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I finally made that move to make my blog into  full fledged comprehensive resource and support website for all women suffering from hirsutism.

Because of that, my blog might be down temporarily, but I am will be working all day long on it to ensure there are as little lapses in down time for you as possible.

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My Most Hirsute Spots (Pics)

I finally found a better camera stuffed away in my drawers full of crap.

Here are some photos of my hirsute spot right now: my neck. I have no idea why my hair grows so much here as opposed to other places.

Speaking of which, I also refilled my Spironolactone today.

I strongly believe with that and my on-going electrolysis treatments, I will handle this issue once and for all!


My neck on its worst day!


Close up of my neck again

I plan on taking care of this maddness this coming Saturday during my next electrolysis appointment, Thank God!

Your Cell Phone May be Causing Your Acne!

Yep…that’s almost what it feels like too! Courtesy of

So I woke up this morning and came across a pretty interesting article about some often overlooked causes for acne.

Acne, as most of us know, is a condition that causes an abnormal amount of zits and pimples to appear on the face and body from dirt and oil build up. Acne, like hirsutism, is typically hormonal, but other factors can play like stress and bad dieting decisions.

This article detailed some hidden things that may be causing acne in places that we may not realize.

The Yahoo Health article by Angela Haupt details activities that may be making you blow up zits all over the place.

What I will do here is summarize what Angela detailed in my words and give my own opinion on each “cause.”

  1. Cell Phones: This may hold some truth. I mean, who routinely cleans their cell phone? You talk to people all throughout the day, meaning before and after washing your face and hands so you are in essence just transferring dirt to your cell phone over and over. And then laying that device on one side of your face over and over. So when Angela points out the potential of developing acne on your face, particularly along the jaw line and chin, I believe it.

    Cell phones may be causing your acne. Courtesy of

  2. Yoga Mats: I do not practice yoga, but Angela says that when you lay your hands on the same place you lay your feet and then put those very hands on your face, it is possible to promote pimple development. Keep your work out gear (mats, clothing, etc.) clean routinely.
  3. Makeup:  It is imperative that if you wear makeup while acne-prone, keep your face washed at all times. And make sure you pay attention to ingredients too. Oil based make ups (especially ones containing mineral oil) need to be avoided at all costs. I personally develop God-awful blackheads if I wear oil-based foundation for too long. My preference is powdered foundations. According the, a welcomed oil for acne is jojoba oil.
  4. Anti-Aging Creams: I do not use these either, but my guess is they are very oily, as Angela stated. She also points out that some ingredients in these types of creams, like retinol, while helpful with some skin conditions, may be an irritant to acne. So try to find a non-oil based aging cream or something without well-known skin irritants like retinol in it.
  5. Medications: I know some medicines, particularly those for steroids and hormonal disorders, may do more damage than good when dealing with acne. Angela suggest (and I agree) to chat with a doctor about all the pros and cons of all the medications you are taking for acne or other disorders you may have as to not trigger an acne outbreak unknowingly. Also, consider natural supplements to any medications you have to take for your conditions.
  6. Dandruff and Hair Products: Now I am not terribly sure how scalp flakes can cause acne, but I can imagine the build up of dirt in general in your hair and failing to shampoo your hair more often may lead to acne, particularly around the edges of your scalp. Ingredients from hair products (oil, alcohol, etc.) do not help either. For folks with longer hair, consider the idea of acne on your neck and back because of bad hair hygiene. Look into a medicine based shampoo, as Angela advised.
  7. Sunscreen: If it is not oil-based, you should be good to go.
  8. Traveling: Now I believe in this one passionately. I had a good friend suffer from horrible acne for quite some time. He moved to Seattle from Virginia and I swear his face cleared up over night! Coming from a place where there is a lot of industrial business (shipyards, military, dust, grime, etc.) to a place where it always rains and simply has a different climate to it, very much so helped in his case. Even when I go out in nice weather consecutively with my children, my face clears up from impurities too. My only beef is dieting while traveling. Make sure you eat healthy foods and foods that don’t look too questionable.

