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Brazilian Waxing…The Cure to Crabs (Pubic Lice?)

Animation of lice “down there!” Courtesy of sexualityandu.ca

I JUST got an alert on a very interesting article, detailing the drastically reducing cases of pubic lice (or crabs) possibly due to waxing the pubic area.

The Bloomberg article by Jason Gale and Shannon Pettypiece basically states that the Phthirus pubis, the infestation organism more unfondly called “crabs,” may become an endangered species because of the growing amount of men and women waxing those balls and coochie hairs!

It almost makes sense…I mean, the insect lives amongst the pubic hair and skin of an infected person, thus causing horrible irritation and itching. If there is no hair for it to be a nuisance, it likely will not be able to live very long or develop at all. This is just my educated guess.

Because people are getting more hair removal done (commercial depilatories, waxing, shaving, tweezing, laser or electrolysis) the multi-billion dollar business of getting rid of hair is growing even more.

So it may quasi-official that “waxing it all off” may actually be good for your pee-pee’s health!

Of course this is no excuse NOT to protect yourself if you sexually active. Ignorance is not cute!

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Before and After pics of DIY Sugar Wax of Bikini Line!

Ok so, per my previous post on my homemade sugar and honey wax, I decided to use it on my bikini line.

If you never tried waxing “down there” before, it will not feel like a walk in park! There will be some discomfort! But you can use numbing creams or trim the hairs a little to make the sensation a little more lenient on yourself!

As my hair is a little more curlier and kinkier in texture, I should have trimmed up the hairs more. I discovered my bikini hairs a quite lengthy….of course, after ripping them off!

I only waxed in a “i” shape; I was not brave enough to go full Brazilian! but I think as I get more use to it, I will achieve full Brazilian status lol! I was too scared of waxing my back side hairs and feared I was snatch off my butt hole! Yeah…um…I think I may need that to function! LOL!

I did not do it all at once. This was my first time doing a bikini wax on myself so I definitely took my time….3 days as a matter of fact!

Now that I am use to it and got my temp for the wax down and the use of cotton cloth strips, I think I am good to go for next time.

Yes, I used 100% cotton wash cloths for Wal Mart. They were like 97 cents a piece. I would invest in some for sugar waxing, especially for the coarser hairs like the bikini line, legs and under arms,

Here is the before pic! Don’t laugh at my “fuzzy navel!” LOL!

As the topic of this blog suggests, I do suffer from idiopathic hirsutism, and am natural excessively furry “down there!”

I figured doing waxing would be longer lasting since laser hair removal and electrolysis are not options right now…both costs too damn much! Plus my confidence in laser hair removal is not high since I had it done before in 2003 and all my hear returned after investing over $3,000 in it!

(Insert wolf howl!!!!!)

Here is what my “tenders” look like now!Image

Ta Da!

The dark spots are skin discoloring, from years of shaving and ingrown hairs and all that nasty, unsightly crap! And for my readers who never been pregnant , yes, the “trail” on the navel is Mark of the Beast for pregnancy! I have two little ones!

Anyway…Give it a try and Thanks for reading!