Hey Friends all Around the World!

I finally made that move to make my blog into  full fledged comprehensive resource and support website for all women suffering from hirsutism.

Because of that, my blog might be down temporarily, but I am will be working all day long on it to ensure there are as little lapses in down time for you as possible.

If you have questions about anything on my blog, feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page “Your Girl Mo” or at




  1. Dear Mo & fellow sisters facing the same ,
    I’m also a fellow Hirsutism sufferer, but I’ve found 50% improvement in my condition in just a month, without going through any painful processes like electrolysis or expensive treatments like lazer. It’s completely 100% free & it’s totally in your hands !
    I got a book “Health in your hands ” by Devendra Vora ( from Get this , it’s totally worth it !

    In the morning, before eating your breakfast, drink a glass of water – press all the endocrine gland points + kidney point ( 12 points ) + ( Liver, Gall bladder point if they’re painful ) – takes 12 mins for each hand, do it on both hands – takes 24 mins.
    Repeat once more at night – takes 24 more mins – ( can do it while watching TV ). That’s it 48 mins a day is all you need to spare & you’ll see great results within a month. The hair starts to get really, really thin & become fine hair.

    One more secret girls – Read this post by me to know more –

    I’m sure if you address the problem within & balance the hormones ( with acupressure ), your body is capable of getting rid of the hair by thinning it & making it un-noticeable for you or anyone. I found that plucking hair each day helped better for me to grow thin hair there than shaving while using acupressure. May be others had different experience, I’m not sure.

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