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Thank you All for Reading my Blog!!! Here are My Hirsutism Resolutions for 2013!!!!

As the year comes to an end, I want to take this time out to thank each and ever last one of you around the world for reading my crazy blog and viewing my outrageous photos!

I know for the non-hirsute eye, my blog is a little….weird….but for the young hirsute girl in the USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Russia, France, Brazil and many other corners of the globe, this blog has been a small haven for girls who need the support in dealing with such a bothersome condition.

This is a dream in the making for me as I have big aspirations for this blog and even more, supporting more women dealing with this condition.

I have dealt with idiopathic hirsutism for most of my life and I am actually doing something about it and in doing something, I hope to help as many other hirsute women as possible.

I also hope to educate people on this condition so they recognize how painful it can be to deal with and how bad it can truly damage a girls self-esteem.

In doing this, I created a list of “to do” things for the New Year!

  1. Create a large support website for all things hirsutism. It will be a go to place for all girls and women dealing with this!
  2. Write a book about my struggles with hirsutism and how I managed it.
  3. Perhaps make 1 and 2 an income for myself and become a true business woman!
  4. Restart my soap business. Yes, I love making homemade soaps!! The book in the link is one I actually own!
  5. Not be so self-conscious about wearing bikinis. I have even considered having calendar made when I am a little more big time!
  6. Consider taking dating a little more serious. I never been married and it seems like it would be nice! Maybe a little… 🙂
  7. Manage my money and try to pay of something on my outrageous student loans!

I’m sure this list will grow but I know for a fact I want to tackle these 7 things. 7 is a good number I think!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!




Ingrown Pubic Hair vs. HPV and other STDs!!

How do you distinguish the two…or three!?

I will be brave and admit to having both. I dealt with a dirty ex several years ago when I just started college, and well, the rest is very gross, painful history!

On the other hand, an ingrown hair is easy…you will see the hair within the pimple. Sometimes, especially for darker toned women, the ingrown may even appear very dark or even black, especially if your vagina hairs are dark too.

This is not for only hirsute girls or girls who think they have hirsutism. An ingrown hair can happen to anyone.

Mine are occasionally very dark also; that’s how I know it’s an ingrown.

Some ingrowns are so obvious, you can almost pull the hair out yourself.

Most of them are painful though.

The best way to avoid ingrown hairs is to keep that area lubricated at all times. Consider waxing and not shaving and if you do shave, use an electric shaver that doesn’t go all the way to the skin….for me, it kinda gives the bikini line a close cut per say as opposed to a Brazilian wax!

Ingrown Cooch hairs. Courtesy of

Now, HPV (human pailloma virus) on the other hand, for me, appeared as a small cluster of white bumps on the vagina with no hairs in them. These actually appear in my vagina, not on the skin where pubic hair grows (that’s a HUGE difference between the two!) I also had some appear in a small patch on the side of my knee on both legs!

An example what HPV may look like for men or women. Courtesy of

See, when you have a HPV or even a herpes out break, since the two look so similar, they can appear anywhere on the body…mouth, hands, pubic area, legs, arms, fingers.

For me, the HPV was not painful to the touch, but getting treated for it was holy hell! When I went to the clinic to get checked out, they had to scrape my vagina to test the fluids and I screamed like a baby.

Though HPV was not painful to the touch, walking and even sleeping was painful because I was rubbing my legs against my vagina of course. It got so bad, I had to walk with a limp for a day or two.

I got completely treated for my HPV shortly after. The funny thing is while there is no cure for it, it’s one of those type of viruses that just goes away on it’s own. Thankfully, it’s gone from my body and has ever returned! Therefore; no long term medication is required from it!

But it did cause my cervix to have some abnormal cell growth and out of the fear of developing cancer, my OBGYN had those cell frozen. That was nearly 8 years ago. I’m blessed to say that did not develop into cancer! 🙂

A herpes outbreak, however; may require on going treatments for the long term. That’s just my guess. I never had herpes but because it is a more complex disease, it may require a lot more attention from a medical professional.

So that is the difference between an ingrown hair and HPV. One spreads, the other doesn’t. One (unless it is deeply infected) does not require major medications, the other does. One may itch like hell, the other may give you difficulty trying to piss. One may look like a typical zit, one looks just…strange! One can be removed with a sterile needled and a steady hand, one shouldn’t EVER be touched unless by a doctor. One cause unsightliness, one potentially causes cancer.

