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How to Have the Life you Want…While Being a Broke Ass Single Mom!

Courtesy of zadishaefreeman.com

Well this is the life I want:

I want to have a successful book detailing my hirsutism struggle and the various ways to deal with everything concerning excessive hair growth.

I want to have a successful electrolysis and laser hair removal salon. Not a huge one; just one I can operate part time.

I want to not have to work in military contracting EVER again! Ugh…that’s a whole other blog right there!!!

I want to have a nice sized house I purchased, with cash. (I hate loans and debt!)

I want to pay off majority, or all of the 100k I owe in student loans. Yes, I said that right….100k!!!!

I want to work for myself and a success story and not have to worry about how to fund vacations and my kid’s future educations.

How will I get there? How will I pay off my debt and my live the life I want? It seems impossible on my salary of (roughly) 48k yearly.

Most would think I make a good salary as a single person, which I do….now as a single mom…..eehhh…..

Considering my bills per month (rent, power bill, gas, etc. etc.) I have roughly 1k left to just…have.

That is not including the randomness I have to deal with (leisure, toys for the kids, some shit falling apart in the house that I have to pay for, car repairs)

So what does that mean? Basically, much like most people, I’M FUCKING BROKE!

But all is not lost for me or my dreams.

I am expecting a lovely tax refund (one of the perks of being a single parent). Let’s say that refund will be 3k.

I have a 3k surplus I intend on NOT touching. After all, I want to write a book (which, even if going the independent route, may cost me a couple thousands of dollars).

I found an electrolysis school which cost 4k.

So to start my dreams, I need to save, at least, 6k (the book and electrolysis school).

I am not including the cost to actually establish salon space for myself. Hell, I am just trying to find a way to pay for the school.

The option of asking my parents for the money is there but I rather find my own way! But if I get desperate, I will not be too proud to beg AT ALL!

So, how do I save the additional few grand I need? I already know I will be expecting a healthy refund of 3k (estimation).

So what do I do? I only save around 1k a month.

Here’s what you do….yes, it’s going to sound painful, but no pain, no gain, right?!


  1. You cannot be ashamed to do the Peanut Better Jelly Time Dance! Yes, like…literally. Eat like you are on food stamps (no offense to anyone in of public assistance. I’ve been on Medicaid myself!) Eat like you seriously cannot afford it. Don’t be scared to Ramen Noodle things up a bit either! Bottom line, act like fast food and take out do not exists! Cook at home more. As a single mom, I know that’s difficult. But you have to try. Here’s a tip single moms: buy the fast food for the kids, but not you. Just don’t make it a habit.
  2. Don’t be afraid to let people know you are on a financial diet. Your coworkers asking to take you out to lunch need to know that or if you decide to go, buy something very simple and inexpensive like an appetizer and not a full course meal.
  3. Don’t be afraid to let people you are dating know you are on a financial diet. Hell, he may fall for you even more once he realizes you are financially responsible!
  4. Don’t drive too many places. If you don’t need to make that business trip or trip to meet up with friends at a bar, then don’t. Having a meeting over the phone if possible or invite friends to your house for drinks. And tell their freeloading asses to BYOB!
  5. Entertain your kids more the free way. Parks, walks, rides, window shop, or hell, my kid’s enjoy the double seated shopping carts at Target. They like riding around in that for hours!
  6. Take your lunch to work. Eat fruit for lunch. Go to Food Lion of a can of fruit or canned chicken or soup as opposed to Burger King.
  7. Take your car to a professional car repair person, not a repair shop. Someone with a good reputation in working on cars will save you A TON! But make sure they have a good track record first. Just don’t trust any friend of a friend of a friend. That goes for repairs on your house as well.
  8. Pay as many bills as you can at the same time. That’s the fastest way to get them out of your hair.
  9. Work from home more. If you have the option to clock in hours at home, do it, especially if you can rack in some overtime. Or it will at least keep you from going crazy on the job while dealing with the stress of finances.
  10. Get more active. Clean the house more, vaccuum the floor more, just get more active with whatever! That why you don’t have to deal with spending money all the time.

I plan on establishing these tips in my own financial life so I can afford the life I eventually want.

I will keep you up to date about how it works out!


I Finally found an Electrology School! And I’m writing a Hirsutism Book! Oh Boy!

I am going to make this a quick posting since Tis’ The Season and I’m getting my mess ready for Christmas!

I have been looking for an electrology school for the longest time; at least 2 years. The only schools available are in the D.C. area. I live 3 hours away from the nation’s capitol.

