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Makeup Tips for Acne-prone and Hirsute skin

So I know alot of people with hirsutism have to deal with ingrown hairs and scars from tweezing and shaving for so many years.

The skin is sensitive in general and that type of abuse, regardless how gentle you are, will eventually cause some skin irritation.

The closest thing I can compare the ingrown scars and such is acne. I actually suffer from mild adult myself but most of my facial scars are from ingrown hairs.

My skin on my face is very weird. I have a very dry neck, oily forehead (don’t laugh!), dry nose, and oily cheeks. The majority of my pimples are on my cheeks and jaw but the majority of my scars are on my neck!

And because very often hirsutism is associated with other hormonal issues (PCOS, diabetes, adrenal disorders, etc.) acne is not that surprising as a tag-a-long!

Acne is caused by build up in the sebum. Sweat, oil, dust, anything can trigger acne horrors!

So basically, the less oily the product, the better it is for your skin.

With that being said, here are some tips for picking out makeups for your sensitive skin, primarily foundations:


1. Chat with a dermatologist to see if you even have acne or what your skin condition is (dry, oily, moderate)

2. Avoid most oil based makeup like liquid foundations. And if you absolutely have to wear oil makeup, wash it off first thing when you get home! I would wear oil based foundation during my 12 hours shifts at a previous job and developed the worse blackheads of my life!

3. Try to seek powdered foundations with as little ingredients (especially chemicals) as possible

4. Try mineral powder makeup products

5. Avoid heavily fragrance and dyed makeup

6. Besides jojoba oil, almost all other oils are not welcomed for acne.

7. Seek a line of products that also come with acne fighting cleansers. I never used Lorac, but it looks like it’s worth a look.

8. Dodge mineral oil and menthol

9. ALWAYS wear the make up moderately. Frankly this tip is for all women, acne-prone or not!

10. If possible, only wear makeup on your problem areas. Like, I only wear makeup on my neck and blend it in very well. I use L’Oreal’s True Match super blendable powder foundation and it works great! Doesn’t look clogging or caked on at all and it covers my problem areas very well.

11. Some other nice lines that I have used myself and really like include Mary Kay, Bare Escentials, and Clinique.

12. Lastly, here is a great website I found that list all kind of ingredients to watch out for when looking for makeup for problem skin. The website is for the Acne Treatment Center and it lists countless ingredients to dodge or avoid using too heavily. Looking at the list I know Coconut Oil, Lanolin and cocoa butter are all very heavy oils that can easily clog some acne prone skin. Check out that list here!

So definitely nip it in the bud and talk to a dermatologist to determine what may be wrong  with your skin, any medications and other things you may need to avoid altogether.

Thanks for reading and if you know of a good makeup line for acne, feel free to let me know!


Pics of my reducing hirsutism progress so far!

Ok! Here are some pics of my progress thus far trying to manage my hirsutism!

Keep in mind this is from me epilating with a Panasonic epilator, (not tweezing), using eflornithine hydrochloride cream 2x a day (the brand name is Vaniqa), birth control Beyaz, Spironolactone (when I could get it; doctor has been a little stubborn lately!) Inositol, Vitex (or chasteberry), fenugreek, washing my face daily with an liquid soap made of african black soap and using a mild glycolic cream, two salicylic chemical peels, two homemade turmeric and cucumber facial peels.

I did very little waxing or tweezing on my face but I did post one before and after results of my sugar wax of my bikini line.

I must say I think my face is clearing up! I had very dark marks under my neck and side burns but it’s really trying to clear up.

The pics are in chronological order from mid August 2012 to today, September 25, 2012.

My neck in early to mid August
My neck and sideburn mid August
my neck today! Sept. 25th, 2012. It’s is a wee bit blurry, but it is lighter that’s for sure!
My side burns today, Sept. 25, 2012
My other sideburn today, Sept. 25, 2012

So as you can see, I am definitely making some noteworthy progress clearing my skin up! I am not totally satisfied with my neck just yet but it’s an improvement for sure! I mostly credit the lack of a tweezer to my face, cleaning and the peels, though I am sure all my routine and medications played a part in slowing the growth as well as clearing my skin!

Improving, but still a work in progress! Thanks for reading!

Progress Thus Far!

So I have been doing my regimen faithfully for a couple of weeks now and the hair is growing much slower.

I cannot say it’s gone completely, and it probably never will be, but it is certainly way slower in growth.

No other changes yet. My moods are normal, but I have not gotten a period yet since starting birth control some months ago. But that may be an issue with my body regulating to birth control. I have not been on it in YEARS!

My hand epilator, made by Panasonic, helps tremendously cut down on my tweezing. It’s the Panasonic Wet/Dry epliator that you can use on wet or dry skin. Even though it’s advertised for the body I use it for my face. I typically wax my body hairs. It is not completely painless, I will admit, but it gets the job done very well!Image
I will probably stick to waxing my body hair, especially my bikini line and abdomen. That epilator on tender hairs like that I simply cannot tough it out!

My next step is to find a chemical peel to remove these scars from my face and bikini line. I have heard from a few online chats that salicylic acid peels work good for scars that got some years on them. I have been using a fading night cream with glycolic acid in it on my bikini every night and it seems to be drying up the scars, but I cannot tell if they are fading just yet.

For my own personal calculation knowing how old many of my scars are, I think I will start with a salicylic peel at 20%.

Yes I will post before and afters like always! I will be purchasing the acid sometime this coming week so be on the look out for that.

Thanks for reading!