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My Most Hirsute Spots (Pics)

I finally found a better camera stuffed away in my drawers full of crap.

Here are some photos of my hirsute spot right now: my neck. I have no idea why my hair grows so much here as opposed to other places.

Speaking of which, I also refilled my Spironolactone today.

I strongly believe with that and my on-going electrolysis treatments, I will handle this issue once and for all!


My neck on its worst day!


Close up of my neck again

I plan on taking care of this maddness this coming Saturday during my next electrolysis appointment, Thank God!


Pics of Electrolysis Before and After

So I had my first electrolysis appointment in years on Tuesday. I must say my electrologist is very straight forward with me. She explained that I will have to maintain treatments to get optimal results for permanency. As nice and friendly as she was, she was very stern and this is only because (or I assume) she wants you to get the best bang for your buck and I don’t blame her one bit!

I also told her I am no spironolactone and she was very pleased with that.

I told her I wanted to go to someone who has some type of national accreditation and she explained it’s good to look for but not always necessary to find a good electrologist. Some states simply do not require an electrologist to be licensed. But at the same time, you don’t want to go to someone who does not know what the hell they are doing and you end up looking worse than when you stepped in the office!!

Basically, she inserted a small needle into each hair follicle. It actually did not take as long as I thought. She did most of my whiskers, chin and sideburns in less than 40 mins (36 minutes to be exact.) The needles insertion doesn’t hurt. I mean, you can feel the slightest pressure of it going in but you will feel the current of heat. I say heat because she used thermolysis on me which is a mode of electrolysis that uses heat as opposed to electricity.

The heat was tolerable, but I will not say it was completely painless. Now there were some hairs I did not feel being zapped at all, but most of them, yes, I felt some sensation. I did not cry nor did I ask for her to crank the energy down, though I’m sure I could if the intensity was too much for me.

You can also request numbing cream as some areas are quite sensitive like the bikini line or the upper lip hairs.

In my opinion, it’s worth it. I did have some swelling and some tiny scars, but I know they will clear up. It’s quite normal to see some small scabs on the individual treated hairs so do not fret too much if you get them after getting electrolysis. Now if you see bruising and huge scars, there’s a problem.

If you have the money to maintain treatments, I would go for laser hair removal, but understand you will likely be getting treatments done forever. If your goal is to be hair free forever, give electrolysis a try.

Now here are some before and after pics of the lower part of my face, right on the corner of my mouth, where I am the most hairiest.

Corner of my mouth before

Corner of my mouth before

Same side of my face after electrolysis

Thanks for reading!

Brazilian Waxing…The Cure to Crabs (Pubic Lice?)

Animation of lice “down there!” Courtesy of sexualityandu.ca

I JUST got an alert on a very interesting article, detailing the drastically reducing cases of pubic lice (or crabs) possibly due to waxing the pubic area.

The Bloomberg article by Jason Gale and Shannon Pettypiece basically states that the Phthirus pubis, the infestation organism more unfondly called “crabs,” may become an endangered species because of the growing amount of men and women waxing those balls and coochie hairs!

It almost makes sense…I mean, the insect lives amongst the pubic hair and skin of an infected person, thus causing horrible irritation and itching. If there is no hair for it to be a nuisance, it likely will not be able to live very long or develop at all. This is just my educated guess.

Because people are getting more hair removal done (commercial depilatories, waxing, shaving, tweezing, laser or electrolysis) the multi-billion dollar business of getting rid of hair is growing even more.

So it may quasi-official that “waxing it all off” may actually be good for your pee-pee’s health!

Of course this is no excuse NOT to protect yourself if you sexually active. Ignorance is not cute!

Thanks for reading!

Professional Electrologists to Me: Your Hair Isn’t THAT Bad!

So I went to a neighboring city, about an hour away, called Colonial Heights, VA.

It is where a small electrolysis school is located, one that I intend on attending soon.  I love that the school is quaint and small and more importantly, it’s one of the few schools that teaches electrolysis that is registered with the state of Virginia.

The lovely and friendly Mrs. Furrow took me around her facility, which was very cute! She even had some toys for my children to play with!

After talking business about my enrollment, I informed her that I am getting my first electrolysis appointment done this coming week, Tuesday actually. She was very happy for me, but informed me that if I signed up for the classes, there is a good chance that I go be a model for students to practice on under her supervision, for free! Even if I did not sign up for the classes, if I were to get services done there, I could volunteer for such services for free!

How cool would that be!?

She inspected my facial hair and informed me that my hair did not look that bad! The hairs are kind spread apart and very easy to see, making me a great model for students to work on (again, under her supervision!) Coming from an educated woman who has been doing this for years, that made me feel very good!

I look forward to getting free electrolysis done and performing it on others in my own small salon in Newport News, VA.

I chatted with my mom about it who didn’t have a problem with it, but kinda down played the idea, saying I should wait to attend the classes…..wait for what?! I am passionate about this, why not go for it while I can?!

You can read more about Mrs. Furrow and her school and salon, Angel Touch, here.

I really look forward to being apart of this class and learning such a great skill that will change so many lives! I’m excited!

My First Electrolysis Appointment for the New Year!

So I was looking into some electrolysis for the new year to be rid of this facial hair once and for all!