    Traveling my help/hurt your acne. Courtesy of

  9. Stress: Well, this should be a gimme. Stress will kill you slowly; I firmly believe that. It will cause you depression, illness, body soreness, and just a crabby mood in general. For me, stress makes me grey quicker, lose a ton a weight (considering I’m already skinny) and my hair falls out. I feel I develop mild acne as well and battling my hirsutism feels that much worse. Stress does truly make your body change; I believe that. Take more short breaks at work, find exercises that you actually enjoy, go for more walks, consider looking for a new job if your boss is a dickhead, hang out with more inspiring friends, get out of a bad relationship, read more, go for more rides, hell, if possible, pick up an easy part-time job or hobby that does not require any stress whatsoever. Stress should have no place in your life, even though it is not always avoidable. I can testify to that.
  10. YOU!: You may be causing your acne more than anything else! Laying in your bed you develop germs and then you wake up and wipe your eyes. You scratch your butt, back, hair and then maybe rub your eyes or scratch your chin in the morning. Throughout the day, you may hug or shake hands with friends and coworkers, go to the bathroom, forget to wash or hands or don’t wash your hands well and then put your hands on your face….you just transferred 500 types of germs to your acne-prone face! It’s habitual and everyone does it so don’t beat yourself up too much but do be more mindful of the stuff you put on your face, including…well…YOU!

It’s Ok…Your Hirsutism-Induced Depression is Quite the Expectation

Depressed young woman. Courtesy of

After researching some more medical studies on hirsutism, I came across quite a few of repetitive studies on hirsutism and depression.

It appears to be the norm (and understandably so) to be very depressed while dealing with excessive facial and body hair. For a young girl to deal with looking and feeling unfeminine can damage one’s self esteem in ways she or other hirsutes can understand.

Most hirsute girls tend to keep away from social settings, thus making it hard for her to make friends or have anyone to talk to about her condition.

And because she stays away from people so much, it makes it hard to feel accepted because she has grave difficultly accepting herself.

She looks in the mirror from far away and sees a normal girl, maybe even a rather beautiful one. But a close up reveals unsightly hair after unsightly hair, almost in the formation of that of a beard or mustache.

She spends nights crying to herself wondering what in the hell did she do so wrong to look like this? Why won’t it just go away? Is there a pill, a medicine, an exercise she should do to get rid of it?

She is scared to date and even make friends with other women for the fear of someone noticing her hair growth and judging her by that. She may feel other girls will find something they dislike about her and will further insult her through her hirsutism.

(Man, I know this shit too damn well, don’t I?)

According to one study, it is quite normal for teenage hirsute girls to feel a great deal of anxiety with their lives as opposed to “normal” teenage girls.

Another study showed that drastic results from laser hair removal greater helps improve a young girl’s self esteem. Too bad laser hair removal is so damn expensive. And it’s quite sad that young girl has to ask her parents for laser hair removal for her 16th birthday.

(But I prefer laser hair removal to a boob job.)


Another study correlates that hirsutism and increased testosterone are related to depression as well. Unfortunately, this does not differenitate between hirsutism and idiopathic hirsutism, meaning all of your hormonal levels are normal.

I can imagine the studies will probably not differ that much if comparing the types of hirsutism.

Facial hair fucking sucks! Period! And asking a young hirsute girl to accept herself is just plum hard and easier said than done when everyone else around her looks normal.

People don’t know what it’s like to be the “other guys;” ya know, the weirdo kids with little friends in school but the best grades, the special-needs kids that everyone was terrified of, the foreign exchange student that who dresses like color coordination does not exist because they never cared to, or the girl in math with the patchy sideburns.

No one knows what the “other kid” feels like unless they are one. If you are then welcome to my blog! 🙂

If you are hirsute and reading this, understand your self loathe and saddness is normal and I can tell you that most hirsute women are feeling what you are. Even if you are depressed, understand there are countless reasons why people develop depression, so you are not alone in your hopeless or thought of hopelessness.

There are cures to depression however. I sternly believe people were not put on this planet to be miserable. Life and all its nonsense has a way of disturbing the natural order of happy. Does not mean that it can’t be undisturbed!

There is life outside of hirsutism and depression. It’s just all about not being afraid to go out there and enjoy yourself. Besides, there is nothing in the mirror besides what you want to see. The real bliss is in looking at life 3 dimensionally; you will see things that you were never able to see before….like how beautiful you are inside and out!