According to the AEA, there are many electrology schools in the nation, but there are very few accredited by them. Now, in the state of Virginia, where I live, any type of esthestician school needs to be licensed by the state and I FINALLY found one that actually is!

Angel Faces School of Esthetics is in a neighboring city about an hour and a half from me that is licensed with the state.

Electrologist are not required to be licensed in the state of Virginia, though I intend on gaining membership with the AEA if and when I finish this school.

Thought looking at the school, it seems very simple and not very detailed, I am more concerned that it is a legitimate school, registered with the state.

I plan on studying and training as an electrologist and then offering services from my home! Just the thought of it sounds exciting!

I also plan on studying laser hair removal and opening my own salon to give women (and some men) the option  of both electrolysis or laser hair removal.

I also intend on writing a book about my struggles with hirsutism and my self-image issues. I think people need to hear it from someone like them, not a doctor.

While I believe doctor-written books on hirsutism are helpful (I own a few) I think the story is more provocative and sincere coming from someone just like the reader.

I’m writing it now, as we speak! Be on the lookout! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Hirsutism = Avoidant Personality Disorder?

I already wrote a post about hirsutism and depression and how the two are related when dealing with hormonal problems. It is quite the expectation to have lowered self-esteem when dealing with such health issues.

I have come to the conclusion that most hirsute girls are quite normal but they choose to deal with their hurt and depression in the dark. And that is probably another reason why there are not many books and medical reports on hirsutism when compared to other hormonal health concerns.

I was looking at personality disorders and something I might suffer from and do not even know it. My hirsutism has not helped at all in dealing with life in general!

I was so used to being upset and angry about it, I found a crazy way to equate it to everything wrong in my life.

“He dumped me….because I’m hirsute.”

“I didn’t get that job….because I’m hirsute.”

“She went off on me for no damn reason…because I’m hirsute.”

“My ankles are ashy…because I’m hirsute.”

“The world stop spinning on its axis…because I’m hirsute.”

“I am not beautiful….because I’m hirsute.”

Trust me when I say I OBSESSED about my extra body hair. To the point it affected how I dealt with social issues.

Even to this day, I am quite shy and introverted in certain social settings and it takes me some time to open up because I am scared someone will see my hyperpigmentation from all the tweezing and yanking I have been doing to my skin for many years because of the hair.

So when I cam across the disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, I could not help but to equate myself to this.

According to the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia, “avoidant personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a lifelong pattern of feeling very shy, inadequate, and sensitive to rejection.”

If this is not me, even as I have found ways to deal with my hirsutism, I don’t know what is!!

People with this disorder exhibit the following, according to the article linked above:

  • Be easily hurt when people criticize or disapprove of them (Check!)
  • Hold back too much in intimate relationships (Partial Check!)
  • Be reluctant to become involved with people (Double Check!)
  • Avoid activities or jobs that involve contact with others (Partial Check!)
  • Be shy in social situations out of fear of doing something wrong (Double Check!)
  • Make potential difficulties seem worse than they are (Triple Check!)
  • Hold the view they are not good socially, not as good as other people, or unappealing (Partial Check!)

The article states that antidepressants and just having someone to talk to are the best treatment options.

That’s why I firmly believe many women with hirsutism may have this disorder. I know women who are “happily” married with children and feel so upset and alone dealing with their hirsutism, even while having an understanding spouse.

I don’t have a spouse yet and I feel I will not be a good wife some days. Although I do not obsess about my hirsutism nowhere near as bad as I did several years ago, I feel I have programmed myself to be too isolated, making friends and being a socialite towards potential mates a huge challenge.

Seriously, I can count one less than one hand of the REAL friends I have remaining in my life! That is probably my own fault; but then again, I know how to give an asshole the dueces real quick!

But the bottom line is, if you suspect you have this disorder, as you can see, it’s nothing alarming in a life-threatening way, but it is quite possible it may affect your quality of life. You really need to find someone to talk to, even if it means chatting with folks online if you are too intimated to chat with people in your personal surroundings.

Hey, feel free to talk to me too!

And try chatting with someone who knows you well or wants to get to know you well. If you don’t know anyone, write about it! Simply take some time out to write about your sadness with hirsutism and then simply put your notebook down and take a nice walk, go out to eat or just go do something out of the norm. You will feel better, trust me!

You could try talking to a professional but I personally believe these conditions can be self-treated. Plus not may professionals really know how to deal with hirsutism and its associated depression. I had to go to a couple endocrinologists before finally getting a satisfying reply myself.

Don’t let your thoughts be alone in your isolation before they literally start eating away at your life. Let it be known, even if it means blogging about it!

Thanks for reading!