I stated here but I hope you are a little more familiar with it and how it works.

Well there was my little spill on financial health. I certainly had to learn things about money and finance the hard way too. TRUST ME!

So if you have some financial troubles, they are not as bad as you think if you cut some of the non-necessities out of the picture. You just may see a world of difference!



A good way to reduce your hirsutism: Get more active and Stop giving a Damn!

Ok ladies. I have been thinking about this specific topic for a while; hirsutism and stress.

But until now, I have not come across anything credible as far as stress relating to hirsutism….and now I finally have!

This article posted in the U.S. National Institute of Health Library website details very briefly how stress differs from IH women and normal women. While this was posted on a federal U.S. health website, I believe the research itself was European.

According to the briefing, 90 normal ladies and 90 hirsute ladies had several cortisol-based levels tested. Cortisol is mainly produced in the adrenal glands. It is a steroid that can alter throughout the day depending on your activities, food intake, etc. Depending on what type of medications you take, like birth control or performance enhancers, they can alter your estrogen and androgen levels, thus increasing/decreasing your cortisol levels. Too little can potentially cause the body to produce too much androgen, thus causing your hirsutism.

The findings from the article indicated that “due to stress, these hirsute women do have altered adrenocortical function, as assessed by the estimation of these corticosteroids of which urinary unconjugated cortisol was found to be the most sensitive index.”

When I saw the word stress, I was not surprised. From personal experience, I know about stress all too well.


I can admit I do not always handle it easily and many of times go off on a major tissy due to unwelcome and unnecessary stress.

As a single mom, money issues stress me COMPLETELY THE FUCK OUT!!! I worry about gas to get them to school, lunch money for the month, uniforms for leisure activities, keeping the lights on, buying them clothes they like to keep them from being teased, to getting enough food in the house, to wondering when the hell I’m going to get married to that one special man for me and great step-dad for them, to why won’t these God-awful student loans disappear to why the sky is blue to why my toe nails stay over grown to why grass grows…..STTTTTOOOPPPPPP stressing ladies!!!

Even if you think it’s important, if you cannot simply do nothing about it, stop tripping about it! PERIOD! You’re killing yourself! And making your hormones clearly work out of wack! Re-read my note above! If the stress levels of IH women were compared to those of normal women, when all menses levels were normal in all subjects, that tells you IH women simply stress too much and one of those side effects is abnormal hair growth!

Just this past week, I walked about of my job in tears because I was stressed out over nonsense. My boss delivered an assignment to me under conditions I (and everyone else in the building) know I cannot deliver without some assistance even though I was directed NOT to get help with the assignment! HUH?…..Yes, I have one of those type of bosses. I do take comfort in knowing all (and I do mean ALL) my coworkers know this individual is a piece of work…though I can find another suitable word in place of piece of “work” !!!!

So I told myself “I need to leave this fucking place!” and that’s what I am trying to do! But in the meantime, the most I can do is do my best on the job, even if it means defying my boss’s instructions. If I know shit will get done right, then so be it. I know I did it right and I did my best! And you need to take the same attitude with various bullshit going on in your life too!

Be righteous in your behavior; know that you are being good to people. If they don’t act the same way back, just give them a “fuck you” smile and keep it moving! Money…if you cannot afford the shoes knowing you need groceries, this should be rhetorical but the shoes will simply have to sit on the shelf a little longer!

I had a bad habit of dressing to the nines……….for no reason! I barely went on dates, I don’t have many boyfriends so I had to give myself a big time reality slap: “Monica, why are you buying all this bullshit to wear….like….ONCE?!” It was ridiculous!

Dating?! Oh god…that word is stress in its own right! I will tackle dating in a later post!


One, Maintaining my hirsutism routine. I am still taking my medicines for it. I still epilate and use my generic Vaniqa cream which is definitely slowing the growth. I am even considering laser hair removal for my neck to slow the growth and clear up my skin a little more. I found out I could get a great (and I mean GREAT!) discounted price on my treatments at a well known spa so why not?! 🙂

Secondly,  I am giving my boss the finger (at least in my head, I am!), and cautiously establishing some bonds at the workplace (I say cautiously because not everyone in your workplace is your friend! Keep some stuff to yourself!). It’s a good way to have a professional outlet, especially one that has been there done that in a hostile working environment! In the meantime, I discussed my issues with my superiors of the nonsense I am dealing with, as well as seek other employment options privately. I have considering blogging for side income too! Nothing like getting paid to do what you’re passionate about!

Third, I try to cook more as opposed to fast foods. I made chicken and rice for my kids last night and made myself a cucumber salad with seasoning. It’s quite good. I am actually addicted to it! And I posted on a previous blog for PCOS/Hirsutism diets that cucumbers are great for helping to regulate sugar levels. Insulin resistance is related to PCOS and hirsutism in numerous cases. This also ties in with my money issues. The less frivolous spending I do with leisure crap, the more money I can conserve and stay out of the negative in my bank account! This also helps me build my Roth IRA back up! (Yes, I am a little financially savvy!) Like many folks, I had to deplete my IRA savings to survive a few years back. Now I can finally build it back up and it makes me feel good!

Fourth, I signed up for Zumba and Bollywood dancing classes! I am so excited about it! I heard it works your mid section, hips and boo-tay!

Cartoon of lovely Bollywood dancers!

Fifth, I signed my children up for gymnastics come January! I was more excited for them than they were! I love watching them smile!

Sixth, I take advantage of cheap vacations like cruises! My girlfriend books them for a living and often gives a great rate! So I take advantage of those type of offers. I don’t need a balcony room or anything like that! I go for the economy $400-$500 bucks a person-type rooms and of course, you can pay in installments, which is great! And I also go for the ones where I don’t have to fly to the port where the boat is leaving! Luckily, my friend was able to find a cruise leaving from a nearby city in my state! HOLLA!

Seventh, I simply cut off flaky people in my life and people who I held in high regard at one point (males AND females, friends and family!) who seem to have forgotten me or pay me no mind! I know they upset you and hurt your feelings, but being angry and disappointed is also a form of stress. You don’t need it! Stay off Facebook and Twitter! Who cares about their damn updates! And I am not trying to be a pessimist about it but really…..who REALLY cares? And certainly don’t start comparing yourself if you don’t exactly have much to boast about on social media. Hell, there is a beauty in keeping shit to yourself ladies….SERIOUSLY, THERE IS!!!! TRUST ME! And honestly, If they cannot entertain the thought of your company, don’t entertain the thought of them PERIOD!

Lucky number seven! Those are things I am slowly trying to do for myself to make me more active and less stressed….and ultimately not give  a damn!

There is not justification in worrying over what you cannot control and what does not worry over you! You may find yourself happier and hopefully a little more hairless!

Thanks for reading!