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Turmeric Peel for Hirsutism and Hyperpigmentation…maybe!

So yesterday I was Googling recipes for natural, DIY chemical peels.

I liked the results I was getting from the salicylic peel I did for my hyperpigmentation from years of shaving and tweezing, but frankly I like being a ginny pig and trying new things on my skin….as long as it’s safe!

So I came across a simple recipe for a cucumber peel mixed with gelatin. So I added my own little remix to the list:

  1. cucumber juice (I just bended a whole small cucumber with a little water)
  2. tiny bit of pomegranate juice
  3. few drops of lemon and lime juice
  4. few drops of tea tree oil
  5. VERY few drops of willow bark extract
  6. few drops of avocado and jojoba oil
  7. few drops of aloe vera gel
  8. 2 packs of gelatin diluted in hot water

So when I blending the cucumber and added everything to the cucumber blend then added that to the gelatin mix, I let it sit out and cool down to harden into gel….it never did.

I figured it was because I had too much water in my solution. But then I remembered that I had a turmeric powder mix in my house too!

Turmeric is a powder that has great uses for skincare and general healthcare. It is believed to be very good for evening out the skin tone with continual use!

I have even read in several places that is helps with facial hair growth as well, but I didn’t find any reviews on it doing such a thing for anyone else.

So I said “What the hell? Give it a try!” I mixed my cucumber/gelatin solution with a lot of turmeric powder until it became like a paste as such below:

I put the paste on my face and let it dry up completely for about 20-30 minutes. That may be too long but I spend extra time typing this blog when the turmeric was on my face:

So I rinsed it off with  warm wash cloth and it started flaking off. The peel, not my skin!!!

Afterwards, my skin looked fresh and soft, but a little dry! I think it was because I let the peel stay on for too long. I then put some Burt’s Bees Blemish stick on my darker spots.

I must say the reviews I have been reading about Turmeric are almost all positive, but of course I have no came across solid medical research. I am definitely going to keep this recipe on  hand and use this peel more often. I am very interested in seeing how it helps with my hirsutism on my face.

I am pleased with how it made my face feel! I would definitely add more jojoba, avocado or aloe vera gel to make it a little more moisturizing. In all fairness, I usually put light facial lotion on my face as habit any right after washing.


Chemical Peel for Hirsutism Scars (with photo!)

So this morning I woke up morning to a face full of this!


A few days after the salicylic acid, my face started to “peel.” My first felt smooth but tight. You know how when you smile or move your mouth from side to side and your face feels like it’s saying “snap, crackle, pop!?”

That’s how my face felt the days immediately following me initially applying the chemical peel.

So this is what a liquid salicylic acid peel looks like. It’s more so of my skin shedding than peeling, like the directions said it would.

I have to wait several days to a week to allow skin to completely peel which I will do.

To remove the dry skin, I used a homemade liquid black soap solution with organic glycerin to ease up on the dryness of african black soap to wash my face.

Much of the peel is gone but my face still feels dry even after applying a light moisturizer.

So if you are thinking about a peel, it may look something like what I posted above. Alot of shedding of skin as I suspected. It doesn’t hurt but be sure not to scrub your face too hard or you might damage your skin some.

I can tell my skin is trying to even itself out already, but until I finish shedding I wont know for sure.

Thanks for reading.

DIY blemish removing tonic for ingrown hair and acne scars

Hello All!

So after buying my glycolic acid toner for my dark spots on my face and bikini line after YEARS of shaving and tweezing and ingrowns and mild acne, I decided to delve a little more into glycolic and salicylic acid and found out both are derived from natural extracts…as I suspected!

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and salicylic acid is from tree bark, willow tree bark to be precise.

I make my own soaps and body washes and just happened to get a shipment of willow tree bark in the mail and a bell went off in my head!

Instead of spending $30-$50 bucks in ULTA (as much as I love them) on acids, just make my own tonic! I almost wanted to say DUH to myself!!!!

The more acidic the extract the better for scar removal because it essentially dries the skin layers up, including the damaged ones, to allow healthy cells to grow clearer skin. Almost what chemical acidic peels do.

The only problem is it dries your skin out making you feel and look like a damn slab of dusty sand paper!

And my skin does just that! Dries out very easily with acid tonics.

So I decided to mix my own acid toner, while incorporating some moisturizing agents in it too.

These are the ingredients I used and why:

  1. Lemon Juice (50%) – well known natural treatment for blemishes and it’s worked for me in the past
  2. Willow Tree Bark (30%) – where salicylic acid comes from, used in commercial chemical peels and products for blemishes
  3. Water – (10%)
  4. Tea Tree oil (1%) – great antioxidant and antiseptic
  5. Hempseed Oil (3%) – anti inflammatory, great for dry skin, does smell kinda funky but I like it!
  6. Jojoba Oil (2%) – Heavy in Vitamin E
  7. Vegetable Glycerin (1%) – excellent at retaining moisture
  8. White Vinegar/Apple Cider Vinegar (1%) – natural ingredient to reduce blemishes
  9. Lavender Oil (1%) – it just smells pretty and I read on several blogs on the internet that it has properties to battle blemishes and scars too.

I just made it today and used it immediately, even though I should have washed my face first. Just in using it, it certainly is not as drying as the commercial glycolic toner I use.

But I certainly am going to be using it for a while before I will see results as with most products.

This is what it looks like after mixing and shaking it up! The Hemp is what makes it green but the lavender makes it smell nice!


I plan on using this religiously after washing my problem areas. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!