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What Ethnicities have the Hairiest Women?

I know it crosses peoples’ minds from time to time; what is the smartest race? Dumbest? Best looking? Most likely to go to jail? Yadda Yadda…
But how often do we ask which race (or in this case ethnicity) is the hairiest?!
Now this blog post is NOT intended to offend anyone. This is just an interesting hirsutism topic I decided rap about that clearly is not discussed in many other similar blogs or websites.
It is well know that with hirsutism, especially idiopathic hirsutism, genetics play a huge part in the hair distribution make up on a woman.

Cute Turkish girl. Courtesy of loginlove.com

The worst parts for a hirsute woman are typically her face and abdomen area. I have seen hairy women of all ethnic backgrounds.
From my own personal analysis, I cannot pin point any type of race that may be deemed hairier than the other because some of the most hirsute women I have ever seen in my life were all from different backgrounds.
I recall a long time ago being in a restaurant and standing next to a friendly Hispanic woman who had obviously just finished shaving her thick facial hair. The stumble was growing from her sideburns down her neck. This particular woman was heavy set so looking back on it, she could have had a more serious underlying cause for her hirsutism.

Pretty black girl. Courtesy of black-women-beauty-central.com

The thickest mustaches that I ever seen were on two black women. I remember seeing a woman at Wal Mart and another woman at a local university, both with mustaches made of very thick, black hair against brown skin. The crazy thing was they seemed to actually like their staches! The staches were nicely trimmed and neat! They almost seemed proud parading their mustaches in public! I was almost more fascinated with their self-confidence than their cleanly shaven mustaches!
White women, particularly blondes, got it a little easy. All the hairy blonde women I ever seen had very light hair against very fair skin. A white girl I worked with a few years back had dark hair but very heavy facial hair, but the facial hair was extremely light. The naked eye probably could not tell she may have been a bit hirsute. I did have an Italian women work in my doctor’s office who had pretty fair skin but very dark hair who admitted to getting laser hair treatments on her arms and face. She and I chatted about hirsutism for a few minutes and she sympathized with my pain, claiming to be the hairiest woman in her clan too!
I recall seeing an Indian girl on my college campus several years back who was extremely pretty, mocha skin, thick, shiny long hair and very soft-haired sideburns. They were very thick, but the hair was so soft, sweeping underneath her earlobes, it truly did not look that bad in my opinion, even on days I recall her pulling her hair back.
But according to a study published in the Human Reproduction Update on November 6, 2011, the Ferriman-Gallwey scale and other logical subjective factors rate these ethnicities of women from hairiest to least hairiest (of the racial groups tested):
1.       Turkish women (of Middle Eastern backgrounds)
2.       Mexican, Iranian, Spanish
3.       Italian
4.       White (of Hispanic and Caucasian backgrounds) and Black Americans
5.       Asian (of Chinese and Thai backgrounds)

The study itself admitted its shortcomings such as the subjective view of numerous physicians trying to decide what is a hairy woman and what is not? How hairy is she? How thick is the hair? How dark?

Lovely Indian woman. Courtesy of articles.businessinsider.com

That is probably why there is not a lot of solid data on our condition because the conditions of determinacy have to be subjective. A well-qualified doctor will have to be able to determine what is hairy, what is not, and then that doctor would have to even be educated and experienced enough in hormonal disorders. I went to one endocrinologist who did nothing for me, but the second one I chatted with gave me the medication I needed right away!
In addition, even if these determinations from the Human Reproduction Update are accurate, it certainly does not deem one group of women or men more attractive than the other. There are different strokes for different folks and no two people are meant to look the same anyway. What is a turn off to you might be a turn on to someone else. Therefore, before you claim all Turkish women are weird looking and all Asian women are perfect, make sure your own flaws are in check!
Thanks for reading!


It’s Ok…Your Hirsutism-Induced Depression is Quite the Expectation

Depressed young woman. Courtesy of abovetopsecret.com

After researching some more medical studies on hirsutism, I came across quite a few of repetitive studies on hirsutism and depression.

It appears to be the norm (and understandably so) to be very depressed while dealing with excessive facial and body hair. For a young girl to deal with looking and feeling unfeminine can damage one’s self esteem in ways she or other hirsutes can understand.

Most hirsute girls tend to keep away from social settings, thus making it hard for her to make friends or have anyone to talk to about her condition.

And because she stays away from people so much, it makes it hard to feel accepted because she has grave difficultly accepting herself.

She looks in the mirror from far away and sees a normal girl, maybe even a rather beautiful one. But a close up reveals unsightly hair after unsightly hair, almost in the formation of that of a beard or mustache.

She spends nights crying to herself wondering what in the hell did she do so wrong to look like this? Why won’t it just go away? Is there a pill, a medicine, an exercise she should do to get rid of it?

She is scared to date and even make friends with other women for the fear of someone noticing her hair growth and judging her by that. She may feel other girls will find something they dislike about her and will further insult her through her hirsutism.

(Man, I know this shit too damn well, don’t I?)

According to one study, it is quite normal for teenage hirsute girls to feel a great deal of anxiety with their lives as opposed to “normal” teenage girls.