That’s why it pays, ladies and gentleman, to maintain your check ups, and choose partners wisely. My situation was pretty bad and embarrassing but it could have been WAY worse!

Side note: The moron that gave me the HPV denied it and said I need to monitor the way I wipe my ass better after using the bathroom…..Needless to say, we stopped being friends after that statement and I never looked back.

For more information about HPV click here on the U.S. National Library of Medicine dialogue about HPV and Herpes.

Thanks for reading and wrap it up!!!


The Simultaneous Hirsutism and Dreadlock Struggle!

Mo's Locs!

Mo’s Locs!

The natural hair movement, especially for African and African-American women, has been booming for decades. Some black women have never chemically processed their hair ever!

I have not had a perm in my hair for years now because my hair just got on my damn nerves. Not my neck and chin hair this time!

My hair on my head is very thick and somewhat lengthy so combing and brushing everyday was a serious chore.

Just like tweezing and waxing and shaving was a horrid chore I dreaded…

I wore braids, cornrows, perms, wigs…you name it, I rocked it. Sometimes, not too good!!! Luckily, I don’t have pics of those hideous hair styles!

I remember dying my hair a lighter brown and ALL my hair fell out! That was a little traumatic, by the way…

But it is very ironic…around the time I decided to do something serious about my hirsutism, I decided to seriously do something with my kinks!

I cannot say I stopped caring about my extra thick hair or my hirsutism, but I started to care about managing both much better.

With my hair, I honestly can say that occasionally, I got me down. I started feeling like I was not as attractive as some of my fellow fairer-skinned African-American women who happen to have finer hair than me. (Sadly, this has been an ongoing battle with black women. And the more cultural experiences I have, I realize that in some cases, people do prefer the fairer to the darker in many other cultures too…Again, these are just MY experiences! My experiences may not be the same as yours!)

I started to feel like no one would be attracted to a woman with kinks or a woman who wore the hell out of fake hair. (But I know that’s a bad assumption now!)

Similarly, I felt the same way about my hirsutism: who would want me with all this extra hair on my face? Who?! What successful marriages do I know of where the woman had hirsutism and the man was totally and completely happy with her? I knew of none and to this day, I still don’t!

But then something magically happened: I stopped giving a shit about both!

I stopped caring about my hair! I knew I needed to find a way to maintain but I stopped shoveling so much money into my hair. The braids, perms and wigs were taking a toll on my pay checks and the health of my hair! Also, as a child, I had extremely long hair….my hair has never been that length since. I figured if I could make my hair as virgin as possible (meaning, as chemical-less as possible, basically the way my hair was before my first perm) it would eventually get to that length.

And when I started dreadlocking my hair, that’s exactly what happened! My hair feels full and I know it’s quite long because there are places on my head that were near bald that are dreadlocking beautifully.

I love my dreads so much I even started to dread my daughter’s hair. I know their hair is growing great. Take a look at my daughter’s dread that I combed out just the other day. This is the length of her hair after stretching it completely out:Kira's Locs

So as you can see life got much better for my hair and my hirsutism when I simply stopped caring so damn much about both! I found a method to get rid of my worse spot for my hirsutism, which is my neck, very easily (Panasonic epilator…Google it!) as opposed to wrecking my skin with spending hours tweezing each facial hair and for my head hair, I simply started growing small dreadlocks.

My dreads have gotten nothing but raves from people, especially complete strangers!

I love the natural hair look, I even took some professional braiding and dreadlocking classes for it! (Check off the Bucket List!)

So you will find things in life easier to deal when you simply….stop trying to deal with them soooooo hard!

Chill and don’t be scared to try something new for yourself. The epilator looks and sounds scary but it works wonders on my neck hairs. And I got use to the pain. It certainly does not measure up to the pain of laser hair removal! And growing my dreads means I can be diverse as well as saving me hundreds at a salon!

Thanks for reading!

Mo's Locs!

Mo’s Locs again! Bye!


How to Have the Life you Want…While Being a Broke Ass Single Mom!

Courtesy of

Well this is the life I want:

I want to have a successful book detailing my hirsutism struggle and the various ways to deal with everything concerning excessive hair growth.

I want to have a successful electrolysis and laser hair removal salon. Not a huge one; just one I can operate part time.

I want to not have to work in military contracting EVER again! Ugh…that’s a whole other blog right there!!!

I want to have a nice sized house I purchased, with cash. (I hate loans and debt!)

I want to pay off majority, or all of the 100k I owe in student loans. Yes, I said that right….100k!!!!

