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Men…REAL Men…typically don’t mind your Hirsutism ladies!

So since starting this blog, I have been blessed with nothing but good comments and well wishes from friends and mostly strangers!

Thank you so much! I don’t think you know what it means to this furball!

But I am surprised by the amount of male attention my blog as received. I chat about a number of topics but the vast majority has always been about hirsutism or in some manner related to my hirsutism.

I have even gotten followers on Twitter who actually like hairy women porn! Not sure how they equated me with that!!!

Some of my followers on this blog appreciate women appreciating themselves more, hirsute or not.

So I am very flattered by the surprising male support! It makes me wish more men were as understanding as the ones that have visited and commented on my blog.

I am beginning to think that women may simply take hirsutism too seriously! Just maybe?!

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It can destroy your self-esteem, especially for the young teenage girl who starts to experience these unwelcoming hormonal changes. It certainly took a toll on my self-esteem for many, many years. I spent a great deal of my teenage years hidden because my hirsutism hurt me and bother me more than any insult anyone else gave me.

I was even told once by a rotten ex that, and I quote “I know for a fact there are men that will not deal with you because of that.”

Needless to say, he was a bum that really turned out to be one of my life’s biggest regrets….not to mention he is the father of my kids….I wont even go there!!!

But I think for the most part, it doesn’t bother REAL men because they know we are not designed to be perfect. And if they have the slightest ounce of smarts, they would know that the women they idolize on TV have quiet a bit of work done to appear so gorgeous.

The “flawless” Kim Kardashian even admitted to numerous laser hair removal treatments!

I think most men prefer an all natural chic as opposed to one that always has to be done up just to go pump gas. I think they appreciate a little messy hair on a girl in t-shirt and panties making him some pancakes!

And they certainly don’t expect you to wake up and go to bed looking like Barbie!

So ladies, I think your hirsutism should be more of a beauty routine and not an obsession to BE beautiful, because you already are gorgeous!

So you have more hair than normal. So you have a condition you truly cannot control and that there is no known cure for hirsutism…let me repeat: THERE IS NO CURE TO HIRSUTISM!

It is simply one of those things in nature that correct itself or that you will have to mechanically remove for long-term results. Period. There are a number of things that make a women feel flawed…ours is hirsutism.

If you love a man enough, you should tell him, and more importantly, if he loves you enough, he will stay and probably not even give a damn.

Considering majority of my exes, some had made little comments about my hirsutism but we always broke up over a reason far beyond hirsutism.

I even had men over the years say they actually like that I am a little hairy, which was awkward/flattering for me. I remember going to a model call and one of the lead designers (actually the designer of Azzure), made the comment: “You got a lot of facial hair…I kinda like that!”  So I was cute enough to be hit on but not cute enough to be chosen for the gig!

I think a real man will appreciate his lady being a little flawed. I mean if she is perfect, how boring would that be?! Nothing to look forward to, no surprises! Who wants that?! That’s a top reason for cheating: boredom!

And I have noticed (Sorry American men) that my foreign viewers tend to love hairy women a wee bit more. I never been to Europe but from what my military friends tell me who have spent years in Europe, the laws to the lifestyle, are much more leisurely than here at the U.S. That’s why a French woman can be friggin’ hot with hairy ass pits and pull any man she wants!…Well, maybe not any man, but I am sure she will do pretty damn well!

I think the desire to be hair free is truly not ours but the standards of beauty we see day in and day out. And there is nothing wrong with correcting some things we consider flaws to feel better about ourselves. I mean abnormal hair growth on a woman is not very…well….normal.

Why do you think it’s called abnormal?!

I mean when was the last time you watched a porno with your man and the broads cooch was at its naturally full-grown bush?! There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and more importantly FEEL beautiful.

I think most men appreciate a pretty woman taking care of herself and if it includes her hirsutism, great. But it is not a standard that has to be filled for a real man to love you! So spend more time loving yourself! Flaws and all!

The right one will take notice and will completely fall for you!

Thanks for reading!


The Single Ones pay you No Mind, but the Married Ones You have to Beat Off with a Bat!

Oh how many times I have been in this situation…so much to the point that I’m laughing typing this, thinking about some past dates!

I cannot count the number of times I went out on a date with a dude I thought was interested….and hardly heard from again….leaving me feeling dumbfounded.

