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Hirsutism Photos before my Electrolysis!

I will be having my first electrolysis session in years this week approaching!

I have been growing out the hairs on my neck, sideburns and chin for the past week to prepare for the session. I took these photos this evening.

Considering how bad my hair has been over the past decade, I’m not as hairy as I was, say, in college.

Basically, I have not touched my epilator. Shaving the hair is fine but removing the hair from the root is discouraged when undergoing electrolysis treatments.

I will certainly post for after photos the day I have my electrolysis done.

I get vicious ingrowns, especially on my neck.

Besides the hair, hyperpigmentation is also an issue for me.

Besides the hair, hyperpigmentation is also an issue for me.

I cannot wait to start documenting my progress with photos!

Thanks for reading!


Getting Electrolysis Treatments as my Christmas Gift!

Before and Afters of Electrolysis. Courtesy of transgriot.blogspot.com

So I was Googling “electrolysis schools” and of course did not come up with a thing in my area.

However; I did come across some new electrolygists in my area! How dope is that!?

I have had electrolysis treatments done in the past but I did not have time or money to keep up with the treatments.

Electrolysis, in my opinion, is a little uncomfortable but it bearable. The needle going into your hair follicles is not painful but the zap of electricity makes me jump a wee bit. But not much.

I do not want it done all over my body. My neck has always been my biggest insecurity area but I think I will get great results with electrolysis treatments.

I think laser hair removal would have given slightly better results but at the same time, the hair would not have been removed permanently.

Here is a list of electrolysis in the Hampton Roads, VA area where I am from for anyone looking for electrolysis who just happen to be in the same area as me:

Just Smart Electrolysis in Virginia Beach, VA (registered with the AEA)

Electrolysis by Debbie in Yorktown, VA

Poquoson Electrolysis, Poquoson, VA (I went here for my electrolysis the first time and Lisa was wonderful!!)

As I undergo the treatments, I will do my best to take as many pics and photos as allowed.

OH! And PLEASE go to someone who knows what the hell they are doing! Check out reviews and everything about this person before under going treatment. The very nature of the procedure takes skill and precision and not having that could cause some serious scars.


From my own research, an hour’s worth of electrolysis will cost you about $60-$70. Typically, electrolygists charge $1.00/minute but this is in the Virginia, USA area. That amount may fluctuate depending on your area and how high in demand the procedure is for your region.


In my opinion, it may take quite a few sessions to kill a hair follicle. The dermal Papilla will need to be destroyed completely to stop hair growth. That will be done in two or three sessions. But consider a few things:

1. Is your hair growth from a medical condition? Get that under control and then attempt electrolysis.

2. Your hormones.

3. The stage your hair is in. The newer the hair, the softer, it is, the less time it will take to kill the follicle. The darker and more coarse the hair, the more sessions it will take. Hair grows in the anagen, catagen, and telogen stages. The closer to telogen your hair is, the more terminal/permanent it is. When your hairs are in the telogen phase, they will not go anywhere, regardless how many times you tweeze, wax, epilate or even laser remove. They will always return. At this point, you will need to have the follicle itself killed in order to stop growth, thus why electrolysis is the best option.

Picture of a hair follicle. The dermal papilla is what allows hair to grow; that’s why electrolysis aims to destroy that. Courtesy of xenolite.co.uk

The below details exactly how electrolysis works. The needle is inserted in the hair follicle and that’s why the current passes into the hair follicle, destroying it.

Courtesy of electrolysisnyc.net

The hairs on my neck are definitely terminal. Very dark and coarse and being African American, my hairs definitely tend to produce ingrowns. It’s terrible!! I look forward to my sessions and, again, will do my best to show photos and videos.

Thanks! I’m excited!

What Ethnicities have the Hairiest Women?

I know it crosses peoples’ minds from time to time; what is the smartest race? Dumbest? Best looking? Most likely to go to jail? Yadda Yadda…
But how often do we ask which race (or in this case ethnicity) is the hairiest?!
Now this blog post is NOT intended to offend anyone. This is just an interesting hirsutism topic I decided rap about that clearly is not discussed in many other similar blogs or websites.
It is well know that with hirsutism, especially idiopathic hirsutism, genetics play a huge part in the hair distribution make up on a woman.

