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Why I am choosing to write about Adam Lanza, shooter responsible for the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut

My priceless cargo!!!

I am not going to spend too many words discussing Adam Lanza, the man responsible for the killing of numerous small children and teachers in Newtown, CT today at Sandy Hook Elementary School…

I have no interest in glorifying his name, not even in the slightest.

Sorry ladies for going off topic a wee bit, but my oldest daughter, Kira, celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday and I woke up to this terrible news in Connecticut…

My heart wants to express remorse for this clearly disturbed individual; something clearly was wrong with him.

And not only was there something wrong with this individual, but clearly it was ignored for quite some time.

The normal human brain does not wake up one day and tell its body to start shooting up little babies….something was terribly wrong with this young man and the other suspected individual(s) responsible.

All the shootings that have taken place in our country in the past 5-10 years were almost always over something hidden within their minds….something ugly but very, very real…something dismissed as just a crazy person, or something that people simply cannot or will not address! It drives me batty!!!!!!

As crazy as this sound, I cannot help but to associate those hidden, dark feelings to girls dealing with hirsutism or any issue that makes them hate themselves and just hate life!

Ladies (and gentlemen), you cannot bury your sadness, regardless what it may be over. You are simply not doing yourself no favors living life pissed over something you cannot control. You develop a discord with your true happy self and adapt to being angry and hateful and that poison slowly controls all aspects of your life. That is what depression does.

You hate waking up, you hate other people’s happiness, you hate smiling, you hate socializing, you just HATE.

I have spoken to countless girls who are so upset and hurt over their condition(s) and it is simply something you cannot avoid. You build unnecessary anger that may make you snap.

I admit; I have snapped. I snap on my kids occasionally, I use to snap at people on the job, I have gotten into hideous fights with my sister because I…snapped! Other underlining factors played a part in my triggering to go off on people, but my hirsutism-induced depression did not help at all.

Please talk to someone ladies. Please find an outlet. PLEASE…

I don’t give a shit….write me an email, leave your number, if you need a friend, if you are THAT depressed about your condition, talk to me. I will be your friend! I’m dead fucking serious…I’ve done it before!!! I actually enjoy it! 🙂

Do not think for a minute you HAVE to live life in the dark, only waiting to snap on someone in the street, in school, in a mall, in the car, in an elementary school…You are not doing yourself or people who love you any favors.

I am not assuming you are going to go on a shooting rampage, hirsute girl. But I KNOW you are too valued of a person to waste your life on hate and even worse, self-hate.

You got to let the shame and fear go…you have to say to yourself  “I do not like my life…I do not like myself…I do not like that I feel this way…I want to change.” And just GO for it, and never look back at that vicious attitude about yourself.

Do not ignore your emotions or feelings. Do not ignore the bullies or the teasing. Someone, somewhere holds you close to their heart and wants to see you prosper, not sit around feeling less than a woman, less than human because you may be or look a little different or act different from the “typical.”

You cannot measure hate. You cannot determine how clouded a person is with loathe until it is too late…until they hurt others with their words, fists or guns…

As a mom, my heart holds heavy for the children and adults who lost their lives so terribly in Newtown, CT today. To know those babies will never get to open gifts underneath the tree this Christmas makes me fight tears while I am typing at this very moment…

As I write this blog, I plan on holding my children very strongly tonight and will continue to do so throughout their lives.

In closing, I say to you all: Please do not hold your emotions in darkness. Regardless if it’s your hirsutism, your PCOS, your hair loss, weight gain, your diabetes, your love life, your marriage, your grades, your friends, your finances…Please know that someone, somewhere values your words and wants to see you and your life blossom for the good.

Please keep the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School in your hearts always….


Hirsutism and PCOS-Friendly Foods for Insulin Resistance

Good Morning!

It should come to no surprise that hirsutism is often times related to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). PCOS is a condition that due to abnormal functions of the ovaries, usually from benign tumors that should not be there, a woman’s hormones are thrown outta wack!

PCOS women suffer from harsh difficulty losing weight, abnormal menstrual cycles, infertility, and hirsutism. These side effects are only a few of the countless unwelcomed side effects to PCOS.

It will probably be of great assistance to change your diet to a PCOS-fighting one if you are hirsute but don’t necessarily have PCOS.

Both PCOS and strictly idiopathic hirsutism (IH), which from my previous posts, means you suffer from a genetic form of hirsutism and not because of a more serious medical issue, are hormonal conditions that weigh heavy on insulin. That is why it is not usual for many PCOS sufferers and hirsutism sufferers to be diabetic or have diabetic folks in their family.

I have at least one diabetic aunt who ironically is a little hirsute and is a fairly large woman. I cannot say without knowing her weight and height right off the back if she is obese or not.

I have reading about diets for hirsutism and came across many good resources, including the PCOS Challenge. I listened to a prerecorded radio convo between two doctors discussing insulin and how it affects PCOS sufferers, including sufferers of hirsutism.

After doing a quick Google search about insulin and hirsutism, I came across a study in the US National Library of Medicine website detailing how women who suffer from idiopathic hirsutism typically have insulin resistance.

In summary insulin resistance occurs when the body is abnormally sensitive to sugars and cannot process those sugars properly. The more sugar you intake while you have insulin resistance, the more your insulin levels overwork, making things grow faster than usual, including weight and yes, facial and body hair.


So after doing a little more research, I found out some good foods to battle IH and PCOS. It’s all about balance. Yes I know we heard balanced diet since the dinosaurs roamed, but it seems to be effective.

According to the PCOS radio recording, avoiding carbs is not a bad thing. It’s actually encouraged to have carbs in your diet but to just balance them.

As the doctor said in the radio broadcast, “All carbs are not created equal.”

So here is a list of foods that I gathered to try and include in my diet:

1. None starchy, dark green vegetables help lower insuling activity and fight acne, rich in Vitamin A

2. deep rooted vegetables like beans

3. Yogut, fruit and milk, rich in antioxidant properties (some sugars are welcomed in a PCOS diet)

4. Lean meats are rich in protein (skinless chicken, fish, etc.)

5. Water, of course!

I found this nice chart on PCOS: PCOS Nutrition Guide that helps you substitute not so good foods for PCOS and hirsutism-friendly foods. Please give it a looksie when developing your own diet.

This other website, PCOS Insulite Labs, made a list of vegetables good for PCOS and hirsutism which are low in glycemic load (GL). GL indicates how much sugar affects blood levels in the body. Of course, the lower GL level, the better:

Alfalfa, Artichoke, Asparagus, Broccoli (I personally like!), Brussels sprouts, Cabbage (Love this too!), Cauliflower, Celery (Like!), Cucumber (LOVVVVEEEE!!!), Green beans, Lettuce, Onions (barf!), Peppers (as long as they are cooked very well!), Radishes, Sauerkraut, Spinach, Squash

I would have added collard greens to this list as well!

So as you can see, you have vast options to eating a hirsutism/PCOS diet as long as you balance yourself. You don’t have to starve to fight this! I have started eating more fruits only for breakfast on my way to work. I love green apples and pineapples and cant eat a whole cucumber no problem! I personally like sparkling juices from Cranberry and IZZE, especially IZZE. Their juices have little to no refined sugar in their drinks and they taste incredible!

Thanks for reading!