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Best Hair Removal Method for the Bikini Line

I have tried it all…the cream…the epilator…the regular shaver….the electrical shaver…

Because I have hirsutism, I have a little more hair everywhere than the average woman, even “down there!”

But I have not braved laser hair removal or electrolysis!

I have found out that the less yo do with your bikini line the better. You are not irritating your skin as much as you do as opposed to shaving “down there” every single day.

The bottom line is maintaining the bikini line, if you choose to, is a vanity chore just like your makeup or anything else. But because you are dealing with such delicate skin, you should take more heed to making sure your skin is well taken cared of.

Here are some steps to take when removal bikini line hair

  1. First of all, do you want to remove just the bikini line itself, make a letter “i,” or go full Brazilian style? The more hair you are removing should also be dependent on the type of razor you use.
  2. Make sure you skin is very clean before shaving. Dirt and sweat are a major part of ingrown hairs and try to avoid all that by washing with a good cleaner. A cleanser and moisturizer in one would be great! If not, apply some type of moisturizer immediately after you are out of the tub or shower. Bikini Zone not only keeps that area soft, but it is a medicated cream that stops almost all ingrowns for me. I Love it!
  3. Make sure your razor is clean. Regardless if it’s one of the cheap plastic razors or an electric razor, make sure the blade(s) are clean. Anything used or rusted should be thoroughly cleaned or even trashed.

Types of Bikini Waxes. Courtesy of Wax-Strips.com

Best Hair Removal Methods for the Bikini Line!

  1. Bikini Wax: If you want to just “clean up” your girl, you can probably get away with a basic razor or even a precision razor. A precision razor is a small razor or trimmer, usually electronic, for small, lightly haired areas. If you want a bikini cut and you have a little more hair than the average, I would recommend an electric wet/dry razor. The one I use is pictured below.

    An example of a precision trimmer. Made by Braun. Courtesy of 110220volts.com

    The epilator I use by Panasonic. It has a detachable wet/dry electric trimmer on it which I use alot for my bikini line. Courtesy of consumer-need.com

    2. For the extended Bikini trim, I would stick to an electronic wet/dry razor. A trimmer simply is not intended for that much hair! Of course, the option of laser hair treatments and electrolysis are still there. I personally use my epilator or shaver detachment on my epilator. While epilating “down there” is not painless, it does a good job and the hair stays gone for a while!

    3. For the Brazilian and Hollywood style, definitely an electronic shaver. I would even consider a sugar wax for these areas because it’s removing nearly everything! I love sugar wax because you can wipe it off and clean up WAY better than typical commercial waxes. While sugar waxing does work great (I posted some photos in an earlier post of my DIY sugar wax) it caused a great deal of ingrowns for me. Mainly because I failed to keep the area moisturized enough. I never had laser hair removal down there either (I can imagine it feeling like holy hell) or electrolysis (imagine having all your coochie hair zapped and tweezed out!)

    Which ever method you choose to use, please don’t forget to use moisturizer on the area every single day to avoid ingrowns and ingrown scarring. Again, Bikini Zone always worked quite well for me.

    Good Luck and happy shaving!


Bikini Hair Epilating, Going “Down there,” Boy-Cut Panties and Other Tips *PICS & Raunchy Humor!*

So I woke up this morning and realized I have not tamed my coochie in a while.

Yes, it was looking like  it hasn’t been cut in about 4 months!

And I got to thinking that, while preparing my ammunition for my coochie hair, who is looking down there anyway?! Why all the huff puff about making the bikini line looking flawless!?

For any type of ethnic background and hair type, whenever you remove a hair from the shaft you run the risk of an ingrown, even if you removed it properly.

I like epilating alot, especially for my face and bikini line. Epilating is basically several tweezers on a small device rotating rapidly to capture all hairs and pull from the root. If it sounds painful it’s because it is! But it takes getting use to like anything else.

There simply is no method of hair removal that is painless while being effective AND THERE IS NO PERMANENT  HAIR REMOVAL METHOD BESIDES ELECTROLYSIS!!!!

Even as promising as laser hair removal is, you WILL NEED touch-up sessions in the long-term, thus it is not permanent. This is coming from a woman who has been there, done that with laser hair removal.

And even more deep, does your man REALLY go down “there” that much that the shit constantly got to look like the letter “I” ?!

If so, I ‘m officially jealous of you, and secondly, if he any damn good at it, why the hell is he worried about your bikini line?! He ain’t munching on that too is he?! (Sounds kinky though…. 🙂

Now in his defense (or hers…yes I got love for the LGBT community too!) you may want to keep it trimmed occasionally. I mean, he’s trying to please you, not floss!!!

So getting back to my Amazonian bikini line…I typically do not like shaving my bikini line and try to keep to epilating due to the horrific razor bumps that can happen down there.