Cute Turkish girl. Courtesy of loginlove.com

The worst parts for a hirsute woman are typically her face and abdomen area. I have seen hairy women of all ethnic backgrounds.
From my own personal analysis, I cannot pin point any type of race that may be deemed hairier than the other because some of the most hirsute women I have ever seen in my life were all from different backgrounds.
I recall a long time ago being in a restaurant and standing next to a friendly Hispanic woman who had obviously just finished shaving her thick facial hair. The stumble was growing from her sideburns down her neck. This particular woman was heavy set so looking back on it, she could have had a more serious underlying cause for her hirsutism.

Pretty black girl. Courtesy of black-women-beauty-central.com

The thickest mustaches that I ever seen were on two black women. I remember seeing a woman at Wal Mart and another woman at a local university, both with mustaches made of very thick, black hair against brown skin. The crazy thing was they seemed to actually like their staches! The staches were nicely trimmed and neat! They almost seemed proud parading their mustaches in public! I was almost more fascinated with their self-confidence than their cleanly shaven mustaches!
White women, particularly blondes, got it a little easy. All the hairy blonde women I ever seen had very light hair against very fair skin. A white girl I worked with a few years back had dark hair but very heavy facial hair, but the facial hair was extremely light. The naked eye probably could not tell she may have been a bit hirsute. I did have an Italian women work in my doctor’s office who had pretty fair skin but very dark hair who admitted to getting laser hair treatments on her arms and face. She and I chatted about hirsutism for a few minutes and she sympathized with my pain, claiming to be the hairiest woman in her clan too!
I recall seeing an Indian girl on my college campus several years back who was extremely pretty, mocha skin, thick, shiny long hair and very soft-haired sideburns. They were very thick, but the hair was so soft, sweeping underneath her earlobes, it truly did not look that bad in my opinion, even on days I recall her pulling her hair back.
But according to a study published in the Human Reproduction Update on November 6, 2011, the Ferriman-Gallwey scale and other logical subjective factors rate these ethnicities of women from hairiest to least hairiest (of the racial groups tested):
1.       Turkish women (of Middle Eastern backgrounds)
2.       Mexican, Iranian, Spanish
3.       Italian
4.       White (of Hispanic and Caucasian backgrounds) and Black Americans
5.       Asian (of Chinese and Thai backgrounds)

The study itself admitted its shortcomings such as the subjective view of numerous physicians trying to decide what is a hairy woman and what is not? How hairy is she? How thick is the hair? How dark?

Lovely Indian woman. Courtesy of articles.businessinsider.com

That is probably why there is not a lot of solid data on our condition because the conditions of determinacy have to be subjective. A well-qualified doctor will have to be able to determine what is hairy, what is not, and then that doctor would have to even be educated and experienced enough in hormonal disorders. I went to one endocrinologist who did nothing for me, but the second one I chatted with gave me the medication I needed right away!
In addition, even if these determinations from the Human Reproduction Update are accurate, it certainly does not deem one group of women or men more attractive than the other. There are different strokes for different folks and no two people are meant to look the same anyway. What is a turn off to you might be a turn on to someone else. Therefore, before you claim all Turkish women are weird looking and all Asian women are perfect, make sure your own flaws are in check!
Thanks for reading!

Guys, Would You Dump a Girl you Like Because She has Hirsutism?

                               Courtesy of iStock Photos

I came across a topic I have not written about in full entirety yet. I have covered dating topics and what not from a hirsute woman’s point of view.

But this is my first time attempting to write about this for a man’s point of view!

Ok, here we go!

For the most part, I would say no, a real man (I stress the word “man”) would not dump his girlfriend if she has excessive hair growth on her body. I think most men would understand that the hair growth is not something you can control.

Again, I stress the word “Man!”

Hell, in creating this blog I have come across plenty of men that don’t mind a hairy woman. I have even made some posts about men and hairy women fetishes!

But seriously, fellas…would it really bother you that your girl had to shave abnormally more than you!?

Would be a complete turn off for you? Would it gross you out? Would you not really give a damn especially knowing that she is trying to manage it?

I have never been a fan of shallow men. They are immature, narrow-minded and they actually have a lot of nerve, considering all the shallow men I know are not all that cute anyway their damn selves!

But I think the average cool dude is not shallow. I think he can look past most flaws on a woman. I think the average nice dude expects his perfect lady to have plenty of imperfections.

But fellas, Imma help you out a little bit ok?!

Now, I am clearly not a dude, but I think I can understand how a decent man may think if his girl’s hirsutism ever became a topic of discussion or curiosity. I been around plenty of men, dating plenty of men, got dumped, cheated, got cheated on, yadda yadda, blah blah, and have picked up on a thing or two about how fellas may think about hirsute women.