I want to work for myself and a success story and not have to worry about how to fund vacations and my kid’s future educations.

How will I get there? How will I pay off my debt and my live the life I want? It seems impossible on my salary of (roughly) 48k yearly.

Most would think I make a good salary as a single person, which I do….now as a single mom…..eehhh…..

Considering my bills per month (rent, power bill, gas, etc. etc.) I have roughly 1k left to just…have.

That is not including the randomness I have to deal with (leisure, toys for the kids, some shit falling apart in the house that I have to pay for, car repairs)

So what does that mean? Basically, much like most people, I’M FUCKING BROKE!

But all is not lost for me or my dreams.

I am expecting a lovely tax refund (one of the perks of being a single parent). Let’s say that refund will be 3k.

I have a 3k surplus I intend on NOT touching. After all, I want to write a book (which, even if going the independent route, may cost me a couple thousands of dollars).

I found an electrolysis school which cost 4k.

So to start my dreams, I need to save, at least, 6k (the book and electrolysis school).

I am not including the cost to actually establish salon space for myself. Hell, I am just trying to find a way to pay for the school.

The option of asking my parents for the money is there but I rather find my own way! But if I get desperate, I will not be too proud to beg AT ALL!

So, how do I save the additional few grand I need? I already know I will be expecting a healthy refund of 3k (estimation).

So what do I do? I only save around 1k a month.

Here’s what you do….yes, it’s going to sound painful, but no pain, no gain, right?!


  1. You cannot be ashamed to do the Peanut Better Jelly Time Dance! Yes, like…literally. Eat like you are on food stamps (no offense to anyone in of public assistance. I’ve been on Medicaid myself!) Eat like you seriously cannot afford it. Don’t be scared to Ramen Noodle things up a bit either! Bottom line, act like fast food and take out do not exists! Cook at home more. As a single mom, I know that’s difficult. But you have to try. Here’s a tip single moms: buy the fast food for the kids, but not you. Just don’t make it a habit.
  2. Don’t be afraid to let people know you are on a financial diet. Your coworkers asking to take you out to lunch need to know that or if you decide to go, buy something very simple and inexpensive like an appetizer and not a full course meal.
  3. Don’t be afraid to let people you are dating know you are on a financial diet. Hell, he may fall for you even more once he realizes you are financially responsible!
  4. Don’t drive too many places. If you don’t need to make that business trip or trip to meet up with friends at a bar, then don’t. Having a meeting over the phone if possible or invite friends to your house for drinks. And tell their freeloading asses to BYOB!
  5. Entertain your kids more the free way. Parks, walks, rides, window shop, or hell, my kid’s enjoy the double seated shopping carts at Target. They like riding around in that for hours!
  6. Take your lunch to work. Eat fruit for lunch. Go to Food Lion of a can of fruit or canned chicken or soup as opposed to Burger King.
  7. Take your car to a professional car repair person, not a repair shop. Someone with a good reputation in working on cars will save you A TON! But make sure they have a good track record first. Just don’t trust any friend of a friend of a friend. That goes for repairs on your house as well.
  8. Pay as many bills as you can at the same time. That’s the fastest way to get them out of your hair.
  9. Work from home more. If you have the option to clock in hours at home, do it, especially if you can rack in some overtime. Or it will at least keep you from going crazy on the job while dealing with the stress of finances.
  10. Get more active. Clean the house more, vaccuum the floor more, just get more active with whatever! That why you don’t have to deal with spending money all the time.

I plan on establishing these tips in my own financial life so I can afford the life I eventually want.

I will keep you up to date about how it works out!

I Finally found an Electrology School! And I’m writing a Hirsutism Book! Oh Boy!

I am going to make this a quick posting since Tis’ The Season and I’m getting my mess ready for Christmas!

I have been looking for an electrology school for the longest time; at least 2 years. The only schools available are in the D.C. area. I live 3 hours away from the nation’s capitol.

According to the AEA, there are many electrology schools in the nation, but there are very few accredited by them. Now, in the state of Virginia, where I live, any type of esthestician school needs to be licensed by the state and I FINALLY found one that actually is!

Angel Faces School of Esthetics is in a neighboring city about an hour and a half from me that is licensed with the state.

Electrologist are not required to be licensed in the state of Virginia, though I intend on gaining membership with the AEA if and when I finish this school.

Thought looking at the school, it seems very simple and not very detailed, I am more concerned that it is a legitimate school, registered with the state.

