Treatment options for dark spots from years of shaving, tweezing, ingrowns, zits….UGH!

So after some research, I have decided that the best route to go to get rid of the years-old dark spot is glycolic acid.

Someone on a Facebook group page posted this link explaining various types of chemical peels and acids designed for skin problems like acne, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation/dark spots.

The website is called “Makeup Artist’s Choice.” They discuss glycolic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and TCA (trichloro acetic acid), which appears to be the most intense one for blemishes.

If glycolic acid does work for my next move will be TCA.

They explain the differences between well used acids in products to ease up dark spots and prevention of them.

I just purchased a night time gel with glycolic acid and hydroquione in it. It is made by Reviva Labs. Looking at the products on Amazon, it appears to have great reviews so I look forward to it WORKING! I also purchased a glycoic acid toner.

I really look forward to using the night gel because it’s when I take the rest of my medications.

Some other more organic means with potential to lightening dark spots include African Black Soap, aloe vera, lemon juice, willow tree bark extract and tea tree oil. I use raw lemon juice on my skin myself and it seems to dry up newer blemishes, pimples and scars very well.


4 thoughts on “Treatment options for dark spots from years of shaving, tweezing, ingrowns, zits….UGH!

  1. hey my love i have the same problem on my bikini line iand its been there for 3 years now too and im now 17 its embarrsing to go out swimming with my friends and what not ive tried so many things from creams and what not but it seems to not go away i dont know what to buy anymore and im affriad to use the wrong cause then i wouldnt want the situation to get worse so i need your help to knowing what i can use to have these spots go away but i can say before they were worse but now are much better but im soo insecure about it and i hate not being able to show my body when its time to go swimming or w,e the case might be so please help me

    • Hi Meg! First let the hair grow out completely and don’t mess with the hair at all if possible. If you absolutely have to get rid of the hair for swimming or whatever the case may be, shave ONLY in the direction of the hair growth. If you can, shave with an electric shaver. I have gotten use to the pain of elipating my bikini line and I do not get hardly any ingrowns. Find some method of getting rid of the hair without it irritating your skin too much. For example, I can use an epilator but I simply CANNOT wax my bikini line! I get the worse ingorwns! And make sure you keep the skin there exfoliated, even when you don’t plan on shaving to avoid ingrowns. I use a night cream with glycolic acid in it. Look into getting something with glycolic or salicylic acid in it as well but you HAVE to use it religiously to lighten up those darker spots. Raw lemon, lime and honey might lighten the spots too. If you can afford look into laser hair treatments BUT look into getting discounted sessions only. Paying full price would be entirely too much money! You have options but it may take some patience! Good luck!

  2. I know this is old but I wanted to recommend a scrubbing cloth. There is a cloth called a Salux that is from some Japanese company (but I buy a knock-off at TJMaxx). It is great for exfoliating and you can use it daily. I’ve found that I have had less ingrown hairs on my legs and bikini line.

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