So I hope you find these tips helpful. Now these for dudes who really like or love the lady in their lives. If you are still running around judging a girl by her looks or worse, her medical condition, please find the nearest brick wall and throw it at yourself.


  1. Say something slightly insulting but kinda cute like “Babe…you actually got cute sideburns!” This will probably make she huff and puff a little bit, but she will get over it. More importantly, it will help her take notice of it because the biggest part of dealing with hirsutism is its management. As long as she does that, back off, K?!
  2. Understand that she may have an underlying condition. PCOS, Cushings Syndrome, Congential Hyperplasia, hyperthyroidism, hypertrichosis, and in very rare cases, cancer, can all be a contributing factor to her excessive facial hair. Understand it’s beyond her control so don’t be a dickhead about it! Understand it could be a very serious health condition.
  3. Educate yourself a little bit about it, even if it pains you. Get a general idea of hirsutism on your on time. She will appreciate it when she talks to you about it.
  4. Let her approach you about it.
  5. Take #1 into consideration if you want to address it. Start off with a cute compliment and start the discuss like that. Considering you did #3, it will be easier to discuss and she may really love you for caring enough. You may even get some steak, potatoes and a blow job at bedtime!!!! 🙂
  6. Help her pay for some cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal or electrolysis. Go with her to an appointment or two as well.
  7. I AM BEGGING YOU!! Don’t be a God Damn jerk! Understand it is VERY likely she has some self-esteem issues  she is battling and has been doing so for a very long while. Women with hirsutism usually had to deal with it for years so finding someone who can look past it is a dream come true to her. If you cannot be good to her the way she deserve, disappear and go find what your shallow ass really wants.
  8. Shave each other. Might sound a little gross/kinky but you both might enjoy it! I don’t know; just throwing it out there! Do something, especially something sexy, that will not make her think about her hirsutism.
  9. Being involved in your girls hirsutism struggle even in the slightest will mean the world to her, trust me. Continue being the great guy you are to her and she will do the same in return! (If not, get rid of her! Nothing worse than being a bitch with a beard! What kinda fucked up oxymoron is that ladies!?)

So in conclusion I do not feel most men would care about hirsutism, assuming he really loves you. I can look back on my failed relationships and realize the breakup had nothing to do with my health condition.

But I also don’t know what it feels like to have a successful relationship with hirsutism either, so maybe you all could teach me a thing or two… :/

So fellas, if you love your furball chic, tell her so and support and help her manage her condition. She will love you to pieces for it!

Please feel free to comment, fellas! I REALLY look forward to your comments on this one!


My personal Hero: Balpreet Kaur!!!

I am pretty sure many of you have read the cyberbullying case of Balpreet Kaur, an Ohio State University student with some visibly thick facial hair who, without her consent, had her picture taken and plastered on Reddit. If the link does not work for you, here is the pic:

If you have not read the articles about her photo, here is the Yahoo article.

In response to the tacky actions of Reddit user “european_douchebag” and numerous negative postings, Ms. Kaur said the following:

“Hey, guys. This is Balpreet Kaur, the girl from the picture. I actually didn’t know about this until one of my friends told on facebook. If the OP wanted a picture, they could have just asked and I could have smiled 🙂 However, I’m not embarrased or even humiliated by the attention [negative and positve] that this picture is getting because, it’s who I am. Yes, I’m a baptized Sikh woman with facial hair. Yes, I realize that my gender is often confused and I look different than most women. However, baptized Sikhs believe in the sacredness of this body – it is a gift that has been given to us by the Divine Being [which is genderless, actually] and, must keep it intact as a submission to the divine will. Just as a child doesn’t reject the gift of his/her parents, Sikhs do not reject the body that has been given to us. By crying ‘mine, mine’ and changing this body-tool, we are essentially living in ego and creating a seperateness between ourselves and the divinity within us. By transcending societal views of beauty, I believe that I can focus more on my actions. My attitude and thoughts and actions have more value in them than my body because I recognize that this body is just going to become ash in the end, so why fuss about it? When I die, no one is going to remember what I looked like, heck, my kids will forget my voice, and slowly, all physical memory will fade away. However, my impact and legacy will remain: and, by not focusing on the physical beauty, I have time to cultivate those inner virtues and hopefully, focus my life on creating change and progress for this world in any way I can. So, to me, my face isn’t important but the smile and the happiness that lie behind the face are. 🙂 So, if anyone sees me at OSU, please come up and say hello. I appreciate all of the comments here, both positive and less positive because I’ve gotten a better understanding of myself and others from this. Also, the yoga pants are quite comfortable and the Better Together tshirt is actually from Interfaith Youth Core, an organization that focuses on storytelling and engagement between different faiths. 🙂 I hope this explains everything a bit more, and I apologize for causing such confusion and uttering anything that hurt anyone.”