I plan on studying and training as an electrologist and then offering services from my home! Just the thought of it sounds exciting!

I also plan on studying laser hair removal and opening my own salon to give women (and some men) the option  of both electrolysis or laser hair removal.

I also intend on writing a book about my struggles with hirsutism and my self-image issues. I think people need to hear it from someone like them, not a doctor.

While I believe doctor-written books on hirsutism are helpful (I own a few) I think the story is more provocative and sincere coming from someone just like the reader.

I’m writing it now, as we speak! Be on the lookout! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

Getting Electrolysis Treatments as my Christmas Gift!

Before and Afters of Electrolysis. Courtesy of

So I was Googling “electrolysis schools” and of course did not come up with a thing in my area.

However; I did come across some new electrolygists in my area! How dope is that!?

I have had electrolysis treatments done in the past but I did not have time or money to keep up with the treatments.

Electrolysis, in my opinion, is a little uncomfortable but it bearable. The needle going into your hair follicles is not painful but the zap of electricity makes me jump a wee bit. But not much.

I do not want it done all over my body. My neck has always been my biggest insecurity area but I think I will get great results with electrolysis treatments.

I think laser hair removal would have given slightly better results but at the same time, the hair would not have been removed permanently.

Here is a list of electrolysis in the Hampton Roads, VA area where I am from for anyone looking for electrolysis who just happen to be in the same area as me:

Just Smart Electrolysis in Virginia Beach, VA (registered with the AEA)

Electrolysis by Debbie in Yorktown, VA

Poquoson Electrolysis, Poquoson, VA (I went here for my electrolysis the first time and Lisa was wonderful!!)

As I undergo the treatments, I will do my best to take as many pics and photos as allowed.

OH! And PLEASE go to someone who knows what the hell they are doing! Check out reviews and everything about this person before under going treatment. The very nature of the procedure takes skill and precision and not having that could cause some serious scars.


From my own research, an hour’s worth of electrolysis will cost you about $60-$70. Typically, electrolygists charge $1.00/minute but this is in the Virginia, USA area. That amount may fluctuate depending on your area and how high in demand the procedure is for your region.


In my opinion, it may take quite a few sessions to kill a hair follicle. The dermal Papilla will need to be destroyed completely to stop hair growth. That will be done in two or three sessions. But consider a few things:

1. Is your hair growth from a medical condition? Get that under control and then attempt electrolysis.

2. Your hormones.

3. The stage your hair is in. The newer the hair, the softer, it is, the less time it will take to kill the follicle. The darker and more coarse the hair, the more sessions it will take. Hair grows in the anagen, catagen, and telogen stages. The closer to telogen your hair is, the more terminal/permanent it is. When your hairs are in the telogen phase, they will not go anywhere, regardless how many times you tweeze, wax, epilate or even laser remove. They will always return. At this point, you will need to have the follicle itself killed in order to stop growth, thus why electrolysis is the best option.

Picture of a hair follicle. The dermal papilla is what allows hair to grow; that’s why electrolysis aims to destroy that. Courtesy of

The below details exactly how electrolysis works. The needle is inserted in the hair follicle and that’s why the current passes into the hair follicle, destroying it.

Courtesy of

The hairs on my neck are definitely terminal. Very dark and coarse and being African American, my hairs definitely tend to produce ingrowns. It’s terrible!! I look forward to my sessions and, again, will do my best to show photos and videos.

Thanks! I’m excited!

The Crucified Hirsute Woman and other Celebrated Fur-ball Ladies in History!

“I’m not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I’ve always been a freak. So I’ve been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I’m one of those people.” – This Mustache Kills Fascists Blog

Annie Jones as a young girl. Believed to have suffered from hypertrichosis from birth until her death in the early 1900s. Courtesy of

Percilla Bejano aka “Monkey Girl.” Believed to have had extreme hirsutism. Courtesy of

Wilgefortis was a maiden from 14th century Portugal (I believe) who was an advocate against abusive marriages. When she found out her father promised her to a man against her will, she prayed for “unattractiveness” and started to grow a beard. Her father, believing she cursed herself on purpose, was so pissed, he had her crucified! Courtesy of

Helena Antonia was believed to have been a dwarf and a heavily hirsute woman worked with Polish royals in the 15th century. Courtesy of wikipedia

Jane Barnell from North Carolina. Courtesy of

It appears hirsutism has been around since…well…forever and in many cases, has been the source of ambiguous fascination! We should be so lucky ladies!!!