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What Ethnicities have the Hairiest Women?

I know it crosses peoples’ minds from time to time; what is the smartest race? Dumbest? Best looking? Most likely to go to jail? Yadda Yadda…
But how often do we ask which race (or in this case ethnicity) is the hairiest?!
Now this blog post is NOT intended to offend anyone. This is just an interesting hirsutism topic I decided rap about that clearly is not discussed in many other similar blogs or websites.
It is well know that with hirsutism, especially idiopathic hirsutism, genetics play a huge part in the hair distribution make up on a woman.

Cute Turkish girl. Courtesy of loginlove.com

The worst parts for a hirsute woman are typically her face and abdomen area. I have seen hairy women of all ethnic backgrounds.
From my own personal analysis, I cannot pin point any type of race that may be deemed hairier than the other because some of the most hirsute women I have ever seen in my life were all from different backgrounds.
I recall a long time ago being in a restaurant and standing next to a friendly Hispanic woman who had obviously just finished shaving her thick facial hair. The stumble was growing from her sideburns down her neck. This particular woman was heavy set so looking back on it, she could have had a more serious underlying cause for her hirsutism.

Pretty black girl. Courtesy of black-women-beauty-central.com

The thickest mustaches that I ever seen were on two black women. I remember seeing a woman at Wal Mart and another woman at a local university, both with mustaches made of very thick, black hair against brown skin. The crazy thing was they seemed to actually like their staches! The staches were nicely trimmed and neat! They almost seemed proud parading their mustaches in public! I was almost more fascinated with their self-confidence than their cleanly shaven mustaches!
White women, particularly blondes, got it a little easy. All the hairy blonde women I ever seen had very light hair against very fair skin. A white girl I worked with a few years back had dark hair but very heavy facial hair, but the facial hair was extremely light. The naked eye probably could not tell she may have been a bit hirsute. I did have an Italian women work in my doctor’s office who had pretty fair skin but very dark hair who admitted to getting laser hair treatments on her arms and face. She and I chatted about hirsutism for a few minutes and she sympathized with my pain, claiming to be the hairiest woman in her clan too!
I recall seeing an Indian girl on my college campus several years back who was extremely pretty, mocha skin, thick, shiny long hair and very soft-haired sideburns. They were very thick, but the hair was so soft, sweeping underneath her earlobes, it truly did not look that bad in my opinion, even on days I recall her pulling her hair back.
But according to a study published in the Human Reproduction Update on November 6, 2011, the Ferriman-Gallwey scale and other logical subjective factors rate these ethnicities of women from hairiest to least hairiest (of the racial groups tested):
1.       Turkish women (of Middle Eastern backgrounds)
2.       Mexican, Iranian, Spanish
3.       Italian
4.       White (of Hispanic and Caucasian backgrounds) and Black Americans
5.       Asian (of Chinese and Thai backgrounds)

The study itself admitted its shortcomings such as the subjective view of numerous physicians trying to decide what is a hairy woman and what is not? How hairy is she? How thick is the hair? How dark?

Lovely Indian woman. Courtesy of articles.businessinsider.com

That is probably why there is not a lot of solid data on our condition because the conditions of determinacy have to be subjective. A well-qualified doctor will have to be able to determine what is hairy, what is not, and then that doctor would have to even be educated and experienced enough in hormonal disorders. I went to one endocrinologist who did nothing for me, but the second one I chatted with gave me the medication I needed right away!
In addition, even if these determinations from the Human Reproduction Update are accurate, it certainly does not deem one group of women or men more attractive than the other. There are different strokes for different folks and no two people are meant to look the same anyway. What is a turn off to you might be a turn on to someone else. Therefore, before you claim all Turkish women are weird looking and all Asian women are perfect, make sure your own flaws are in check!
Thanks for reading!


Hairy Ass Celebrities

I know most of us know that celebrities are flawed. They are either short, flat chested, overweight, drug addicts, bad actors and just plum not very talented and we hate on them because they make money doing nothing and we are just looking hairy and broke!

But apparently some of them are quite hairy too! It’s no secret why laser surgery is such a booming industry. It’s quick and easily affordable by the 1%!

Here are a few overpaid, well-known folks we probably once craved to be like, that just as flawed as you and I!

Tyra’s mustache! Courtesy of Girlstalkinsmack.com

Madonna’s daughter’s unibrow and mustache. Courtesy of girlstalkinsmack.com

Kim Kardashian has an extra line of hair that’s usually gone. Plus she admitted to being  hairy on numerous occasions and admitted to having laser hair removal done. Courtesy of Flixya.com


Alicia’s lovely booby hair. Courtesy of soletstalk.com


Beyonce usually keeps it together a little better than this! I almost want to say it’s photoshopped but I don’t! No one’s perfect! Courtesy of Flow935.com


So there you go! Some of the most beloved celebrities of our time got the same fur we got, maybe a little more! It is unrealistic to truly believe these women wake up and go to bed flawless everyday. Some of them are just genetic hairy, much like myself! Alicia Keys has Italian blood, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has Hispanic blood, and I believe Beyoncé has Creole blood, which may be a mix of everything!

So the next time you are depressed over your facial hair, just remember we are all flawed furballs! The only difference between them and you is money. And as you can see, money don’t cover up everything all the time!


Guys and Their Hairy Women Fetish!

from i.chzbgr.com

I know guys that got an S&M complex, an older woman fetish, a shaved vagina fetish, a hairy vagina fetish….I even had a guy tell me once he enjoys sniffing and licking hairy anus and musty feet!!

(Excuse me while I barf….)

Ok…I’m back.

In general, I believe fetishes are healthy. I believe people should find sexiness in various things in life. It is what makes the concept of sex so mysterious and exciting.

But, some guys (and some girls) take it a tad bit too far.

I never dated anyone with a hairy girl fetish, but I have heard of them and I have two opinions:

1. I think it’s freaking awesome that guys may actually be turned on by what most would consider flaws. Hirsutism is not only a physical flaw but an emotional one. If you get with a guy that likes his women a little bushy, in complete honesty, it can be a boost not only for your self-image but your bedroom life!

2. On the other hand, don’t expect me to take pics of my overgrown Amazonian bush for your freaky, wack off project! I share initimate pictures on my blog because I want to help women with hirsutism, not because I want to be pin up girl. I have no issue with guy’s finding my flaws sexy, but I have an issue with guys assuming I want to be a part of their wet dreams. It’s one thing if a guy says: “Hey, I think your sideburns are kinda sexy” as opposed to “Hey it’s not biggie babe. I love hairy pussy!”

See the difference……….?!

Tumblr, one of my favorite social hubs, has a few blogs dedicated to hairy asses…though many of them are borderline porn! If you don’t believe me, google “hairy women” and watch the Tumblr pages pop up or just check THIS out!!!

I kinda wish hairy women were displayed in a more honorable light as opposed to being a fetish pin up or being ridiculed. Why can’t we just be WOMEN like everyone else?!

I actually love women showing off the natural them, I just wish there wasn’t so much taboo behind being natural.

So fellas, we love that you like our hairy sideburns, legs, anuses, and vaginas. Just keep it respectable, k?!