The most recent guy was more of a texting thing. We were able to go out to eat for lunch one day, and things seemed great….though I didn’t care much for his recent relationship flops and he couldn’t seem to change the damn topic, but I simply listened because everyone needs a listening ear occasionally.

We left, gave me a nice hug, had a couple of laughs and kept it moving back to work. (We both work on the same military installation.)

He truly was busy moving into a new place and doing things for work, but he always managed to at least contact me throughout the day to chit-chat.

Then nothing…contacted him a handful of times to say hi, didn’t hear back, so I said fuck it.

But this seems to always happen with the single guys I go out on dates with in recent years.

I figured they were turned off about SOMETHING, but I simply can never clearly put my finger on it. I made sure they were not able to see a lick of my hirsutism! So I was truly perplexed as to why the silent treatment? Some still keep in touch with me, but it’s very obvious they don’t want a relationship with me, just someone to chat with every now and then, which is fine.

But it comes a time when you kinda want more….

I even went so far as to simply ask one of them, never married and no kids, is there anything wrong with me that would make a guy not want to start something serious with me. He simply replied “Nah.” Not very satisfied with his answer, I changed the subject.

My only guess is they don’t want to admit the single mom thing might terrify them. I don’t take my kids around no new men and never will so I simply don’t know what to do. I honestly thought I may be coming off too hard, but even still, I really pace out how often I contact these guys for that very reason.

While it doesn’t bother me to the point I am up all hours of the night thinking about it, I must admit I was a little stumped…

My advice to you: just go silent too. I mean, they don’t care to have the smallest once of respect and simply say they are dating someone new or they just want to be friends. It’s much easier/cowardly for them to just disappear than tell you what the deal truly is because they may be truly concerned about hurting you.This applies to men and women.

And for the guys that have the decency to tell the girl you want to just be friends (aka not really care to hear from her) kudos to you, but don’t play like you DON’T know what you want. If she ain’t it, don’t waste your time dating her only to KNOW FOR A FACT you are gonna cut her off. Don’t bother with the second and third dates dude. Seriously? It’s tacky!

And you wonder why some women stay so mad at the world….stop wasting their time if you’re not into them. Do you want a bitch burning through your gas and credit cards only to say 6 months later she wants to be friends?! NO! So, don’t do that a decent girl; only difference is you toy with her emotions, not her bank account which is worse!


Good Lord, I don’t know what the hell is in the water of some married men but they hit on me like it’s a religion….and then have no problem admitting they are married!

And then some the AUDACITY to get mad when I turn them down!! That is what I find truly funny!

The biggest crushes that men have had on me in recent years all came from married men, as depressing as it sounds!

I think the reason why so many married men hit on single chics like me is because they kinda been there and done that, so they know, after years of marriage, what they truly want and what they would have truly went after if you were around when they were still single. I think some like the fact that I am ambitious and have dreams and desires I don’t mind sharing. I think they….respect the idea of my independence and not expecting a man to pay all my bills. I also think many of them appreciate me being a size 1 after two kids too, taking care of myself and dressing nicely! They appreciate me being a mother and taking care of a household as well.

I mean, that’s just my guess as well as some things married men have said to me over the years.

Oh gosh let me see if I can remember all the fallacies  married men I have said to me:

1. “Girl, I want to give you the world!” 2. “I want to have a son with you! Your body is so ideal! I would take care of you two forever!” 3. “Tell me where you want to go, anywhere in the world!” 4. “You want that dress? Let me know the cost and you got it!” 5. “Start looking at some houses for us since my divorce is about to start!” 6. “I would love to have your kids of my step children!” 7. “I’m just not attracted to my wife anymore. You are what I want!”

Needless to say, I can go on and on and on.

The sad part of it is it makes me feel like so many men and women have perverted the institute of marriage. That’s probably why I am not married now! I simply cannot find anyone who takes it seriously!

Married men who stray are clearly looking for some gap to close in their life and too many of them go about closing it in the most dangerous way: Acting like they are not married!

The biggest comment by married men is how they say their wives are not longer attractive… they had all those babies alone! I mean, the woman has not changed that much, you dickhead. If you so not attracted to her now, you realize you never truly were totally attracted to her in the first place.

The next comment is the sex part: they stopped intimacy months or years ago. This shoots off one thing for me:

Sex with you is clearly wack.

Don’t be so quick to think a single woman listening to your nonsense is going to always jump to your defense. I sure as hell wont!