Another study showed that drastic results from laser hair removal greater helps improve a young girl’s self esteem. Too bad laser hair removal is so damn expensive. And it’s quite sad that young girl has to ask her parents for laser hair removal for her 16th birthday.

(But I prefer laser hair removal to a boob job.)


Another study correlates that hirsutism and increased testosterone are related to depression as well. Unfortunately, this does not differenitate between hirsutism and idiopathic hirsutism, meaning all of your hormonal levels are normal.

I can imagine the studies will probably not differ that much if comparing the types of hirsutism.

Facial hair fucking sucks! Period! And asking a young hirsute girl to accept herself is just plum hard and easier said than done when everyone else around her looks normal.

People don’t know what it’s like to be the “other guys;” ya know, the weirdo kids with little friends in school but the best grades, the special-needs kids that everyone was terrified of, the foreign exchange student that who dresses like color coordination does not exist because they never cared to, or the girl in math with the patchy sideburns.

No one knows what the “other kid” feels like unless they are one. If you are then welcome to my blog! 🙂

If you are hirsute and reading this, understand your self loathe and saddness is normal and I can tell you that most hirsute women are feeling what you are. Even if you are depressed, understand there are countless reasons why people develop depression, so you are not alone in your hopeless or thought of hopelessness.

There are cures to depression however. I sternly believe people were not put on this planet to be miserable. Life and all its nonsense has a way of disturbing the natural order of happy. Does not mean that it can’t be undisturbed!

There is life outside of hirsutism and depression. It’s just all about not being afraid to go out there and enjoy yourself. Besides, there is nothing in the mirror besides what you want to see. The real bliss is in looking at life 3 dimensionally; you will see things that you were never able to see before….like how beautiful you are inside and out!



The Untouchable Subject of Ass Hair

Just a little ass humor!! 🙂 Courtesy of sodahead.com

I have been debating about writing about ass hair for some time now, but I was not all that ready on how to elaborate on my thoughts.

I decided to write about it because I know, with hirsutism, abnormal hair can grow anywhere on a woman so I want to reach out to those girls too! Additionally, I know this issue may make even some hairy MEN self-conscious.

I don’t have any abnormal booty hair, but I have dated a guy or two who was unnaturally fury on their ass and balls. (Sorry for being so graphic!!)

The most hair removal I did anywhere near that area was waxing and/or shaving my bikini all the way towards the fine hairs between my butt crack.

Typically I leave that hair alone because it’s quite soft and fine and plus no one typically goes back there anyway!

I never figured out why people were so stuck on removing ass hair; it just seemed unnatural to me for a long time, even as a hirsute woman!

I can also understand waxing ass hair for hygiene reasons. Some people are real anal (no pun intended!) about “particulars” getting caught in the hairs. Some folks are very particular about miniscule shit or piss drops sticking to their ass hole hairs even after showering. I am not an ass or shit doctor but it’s not impossible and that’s the only thing I could come up with!

Also, professional athletes wax those hairs for performance purposes. I have heard of cyclists getting full Brazilian waxes done, male and female, to reduce irritation around the genitalia, rectum, and between the thighs.

Now, again, I typically don’t do anything with ass hair because I don’t have any. But in my years of removing hair from various parts of my body, I think I have somewhat of a solid and educated opinion about the type of hair removal methods when it comes to removing butt hair.

  1. Waxing: This is the most ideal method to remove hair. The hair stays go for a long time and typically you won’t have to worry too much about ingrowns, especially if you get your removal done correctly. Like with any other methods, keeping the skin moist and clean will help prevent ingrowns. The results will be a smooth, clean ass! But waxing is not entirely painless; in fact, it can image it being quite painful in such a sensitive area. I would recommend having a drink or two or taking some aspirin to ease the pain before the torture. Also, see if you can use sugar wax or some other type of organic wax which wipes away easily.

    Sexy Hairy Butt Cartoon! Courtesy of studios.amazon.vom

  2. Shaving: I would be ok with shaving if it was not for the fact that ingrowns are rampant with shaving. And having an ingrown on your ass is NOT sexy at all! Now if it’s a small patch of hair, you may be able to get away with shaving as long as you use a really good shave cream and razor. If you are talking about your entire ass, look for another method!

    These are ass boils…similar to pimples or ingrowns in appearance…yes…I know…not sexy….I recommend any ass hair removal be professional. Courtesy of primehealthchannel.com


  3. Laser Hair removal: Again, unless it is a lot of hair, I would not go this route either. It is impressive in results but you have to get touch up treatments, it’s costly, and it’s uncomfortable as hell.

    Yes….such a thing exist! A “special” salon somewhere in China. Courtesy of funkyjunk.com

  4. Threading: Do people thread ass hair?! This would probably deliver the same results as waxing but it will be just as painful and will likely take longer to do.
  5. Electrolysis: I would no attempt this unless you are beyond DESPERATE to removal hair in this area. Electrolysis will remove the hair forever, but just know you are not only getting your ass zapped, but you are getting the hair tweezed out just as well! It will likely HURT.
  6. Creams: Besides the fact that creams smell like hell, they work well temporarily. But they also irritate the skin pretty bad on occasions. I have used creams on my bikini line, even hairs close to the rectum and receive some pretty bad irritation from it. Use creams on the hair with care. If you are dealing with a lot of hair, I would disregard creams all together.