….And that was just a portion of her response to the nasty attacks!

Never, and I mean NEVER, in my life as a hirsute woman as well, have I responded to people’s ignorant and hurtful comments about a hormonal condition I simply thought I could not control with such eloquence and grace.

This woman said nothing harsh or counter-insulting about the people who attempted to put her down. Me? I would have wished holy hell to them…

I believe she is more courageous than me and frankly, she is a pretty girl! I can see her loveliness through the facial hair. And has a woman who has hair all over my damn body, hers looks rather minimum!

But the most attractive thing this woman said about herself and her facial features was how deeply rooted she was in her Skih faith. As she explains it, the Sikh faith strongly encourages a Sikh follower to channel their lives on their character and values, not manipulating their bodies, even clipping a few facial hairs, for ego or vanity or acceptance. According to the Yahoo article I posted, ego, anger, greed, attachment, and lust are the 5 evils of the Sikh faith.

In reading this woman’s courageous response to the what most women would deem as humiliation, I see her as a personal hero! I only wish I were so brave to live my life without giving not even the smallest once of a damn about my hirsutism. While I love my blog and sharing my journey and struggles with other hirsute women, it makes me even more encouraged to help women who may not have the faithful commitment to her choice of religion like Ms. Kaur to management their hirsutism and simply need a way to tackle this condition.

I don’t believe hirsutism or any health problem should consume everything about your life. But sometimes, as Ms, Kaur pointed out, the pressure, even internal pressure, to look “normal” is so fiercely stamped in TV and magazines and catalogs, that it’s deemed normal for women to spend millions on cosmetics to look acceptable. I say acceptable because I have seen some before and after photos of cosmetic enhancements and many were not improvements!

So yes I am going to continue my journey to manage my hirsutism, a condition that affects nearly 10% of all women. But reading Balpreet Kaur’s story helps me realize how beautiful we are as women, flaws and all, and how dearly it pays to be bigger than your haters!

You go Balpreet! I pray you read this and contact me!!! I would love to be pen pals!! :):):):)

Turmeric Peel for Hirsutism and Hyperpigmentation…maybe!

So yesterday I was Googling recipes for natural, DIY chemical peels.

I liked the results I was getting from the salicylic peel I did for my hyperpigmentation from years of shaving and tweezing, but frankly I like being a ginny pig and trying new things on my skin….as long as it’s safe!

So I came across a simple recipe for a cucumber peel mixed with gelatin. So I added my own little remix to the list:

  1. cucumber juice (I just bended a whole small cucumber with a little water)
  2. tiny bit of pomegranate juice
  3. few drops of lemon and lime juice
  4. few drops of tea tree oil
  5. VERY few drops of willow bark extract
  6. few drops of avocado and jojoba oil
  7. few drops of aloe vera gel
  8. 2 packs of gelatin diluted in hot water

So when I blending the cucumber and added everything to the cucumber blend then added that to the gelatin mix, I let it sit out and cool down to harden into gel….it never did.

I figured it was because I had too much water in my solution. But then I remembered that I had a turmeric powder mix in my house too!

Turmeric is a powder that has great uses for skincare and general healthcare. It is believed to be very good for evening out the skin tone with continual use!

I have even read in several places that is helps with facial hair growth as well, but I didn’t find any reviews on it doing such a thing for anyone else.

So I said “What the hell? Give it a try!” I mixed my cucumber/gelatin solution with a lot of turmeric powder until it became like a paste as such below:

I put the paste on my face and let it dry up completely for about 20-30 minutes. That may be too long but I spend extra time typing this blog when the turmeric was on my face:

So I rinsed it off with  warm wash cloth and it started flaking off. The peel, not my skin!!!

Afterwards, my skin looked fresh and soft, but a little dry! I think it was because I let the peel stay on for too long. I then put some Burt’s Bees Blemish stick on my darker spots.

I must say the reviews I have been reading about Turmeric are almost all positive, but of course I have no came across solid medical research. I am definitely going to keep this recipe on  hand and use this peel more often. I am very interested in seeing how it helps with my hirsutism on my face.

I am pleased with how it made my face feel! I would definitely add more jojoba, avocado or aloe vera gel to make it a little more moisturizing. In all fairness, I usually put light facial lotion on my face as habit any right after washing.