She probably stopped being intimate because there is something about you that turns her off and which keeps her from wanting to keep the flame in your marriage.

I never been married but I can certainly say it takes two to keep the sex afloat and if she ain’t giving it to you, she is probably getting it from somewhere else or YOU simply don’t turn her on anymore. So stop being so quick to blame her.

And if you are giving it your all and you still cannot get into the sex, go to counseling.

I know the older I get, the more and more turned off I get with married men hitting on me. And I will be brave and admit 2 affairs I had with married guys. I can tell you one thing: the sex didn’t keep me around!

Ultimately, married men and women cheating are not all bad people. Most are simply desperate for attention and want it right now, not after waiting a year for a separation and divorce. And they are only human to want another person’s attention. So while their intentions are quite normal, their actions can prove destructive for themselves, their families and the lives of the side piece(s).

So in essence married cheaters are quite selfish, and simply cannot be taken seriously. Rude ass single people who enjoy your company one minute and diss you the next are quite selfish as well. Learn to love yourself and love your time because it cannot be recycled back to you.

Don’t waste a dime of a minute with someone who does not meet your standards at the door, affair or not. You will be saving yourself a lot of heartache and confusion down the road. I don’t care if you find yourself completely alone without much of anyone to talk to or hang out with. Sometimes those are the best moments for soul-searching….



Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and DIY treatments

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and hirsutism are often related. Because of the constant tweezing, shaving, razor bumps, and waxing, it is likely that your skin will scar up from the extra melanin that works to heal broken skin…thus creating dark spots.

Honestly, many days my PIH bothers me more than the hair. The main reason I am considering laser hair removal again is because I know the dark marks will disappear.

If you click on the link above, the NIH will explain what PIH is, why its worse in darker skinned folks and multiple treatment options.

These treatments include:

  1. sun screen (crucial)
  2. chemical peels
  3. soy
  4. licorice extract
  5. various types of alpha hydroxy acids

I knew about chemical peels, but soy and licorice were something new to me! The more I looked into correcting my PIH the cheap way, I noticed that I kept coming across microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion (MDB) is a method of exfoliating dead skin layers to remove and improve worn skin aliments, including PIH. Caution should be taken in doing MDB because it may cause more harm than good if you exfoliate too hard.

Neutrogena and Olay have at-home devices to do MDB which both cost less than $30 and have great reviews. I personally may consider the Olay device.

But until then, I developed a DIY MDB recipe that seems to work great. Baking soda seems to be the top MDB ingredient for DIY MDB, according to the internet. So I used that with some other ingredients:

  1. Baking Soda
  2. water
  3. Lemon juice
  4. jojoba oil
  5. Glycerin
  6. Organic Soy Powder

I used Soy and baking soda the most. Sorry I didn’t write down the measurements, but I definitely used those two the most. It came out looking very creamy, not so much pasty like a lot of the baking soda ingredients online:

My DIY microdermabrasion cream. I simply mixed all the ingredients together, and in a circular fashion, put it all over my face and neck. I allowed it to sit for several minutes (almost an hour!) and then I rinsed in the shower.

I actually put it on twice and the first time, my skin did look bright! I liked it so much I did it another time, and am actually still wearing the cream on my face while I type this blog!

But this is a good method to DIY MDB if you cannot afford salon prices according to my extensive internet research.

I will admit: the salon is the best way to go because it will likely deliver the results you want faster. For us hirsute girls, again, the best way to get rid of the PIH is to get rid of the hair.

But this DIY method is a way to try and clear up your PIH just as effectively, but a little slower. Like anything else, it will probably take some time to peel the skin layers back and reveal your true skin tone. And is a good alternative if you (like myself) cannot always afford salon prices! As I stated before, you can also consider at-home chemical peels and always use your sun screen!

I did come across a wonderful salon website in Charlotte, NC that shows very great before and after photos of clients with PIH from acne, razor bumps and hirsutism. It gives you an idea that there is hope!

Seriously, click on this link! The results are great!