So there are some options from my “expert” opinion. I think you will be fine going the route of waxing if your butt hairs bother you that much. Just take the same precautions as you would any other time you are undergoing hair removal.



My personal HIrsutism Hero #2: Siobhain Fletcher!

The Brave and Beautiful Siobhain! Courtesy of abcnews.go.com

Siobhain Fletcher is an English woman who suffers from hirsutism due to PCOS. She has dealt with it more than half of her life.

Sounds all too familiar!

Of course, she dealt with self esteem issues, image issues, and isolation all in fear of being made fun of and rejected.

Even still, sadly, she had to deal with it anyway.

Then she noticed a friend growing his beard in support of “Movember” a movement that takes place in December to recognize mens health issues.

It is intended to inspire more men to get screenings for cancer developments (mainly prostate and testicular) and general health check ups.

Inspired by her friend, Siobhain decided to grow her beard too, stating these beautiful words in a recent article:

“”Now it’s actually saying to the world, look, this isn’t a sideshow, I’m doing this to raise awareness for men’s cancer to stop families possibly losing a family member and also to help people with self-esteem issues to say, ‘It doesn’t matter.'”

It does not matter and it should not. How right she is!

You go Siobhain! And for that reason you are my #2 Person hero in my battle against hirsutism!

How Do you Tell a Guy You Like that You are Hirsute!

Ok, so even though I blogged about this topic before in a way,  I felt the need to chat about it again with some differences.

Hirsutism is embarrassing for many women. The more severe it is, the more it bothers you. We know this much!

You can typically tell when you have it severely if your hairs are more dark than light and if those hairs are thicker than the rest of your body hair and if it grows abnormally in areas it is not supposed to.

Here is a good chart via Dr. Oz on how to determine your hairiness.

So back to the topic at hand……so you meet someone you actually LIKE for once! I mean, the interest is mutual, the conversation is great, the ideals are mutual, the desires are mutual, and everything is actually falling into place with your growing friendship for once!

Then, you get home, wash your cake-layers of makeup off and realize that ingrown on your lip!! OMG! Was it there the whole damn date!!! Was he looking at you or your third eye the whole night!!!

Well, all is not lost. Don’t prepare to get put on the “Never call her or her third eye” list just yet!

It’s very likely he didn’t pay much mind to your third eye ingrown. I mean, if you are as great as he assumed (and yes, you are!) then he probably didn’t even notice it.

And in not noticing it, he didn’t think about it, or your mild 5’o clock shadow that you strategically covered up with pounds of Cover Girl foundation.

So if you make it successfully past date one or two, I would not even mention your hirsutism. As a matter of fact, let him mention or let it become one of those odd ball topics for future dates.

Or this is something I did recently to kinda call out my hirsutism with a guy I liked:

On a recent really, really nice date, he was talking about himself, in a moderate way, and made mention that he cannot grow alot of facial hair. He pointed at what sections have always been bald and what areas grew alot.

I went into a little detail about facial hair stating how my children’s dad grew facial hair abnormally too, and I even pointed to the regions on my face to show him what I was talking about….of course over a couple of layers of foundation!

Must not have been that big of a deal because we still chat to this day and facial hair has not come up at all! 🙂

So here are some tips to follow when to break your hirsutism down to a guy you actually like:

  1. First of all, you got to like him and you need to KNOW he feels the same. Don’t talk too much about your personal life if he’s wishy-washy about any future with you, even just as friends. If he comes off as a dickhead, excuse yourself to the bathroom and never return!!!
  2. Get a good feel for the guy. Is he a liberal spirit? Happy go lucky type? Quiet and reserved? Introverted? Pessimistic? The more open he is about topics, the more open he may be about a health condition you cannot control.
  3. Make it a joke! Create a topic you and him can laugh light-heartedly about!
  4. Talk about laser hair removal. It’s so popular, who hasn’t heard about it! Tell him in that way so he knows you are aware of your condition and would like to manage it. Hell, he may even believe you don’t need! 🙂
  5. Don’t take his goofy comments to heart like “Your mustache is cute!” If he is truly a winner, he probably was not trying to truly insult you and therefore you should not take it such. He is noticing that “Hey….so you have some flaws! So what! I still fancy ya!”
  6. Just don’t mention it. If he doesn’t notice or care and he continues to show interest in you, then you shouldn’t put so much thought into it.

Now these tips are not ways to get a guy to like you. These are tips to make discussing your hirsutism with him a little easier. He has to be a decent guy upfront.

If he gives you the slightest inkling of being an asshole, why do you want that in your life anyway?! You are not a punching bag and should not allow yourself to be treated as such. I am sure his ass got plenty more flaws than you will ever have. If he has to be an ass just to get through the day, you should feel sorry for him!

Well, I hope this little chat about your extra fur will make chatting about it a little easier with your boo-thang!

He is truly a keeper, he won’t give a damn!

Thanks alot!