But I made sure to moisten my body first and then epilate in the tub!


  1. Ran very warm bath water and put a very generous amount of body hemp oil in it along with a small amount of bath bubbles.
  2. Got my epilator together
  3. Sat my ass in
  4. Relaxed for about 10 minutes to let my body and pores take in the oil.
  5. I took the epilator and shaved my happy trail and bikini line
  6. I then took the epilator part and epilated my trail and bikini line (*Note: my epilator is a shaver/epilator in one that I can use in water!)
  7. Because the epilator can be uncomfortable, I only epilated in the direction of hair growth bit by bit.
  8. Got my hairy ass out
  9. Dried off and immediately put some Aloe Vera gel on my fresh epilated regions as well as some organic shea and coconut oil butter by Bubble and Bee. (*note: good stuff but it’s greasy as hell! Use lightly!) Also try, Bikini Zone.…Good shit there!
  10. Put some clothes on my ass
  11. Took pics!

Keeping the bikini line moisten keeps hairs from acting an ass and not ingrowing. Again, I cannot stress putting something on your freshly epilated hairs. Aloe Vera is good on everything and Bikini Zone is also VERY GOOD for reducing ingrowns! It works very well for my cooch!

And you can always wear some boy cut panties. May work best for those who do not like to removal all the hair. I personally do not remove my bikini hairs full Brazilian style. I mean, WHY? Seriously, why?! Who is going to be looking that damn hard at your ass other than YOU?! I am all for feeling great about yourself but I don’t think I want hot wax put between my ass and ripped off. Might have to pass on that on that one! But suit yourself!!!

Boy cuts are of course shaped to cover much of the bikini line if you are still self-conscious about stubborn blemishes that wont seem to go away.  Here are some photos of me in some, though the quality in some may be slightly blurry because the mirrors in my bathroom and the lens on my camera phone were a little foggy after bathing:

Wear these to cover up much of your bikini line blemishes. They cover mine very well. I actually prefer boy cut bikinis and underwear to regulars.

Did I mention boy cuts make your ass look GREAT!!!!! (*OK OK I’ll stop!  LOL!)

So here is the real reason you’re here! Some before and afters of my freshly epliated bikini!

Right before me getting my stank ass in the tub!

The other side of my cooch.

Happy Trail Before

My happy trail before epilation.

Bikini Line After

My bikini line after epilating in the tub. ONLY epilate in the tub or shower if you have a wet/dry epilator

Bikini Line After

There are still small hairs that even my epilator didn’t catch but as you can see it’s pretty clean and some old blemishes are going away! I make it a point to not shave down there all the time, which allows blemishes and ingrowns to clear up.

Full view bikini line

With boy cut panties you cover up many scars which is good because it allows damaged skin to repair itself while enjoying the beach or your man doing his “thing” down there!!! 🙂

Let me remind you that epilating hairs down there can hurt! I recommend only epilating when the skin is very lubricated.

You can also do this method with waxing as well, just as long as you lubricate your skin with Aloe Vera gel or some type of lotion or Bikini Zone lubed on all recently tweezed, waxed, electrolysized, lasered or epilated hairs.

So the point is epilating does hurt but it removes sensitive hairs very well and maybe help ease your bikini line blues!

Thanks for reading!

I’m Sexy (uhh…hairy!) and I know it! *Humor*

This is not a long blog ladies and some gentlemen!

We are flawed. Fuck it.

Ladies, we will always believe there is at least one thing wrong with our bodies. We all have some level of vanity!

And some vanity is healthy, I believe! I mean, you have to know your’re the shit! (Just don’t go over-board with it, proclaiming you shit gold and piss diamonds and feel you’re entitled to the world when you are still very flawed your damn self! Hell, I’m a pretty girl with a beard! If you ever see me walking down the street acting like the world owes me a box of chocolates, I’m giving you full permission to punch me right in my titty.)

But feeling generally good about yourself and your body is a must at being happy. You have to be content with you and where you have gotten in life. If that is fucked up, do something about it. Find a better job, take classes to improve your education (this one is very serious!), improve your social circle; improve your money habits (also important!) work on the shit that defines you’re own personal wealth, you feel me?

Improve on those things that make you a decent, productive member of society first, not waiting around for a rich old man or woman, or worse, a dysfunctional government to cut you a damn check every month. Find your own way!

Once the difficult stuff is done or you did your very best at improving it, you work on the stuff that’s actually fun!

And make sure you make these changes in that order. Work on the truly important shit first because there is no beauty in being fly and a broke ass at the same time.

Back to the fun stuff, do something that makes you feel good! For example, I recently dyed my hair and it actually made me feel good that one, it came out pretty hot and two, I don’t look fucked up!