So in closing, here is a list of things to manage your PIH:

  1. Wear sun screen at all times! Typically, a broad spectrum brand! Even in winter! Dark folks need it too, especially for conditions like PIH! It is imperative! I cannot stress this one enough. As a black woman, I assumed my people and other darker pigmented ethnicities simply did not need it because we are already naturally darker than our European counterparts. But the UV rays from the Sun can still damage our skin, making our PIH potentially worse.
  2. Exfoliate with a MDB scheme. Any good facial scrub directly made for MDB should do the trick but just remember the results will not happen over night, even using a device like the ones sold by Neutrogena and Olay.
  3. Consider chemical peels! It is one of the best ways to remove damaged skin layers as well as raise ingrown hairs for hirsute folks. I would advise you at least talk to a dermatologist or a medical spa before attempting this one on your own.
  4. Consider Soy! I have seen soy in Vitamin Shoppe. Apparently, it shows promise with PIH conditions. The only issue I have with this is that many people are allergic to soy. If not, consider some soy supplements or in your beauty regimen. Notice I used it in my DIY MDB mix.
  5. Consider Mequinol, a Hydroquinone alternative. Because Hydroquinone is believed to be in connection with  carcinogens, I did not list it, but Mequinol is a good alternative, as both are very promising in reducing PIH. I believe you can get this as a prescription.
  6. Consider other treatment options listed here.
  7. If you can afford it, and need a quick method, just get laser surgery. This is the fastest way to clear up your skin! Try to go during a sale the salon is having. They almost always give package deals.

So as you can see, there is a lot of hope for folks with PIH and there are options without having to run to the salon, spending hundreds on methods that you can probably do at home.



nothing dealing with hirsutism this time, but I thought it was pretty damn cool! – From the Organic Green Roots Blog!

Organic Green Roots

Core Glow photoluminescent pebbles provide an interesting, almost ethereal feature to outdoor design. When the eco-friendly pebbles are exposed to light sources, (solar or otherwise) the special light capturing pigment within them becomes chemically excited and will ‘glow’ once that light source is removed. The luminescent material is a multi-activated, highly efficient powder cultivated from the earth, that enables light-storing with a long afterglow.

When added to a concrete driveway and exposed to the sun, the pebbles will store enough energy to illuminate a dark pathway all night long, initially very radiant, then slowly dissipating as dawn arrives. With only 10-20 minutes of exposure to daylight or lamplight, the pebbles can maintain their afterglow for about 10-12 hours.

The CORE Glow pebbles are non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They can be implemented in a variety of landscaping, custom concrete or masonry needs. The material is a inert long lasting recyclable…

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You know you officially have a Good Life when you blast Prince’s “Erotic City” in Stopped Traffic with the Windows Down!

First of all, I will let you all know that I am a HUGE Prince Fan!

I have always been since I was a kid! I love that man to pieces! I was considering dressing like him for Halloween this year!

I found myself picking up my kids this evening and “Erotic City” came on the radio and I went haywire! Yep…in front of my babies and everyone else sitting in traffic!

I rolled the windows down, singing (not very well) “All of my purple life…..!”

Of course, I didn’t blare the cuss words in front of my babies…

If you can’t recall “Erotic City” here is a YouTube of Shelia E. (another fav of mine!) performing it in Paris:

But that’s when you know, in that short 4 minutes or so, you are having a good life and you don’t care if anyone sees it!

It’s moments like those that I wish all people could experience more. I think life would be much lighter and happier for everyone, including myself, if they simply pursue things that simply make them happy as opposed to what they THINK will make their lives complete, which is usually money.

Money is good but money is the root of all evil for a reason…

So in throwing down to “Erotic City” with my children looking at me crazy, I came up with some reasons when you know you have a “Good Life”:


  1. You Blast anything by Prince, Sheila E., Force MD, Boy George, Ready For the World, etc. in stopped traffic as loud as you can!
  2. You blast anything by Jimi Hendrix in stopped traffic.
  3. You act high when you really are not.
  4. You act drunk when you really are not.
  5. You laugh to yourself and converse with yourself and laugh some more when you realize how fucking crazy you look.
  6. You’re in your 40s and still consider dressing up for Halloween.
  7. You don’t mind eating cold pizza.
  8. You say “Fuck the stove” for a few nights and have an affair with the microwave.
  9. Dance walking into work and dance walking out and dance in front of your lame coworkers.
  10. Enjoy paying bills.
  11. Being broke doesn’t bother you much no more. If you can’t afford it, fuck it!
  12. You’re from the desert but love the idea of vacationing in Russia.
  13. Don’t wait on your friends to bullshit around having a good time.
  14. Enjoy traveling out of the country alone.
  15. You’re rich and you still eat Ramen Noodles.
  16. Your smile walking out of a bad relationship.
  17. Not hearing from him/her ceases to bother you.
  18. You cut your own paycheck (my personal favorite)
  19. Fucked up feet no longer bother you (as long as there is no fungus in them!)
  20. You dance in the isle of Wal Mart.
  21. You find old people fights funny as hell.
  22. When you consider all the rooms you haven’t had sex in, cleaning your house seems strangely erotic.
  23. When you consider all the cars you haven’t had sex in, trading in your clunker seems strangely erotic.
  24. You spouse could careless about your porn addiction. They are likely addicted too!
  25. Sponantiety is a lot more exciting nowadays.