Guys, Would You Dump a Girl you Like Because She has Hirsutism?

                               Courtesy of iStock Photos

I came across a topic I have not written about in full entirety yet. I have covered dating topics and what not from a hirsute woman’s point of view.

But this is my first time attempting to write about this for a man’s point of view!

Ok, here we go!

For the most part, I would say no, a real man (I stress the word “man”) would not dump his girlfriend if she has excessive hair growth on her body. I think most men would understand that the hair growth is not something you can control.

Again, I stress the word “Man!”

Hell, in creating this blog I have come across plenty of men that don’t mind a hairy woman. I have even made some posts about men and hairy women fetishes!

But seriously, fellas…would it really bother you that your girl had to shave abnormally more than you!?

Would be a complete turn off for you? Would it gross you out? Would you not really give a damn especially knowing that she is trying to manage it?

I have never been a fan of shallow men. They are immature, narrow-minded and they actually have a lot of nerve, considering all the shallow men I know are not all that cute anyway their damn selves!

But I think the average cool dude is not shallow. I think he can look past most flaws on a woman. I think the average nice dude expects his perfect lady to have plenty of imperfections.

But fellas, Imma help you out a little bit ok?!

Now, I am clearly not a dude, but I think I can understand how a decent man may think if his girl’s hirsutism ever became a topic of discussion or curiosity. I been around plenty of men, dating plenty of men, got dumped, cheated, got cheated on, yadda yadda, blah blah, and have picked up on a thing or two about how fellas may think about hirsute women.

So I hope you find these tips helpful. Now these for dudes who really like or love the lady in their lives. If you are still running around judging a girl by her looks or worse, her medical condition, please find the nearest brick wall and throw it at yourself.


  1. Say something slightly insulting but kinda cute like “Babe…you actually got cute sideburns!” This will probably make she huff and puff a little bit, but she will get over it. More importantly, it will help her take notice of it because the biggest part of dealing with hirsutism is its management. As long as she does that, back off, K?!
  2. Understand that she may have an underlying condition. PCOS, Cushings Syndrome, Congential Hyperplasia, hyperthyroidism, hypertrichosis, and in very rare cases, cancer, can all be a contributing factor to her excessive facial hair. Understand it’s beyond her control so don’t be a dickhead about it! Understand it could be a very serious health condition.
  3. Educate yourself a little bit about it, even if it pains you. Get a general idea of hirsutism on your on time. She will appreciate it when she talks to you about it.
  4. Let her approach you about it.
  5. Take #1 into consideration if you want to address it. Start off with a cute compliment and start the discuss like that. Considering you did #3, it will be easier to discuss and she may really love you for caring enough. You may even get some steak, potatoes and a blow job at bedtime!!!! 🙂
  6. Help her pay for some cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal or electrolysis. Go with her to an appointment or two as well.
  7. I AM BEGGING YOU!! Don’t be a God Damn jerk! Understand it is VERY likely she has some self-esteem issues  she is battling and has been doing so for a very long while. Women with hirsutism usually had to deal with it for years so finding someone who can look past it is a dream come true to her. If you cannot be good to her the way she deserve, disappear and go find what your shallow ass really wants.
  8. Shave each other. Might sound a little gross/kinky but you both might enjoy it! I don’t know; just throwing it out there! Do something, especially something sexy, that will not make her think about her hirsutism.
  9. Being involved in your girls hirsutism struggle even in the slightest will mean the world to her, trust me. Continue being the great guy you are to her and she will do the same in return! (If not, get rid of her! Nothing worse than being a bitch with a beard! What kinda fucked up oxymoron is that ladies!?)

So in conclusion I do not feel most men would care about hirsutism, assuming he really loves you. I can look back on my failed relationships and realize the breakup had nothing to do with my health condition.

But I also don’t know what it feels like to have a successful relationship with hirsutism either, so maybe you all could teach me a thing or two… :/

So fellas, if you love your furball chic, tell her so and support and help her manage her condition. She will love you to pieces for it!

Please feel free to comment, fellas! I REALLY look forward to your comments on this one!