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FINALLY!!! An FDA approved at-home laser hair for Dark Skin Tones!!!! Now…does it work?!

So there is finally an at-home laser hair removal market for darker skin toned women suffering from hirsutism or excessive hair growth!

A company based in the Middle East called Syneron was awarded USA FDA approval for their me hair removal system. It will be available for the US consumer in early 2013.

Yes, it is simply called the me.

It is an at-home laser hair removal system that uses radio frequency waves and IPL (intense pulse light) to deliver lower energy, but effective treatments to hair.

I am so excited because for years there simply was no market for people with darker skin tones to do at-home laser hair removal. They would have to turn to the likes of professional salons and pay out the ass for it!

Now, the me works for MOST skin types. Scroll down to the bottom of the link for me for the type of skin tones me can and cannot treat.

For the most part, the me can not treat very dark skin and very light hair. The ideal client would have light to medium skin tones and dark hair….as with most laser hair removal systems that are not professional.

Here are some pics to compare medium to dark (untreatable) skin types:

This little Indian girl, while very pretty, would not be a good candidate for the me.

Kim Porter (one of P. Diddy’s more high profile baby mommas) might be a more decent candidate.


I love Africans!!! I Swear their skin always has NO PIMPLES!!! But sadly, the me laser would damage her skin. She would not be a good candidate.


Chili from TLC would be a good candidate

Lovely Aishwarya would be an ideal candidate!

So I hope that gives you a better idea of what type of skin tones would be good for the me.

In case you are curious and have not clicked on the link, here is a picture of the me:

The My Me Elos

Now on to the pressing question:  DOES THE BITCH WORK???

I am still on the fence about buying this thing! I have seen it vary in cost from $500 to $700 US Dollars. I mean, it received FDA approval so it must be somewhat effective, otherwise the U.S. government would not have approved it. The only other at-home laser hair removal machine to get FDA approval is the Tria, which is selective in the skin types it treats. Imagine the law suits if they OK’ed a piece of shit that burned the hell out of women!!! I’m sure it underwent quiet a bit of testing.

Additionally, not two bodies are made the same. Considering skin type, hair type, health, hormones and other medications you may be taking, might alter your results after several weeks of use.

With that being said, I cannot say how effective this device is. From the research I have done, I have seen mixed results. But honestly the reviews have been more good than bad.

But the thing is, with the handful I found, it simply was not enough opinions to sway my wallet. I mean, I didn’t even count a hundred reviews. The one (yes, I said ONE!) review I found on Amazon was bad…and again, it was just ONE! I guess it just goes to show you how new the device is or at least it simply is not available in many countries, certainly not the US.

So while I am so thrilled there is a market for darker toned women who want laser hair removal but cannot afford professional treatments, I am still going to have to wait for more reviews before I take that plunge! But kudos to Syneron for expanding their products’ capabilities to consider more diverse skin tones!

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Chemical Peel for Hirsutism Scars (with photo!)

So this morning I woke up morning to a face full of this!


A few days after the salicylic acid, my face started to “peel.” My first felt smooth but tight. You know how when you smile or move your mouth from side to side and your face feels like it’s saying “snap, crackle, pop!?”

That’s how my face felt the days immediately following me initially applying the chemical peel.

So this is what a liquid salicylic acid peel looks like. It’s more so of my skin shedding than peeling, like the directions said it would.

I have to wait several days to a week to allow skin to completely peel which I will do.

To remove the dry skin, I used a homemade liquid black soap solution with organic glycerin to ease up on the dryness of african black soap to wash my face.

Much of the peel is gone but my face still feels dry even after applying a light moisturizer.

So if you are thinking about a peel, it may look something like what I posted above. Alot of shedding of skin as I suspected. It doesn’t hurt but be sure not to scrub your face too hard or you might damage your skin some.

I can tell my skin is trying to even itself out already, but until I finish shedding I wont know for sure.

Thanks for reading.