Feel free to add to my list of “the good life” things!



Funny how They start to Care when you Stop…..

I know most of us have been in the situation where we care entirely too much about someone or something. It can be a spouse, a companion, a job, a car, parents, kids….anything and anyone!

In my personal experience, I have always found it fascinating how the people who blow you off the most or people who disregard your feelings and opinions the most start to act soooo brand new the moment their opinions officially don’t give a damn to you anymore.

I think that’s the kicker: they know (or assume…) you value their opinion and their presence so much that you would absolutely never step out of line!!

“Oh no! Not Her!”

“She would never get bold with me!”

She would never walk out on me! She accepted that I’m an asshole; hell, she been with me this long!’

He accepted my stank ass and I’m a bitch to him 3-4 days out of the week! I dare him to leave!”

“They need this job. Let me drive them crazy with extra bullshit work and my cruddy ass attitude because I ain’t got a decent piece of ass from my spouse in 3 years!”



  1. She/he dissed you because they assume the grass is greener on the other side of Mars….(FYI: there is no fucking grass on Mars!) and you don’t even care to chase after them! I’m sure we have all been in this situation! You leave them alone, get over them within a month or so and out the sky blue they show interest with a lame “Hey How ya been?” text…you know you officially don’t give a shit when you cannot even recognize the number, of course, assuming you deleted their number in the first place…I know I do!
  2. Your anal ass boss seems to have a new attitude of their own after you completely had it with their abusive corporate ways and you professionally cuss them the fuck out because you simply don’t care to deal with it anymore. This one is  another common one. Most people are not in love with their jobs and it makes it even worse when you have to work with dickheads that think they are holier than thou. I have found that when coworkers simply stand up to their lousy bosses (of course in a professional and tactful way) things could go for the best for them, especially if they get justification from higher authority. But the downside is that if you do this, your boss may turn into an even bigger dickhead because you bruised their bullshit ego. Or if you are in the blessed position to not have to worry about finances, you can simply pull a “Fuck you, I QUIT!” out your ass and keep it moving!
  3. You cease caring to lend your drunk ass Uncle Larry money to pay his rent when he’s only going to buy more booze and you magically stop hearing from him! Ohhhhh! This is a good one! Family members are sometimes the worse about being grateful. You want to be there for your family members, regardless how much of a drunk or crackhead they may be, because…well…they are family. But dammit, even those motherfuckers drive you up a wall to the point you simply stop caring. Now I am not saying stop caring about your family members; I’m saying stop caring to bail their asses out of their own self-inflicting bullshit. You have your own mess to contend with. There is nothing cute about supporting a 43-year-old toddler!
  4. You cease giving a damn about working with bitchy ass Susan who believes her shit don’t stink simply because she has more seniority than you do! I have been in the position where I cussed out older people I worked with. I do not have to tolerate being bullied in the workplace simply because you been around the gig for 10-20 years because you too wack to find something better. And that is not to assume all seniority members of a job are lame; some are quiet knowledgeable and truly sophisticated men and women. I am talking about those bitter ass older people who snap, scream, and simply keep attitudes, assuming you have to contend with it. Give them a great justified cuss out right back and watch your working environment become much lighter. Bitter ass Susan may be forced to retire! And frankly it is not always older workers, in all respect. If you know you are working in a toxic environment with anyone, stop giving a damn about their opinions and their presence, act how they act and watch what happens!
  5. You quit inviting folks out that seem to never show the hell up anyway! This is a personal favorite of mine! Things happen in people’s lives that make them occupied and busy of course. As a single working mom, I can definitely vouch for that. However; I still try to attend my friend’s birthday parties, weddings, get togethers, business conferences, etc. etc. But if those individuals cannot seem to return the good deed and repeatedly bullshit you with the SAME excuse, it’s time to cut them off. Post some party photos on Facebook enough times and I guarantee you will hear from them before they EVER hear from you again!
  6. You simply tell your parents respectfully that their opinions simply don’t move you in the direction THEY want for YOUR life. Everyone I know can relate to this one. Some parents simply have a hard time realizing your 30 years old and they feel if they keep screaming in your ear about why you have not done and accomplished more in life and accepting how you truly don’t give a shit to hear it anymore. You are comfortable in your position in life and it is simply taking them a long time to realize it. If you are not mooching off of them or anyone else, paying bills, paying rent/mortgage, being a productive member of society, then dammit what is their fucking problem?! Tell your nagging parents about themselves and they will probably back off….for a while. Parents are always that special exception to the rules!
  7. You simply quit caring to impress folks who don’t matter, which should truly be everyone you know! Trying to impress everyone you know will very likely kill you. We all know this!! It’s stressful and how do you know they will even appreciate your efforts?! And if they are impressed, who is to say they won’t try to one-up you? This is especially true for the workplace or within sibling rivalries. This is exactly why I don’t share all my ideas and plans with people. To a certain degree, people should not matter in your decision making. Yes, we are encouraged and inspired by various sources in life, but at the end of the day, what you deem the most important to YOU is how you should base any and all decisions. I think that way you will feel like you certainly made the right decision and that you simply don’t owe anyone anything anymore.