My facial hair does not bother me nowhere near as much as it did when I was younger, but it’s simply something I want to do for me to better myself and my self image.

So I found a spa in my area that offers all types of services, but the electrologists in the shop is not only experienced, but she performs laser hair removal as well. How awesome is that!?

I plan on having my consultation sometime this week, since she said that was the protocol for getting services which did not surprise me. When I had my electrolysis done before, I had to have a consultation. No big deal.

The lady’s name is Debbie and from the information on the website, she has been doing electrolysis for 20 years.

I researched her and I did not find much information on her, neither did I find any complaints of her work. And the salon she works at has no complaints as well in the electrolysis services.

Sometimes, depending on the state you are in, it’s hard to find licensed electrolysis businesses because performing electrolysis does not require having a license in Virginia.

That’s why it is crucial to do a little digging on any practicing electrologist (or any professional in general) so you know what you are getting into. I usually pay attention to the licenses that should be on display in any esthetician-like office or hair salon, nail salon, medical spa, etc.

But for the most part, I am psyched to finally be getting this done! After a little digging, I found that after 5-6 treatments on my areas of most concern, I should be fair free! I cannot wait either!

I am aware that it will not be terribly comfortable; I am considering  some numbing creams I can start to invest in.

I will detail as much as I can about my treatments. My hope is to be allowed to take some pics or a short video of my progress.

Read more about Debbie here.

Stay tuned!


Smoking Weed May Slow Hirsutism?!?!?!

Marijuana leave. Courtesy of nationalallianceofmarijuana.wordpress.com

Happy New Year!!

While I am not a smoker and I cannot stand to be around smoke very long, I know a lot of women who are. Furthermore; some of those women are abnormally furry.

I just always thought it was because they were genetically hairy to begin with but I found a European medical article that states that smoking can in fact influence hirsutism.

Basically, a smoker’s hormones are tossed outta wack as well. The activity of smoke may somehow disturb the synthesis of androgens to estrogens and may increase a woman’s androstenedione level. Androstenedione is a hormone level that is very likely to be tested when you go and chat with an endocrinologist about your hirsutism.

Now, my assumption is that this article is talking about cigarettes.

Read more about that article here.

Marijuana, on the other hand, contains phytoestrogens.

According to an article in the U.S. National Library of Medicine website, apigenin, is the phytoestrogen in cannabis. The crude marijuana (or pure cannabis) was condensed (likely chemically) to smoking form and given to baby rats and showed no increase or decrease to estrogen activity.

My thought is take the phytoestrogens in pure cannabis and do the test? Phytoestrogen activity may level out the already increased testesterone in a hirsute women…or I guess it would! I am sure there’s a lot more doctor-shit to it than what my pea-brain can decipher!!!

They only tested on the rats with a manipulated type of weed and got no results. If using rats and pure cannabis, they may field more provocative results. But then again, pure cannbabis may be too strong for baby rats and might kill them. Plus, it may make the rats addicted to it.

So in doing the test on pure weed, they may be doing more harm to poor baby rats….even worse, poor HUMANS!

So if estrogen is down and androgens are increasing or staying level, it makes sense that a woman may appear to have more manly features like extra muscles mass and/or body and facial hair if she smokes, especially cigarettes.

As I stated, I personally hate smoke. Both of my kids were born premies so I am very particular of having them around smoke, even now as school age children.

And smoke just makes your clothes and breath and car and house STINK! (Sorry to the smokers reading this! I am not talking about YOU personally! I’m talking about your SMOKE!)

If you are hirsute and are a smoker, my educated guess would be to stop smoking first of all. If you were not hirsute before smoking, then clearly the smoking caused it. It’s possible it could have been a combination of other factors like age, weight, hormonal level, medications, etc. as well.

Thanks for reading!!



Thank you All for Reading my Blog!!! Here are My Hirsutism Resolutions for 2013!!!!

As the year comes to an end, I want to take this time out to thank each and ever last one of you around the world for reading my crazy blog and viewing my outrageous photos!

I know for the non-hirsute eye, my blog is a little….weird….but for the young hirsute girl in the USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Russia, France, Brazil and many other corners of the globe, this blog has been a small haven for girls who need the support in dealing with such a bothersome condition.

This is a dream in the making for me as I have big aspirations for this blog and even more, supporting more women dealing with this condition.

I have dealt with idiopathic hirsutism for most of my life and I am actually doing something about it and in doing something, I hope to help as many other hirsute women as possible.

I also hope to educate people on this condition so they recognize how painful it can be to deal with and how bad it can truly damage a girls self-esteem.

In doing this, I created a list of “to do” things for the New Year!

  1. Create a large support website for all things hirsutism. It will be a go to place for all girls and women dealing with this!
  2. Write a book about my struggles with hirsutism and how I managed it.
  3. Perhaps make 1 and 2 an income for myself and become a true business woman!
  4. Restart my soap business. Yes, I love making homemade soaps!! The book in the link is one I actually own!
  5. Not be so self-conscious about wearing bikinis. I have even considered having calendar made when I am a little more big time!
  6. Consider taking dating a little more serious. I never been married and it seems like it would be nice! Maybe a little… 🙂
  7. Manage my money and try to pay of something on my outrageous student loans!

I’m sure this list will grow but I know for a fact I want to tackle these 7 things. 7 is a good number I think!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!