In my case however; it’s hirsutism! Finding ways to manage my condition makes me feel there is hope to my fucked up hormones! And plus it simply reminds me that I am flawed, yet human and that no two people are created the same. Hirsutism is simply my story.

But another thing that makes me smile is….being naked! I love it! Ass and titties flopping all over the place in my home! I LOVE IT! And once I trimmed up my vicious happy trail, Amazonian bikini line and ingrowns under my neck, ya know,  I look quite lovely butterballed!

I certainly don’t believe I am God’s Gift to women…I mean I can’t! I got MAN features and barely boobs to fit a B-cup bra! (Yes, I have no problem dissing myself!)

But in honor of knowing you’re beautiful ladies, take a picture of yourself doing something that makes you smile! Being butt ass naked makes me smile, but since I’m too chicken shit to plaster naked photos of myself on the internet, I will post a recent photo of me in my bathroom in a nice bikini! And Here it is!!

I’m sexy (err…hairy!) and I Know it!

I know it’s cheap and low budget but who cares?! It makes me feel good to know I look nice knowing the condition I am dealing with and have been dealing with since 7th grade.

It’s quite alright to know your sexy ladies, believe it, live it and breathe it. You have to carry some confidence about yourself. I mean who wants to listen to “Oh I’m too skinny! Oh I’m too fat! Oh what if he sees my ingrowns!” all fucking day long!? Handle that shit and go live your life!

Because life is beautiful. Enjoy it and it will enjoy you! Also enjoy this little number by LMFAO!

Ok…I’m done being self centered for the night! Let me take my furry ass to bed!

Thanks for reading! Stay Beautiful!

Progress Thus Far!

So I have been doing my regimen faithfully for a couple of weeks now and the hair is growing much slower.

I cannot say it’s gone completely, and it probably never will be, but it is certainly way slower in growth.

No other changes yet. My moods are normal, but I have not gotten a period yet since starting birth control some months ago. But that may be an issue with my body regulating to birth control. I have not been on it in YEARS!

My hand epilator, made by Panasonic, helps tremendously cut down on my tweezing. It’s the Panasonic Wet/Dry epliator that you can use on wet or dry skin. Even though it’s advertised for the body I use it for my face. I typically wax my body hairs. It is not completely painless, I will admit, but it gets the job done very well!Image
I will probably stick to waxing my body hair, especially my bikini line and abdomen. That epilator on tender hairs like that I simply cannot tough it out!

My next step is to find a chemical peel to remove these scars from my face and bikini line. I have heard from a few online chats that salicylic acid peels work good for scars that got some years on them. I have been using a fading night cream with glycolic acid in it on my bikini every night and it seems to be drying up the scars, but I cannot tell if they are fading just yet.

For my own personal calculation knowing how old many of my scars are, I think I will start with a salicylic peel at 20%.

Yes I will post before and afters like always! I will be purchasing the acid sometime this coming week so be on the look out for that.

Thanks for reading!

Before and After pics of DIY Sugar Wax of Bikini Line!

Ok so, per my previous post on my homemade sugar and honey wax, I decided to use it on my bikini line.

If you never tried waxing “down there” before, it will not feel like a walk in park! There will be some discomfort! But you can use numbing creams or trim the hairs a little to make the sensation a little more lenient on yourself!

As my hair is a little more curlier and kinkier in texture, I should have trimmed up the hairs more. I discovered my bikini hairs a quite lengthy….of course, after ripping them off!

I only waxed in a “i” shape; I was not brave enough to go full Brazilian! but I think as I get more use to it, I will achieve full Brazilian status lol! I was too scared of waxing my back side hairs and feared I was snatch off my butt hole! Yeah…um…I think I may need that to function! LOL!

I did not do it all at once. This was my first time doing a bikini wax on myself so I definitely took my time….3 days as a matter of fact!

Now that I am use to it and got my temp for the wax down and the use of cotton cloth strips, I think I am good to go for next time.

Yes, I used 100% cotton wash cloths for Wal Mart. They were like 97 cents a piece. I would invest in some for sugar waxing, especially for the coarser hairs like the bikini line, legs and under arms,

Here is the before pic! Don’t laugh at my “fuzzy navel!” LOL!

As the topic of this blog suggests, I do suffer from idiopathic hirsutism, and am natural excessively furry “down there!”

I figured doing waxing would be longer lasting since laser hair removal and electrolysis are not options right now…both costs too damn much! Plus my confidence in laser hair removal is not high since I had it done before in 2003 and all my hear returned after investing over $3,000 in it!

(Insert wolf howl!!!!!)

Here is what my “tenders” look like now!Image

Ta Da!

The dark spots are skin discoloring, from years of shaving and ingrown hairs and all that nasty, unsightly crap! And for my readers who never been pregnant , yes, the “trail” on the navel is Mark of the Beast for pregnancy! I have two little ones!

Anyway…Give it a try and Thanks for reading!