FINALLY!!! An FDA approved at-home laser hair for Dark Skin Tones!!!! Now…does it work?!

So there is finally an at-home laser hair removal market for darker skin toned women suffering from hirsutism or excessive hair growth!

A company based in the Middle East called Syneron was awarded USA FDA approval for their me hair removal system. It will be available for the US consumer in early 2013.

Yes, it is simply called the me.

It is an at-home laser hair removal system that uses radio frequency waves and IPL (intense pulse light) to deliver lower energy, but effective treatments to hair.

I am so excited because for years there simply was no market for people with darker skin tones to do at-home laser hair removal. They would have to turn to the likes of professional salons and pay out the ass for it!

Now, the me works for MOST skin types. Scroll down to the bottom of the link for me for the type of skin tones me can and cannot treat.

For the most part, the me can not treat very dark skin and very light hair. The ideal client would have light to medium skin tones and dark hair….as with most laser hair removal systems that are not professional.

Here are some pics to compare medium to dark (untreatable) skin types:

This little Indian girl, while very pretty, would not be a good candidate for the me.

Kim Porter (one of P. Diddy’s more high profile baby mommas) might be a more decent candidate.


I love Africans!!! I Swear their skin always has NO PIMPLES!!! But sadly, the me laser would damage her skin. She would not be a good candidate.


Chili from TLC would be a good candidate

Lovely Aishwarya would be an ideal candidate!

So I hope that gives you a better idea of what type of skin tones would be good for the me.

In case you are curious and have not clicked on the link, here is a picture of the me:

The My Me Elos

Now on to the pressing question:  DOES THE BITCH WORK???

I am still on the fence about buying this thing! I have seen it vary in cost from $500 to $700 US Dollars. I mean, it received FDA approval so it must be somewhat effective, otherwise the U.S. government would not have approved it. The only other at-home laser hair removal machine to get FDA approval is the Tria, which is selective in the skin types it treats. Imagine the law suits if they OK’ed a piece of shit that burned the hell out of women!!! I’m sure it underwent quiet a bit of testing.

Additionally, not two bodies are made the same. Considering skin type, hair type, health, hormones and other medications you may be taking, might alter your results after several weeks of use.

With that being said, I cannot say how effective this device is. From the research I have done, I have seen mixed results. But honestly the reviews have been more good than bad.

But the thing is, with the handful I found, it simply was not enough opinions to sway my wallet. I mean, I didn’t even count a hundred reviews. The one (yes, I said ONE!) review I found on Amazon was bad…and again, it was just ONE! I guess it just goes to show you how new the device is or at least it simply is not available in many countries, certainly not the US.

So while I am so thrilled there is a market for darker toned women who want laser hair removal but cannot afford professional treatments, I am still going to have to wait for more reviews before I take that plunge! But kudos to Syneron for expanding their products’ capabilities to consider more diverse skin tones!

Thanks for reading!