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Treatment options for dark spots from years of shaving, tweezing, ingrowns, zits….UGH!

So after some research, I have decided that the best route to go to get rid of the years-old dark spot is glycolic acid.

Someone on a Facebook group page posted this link explaining various types of chemical peels and acids designed for skin problems like acne, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation/dark spots.

The website is called “Makeup Artist’s Choice.” They discuss glycolic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and TCA (trichloro acetic acid), which appears to be the most intense one for blemishes.

If glycolic acid does work for my next move will be TCA.

They explain the differences between well used acids in products to ease up dark spots and prevention of them.

I just purchased a night time gel with glycolic acid and hydroquione in it. It is made by Reviva Labs. Looking at the products on Amazon, it appears to have great reviews so I look forward to it WORKING! I also purchased a glycoic acid toner.

I really look forward to using the night gel because it’s when I take the rest of my medications.

Some other more organic means with potential to lightening dark spots include African Black Soap, aloe vera, lemon juice, willow tree bark extract and tea tree oil. I use raw lemon juice on my skin myself and it seems to dry up newer blemishes, pimples and scars very well.


Update to my Medications

So today I chatted with my practitioner at my GYN office.

Well I am going to finish up my Lo Loestrin Fe, and go with Beyaz.

Beyaz contains drospirenone (3mg), ethinyl estradiol (.02mg), and levomelfolate (.451mg).

She stated that, with spironolactone, that Beyaz will be helpful in controlling my hirsutism.

The worse case scenario would be drops in potassium and blood clots, likely in my legs.

As I assumed, she is going to be monitoring me to make sure neither of these issues, or any other, present themselves.

To reduce blood clots, she advised me to work out or try to be active as much as possible.

I look forward to using it! I must admit I am excited! I was concerned the Lo loestrin Fe was not strong enough and the Beyaz is slightly stronger.

Also, I told her I am taking a number of herbal medications which sh advised me to stop only because, unlike Spironolactone and Beyaz, herbs are not FDA approved though they are tested continuously.

With that being said, she advised me not be on Wild Yam. Apparently, it releases estrogen-LIKE supplements in the body but not true estrogen, making it not as effective as birth control or other approved estrogen medications.

I also epilated some neck hairs that were annoying me and the wax job is still holding up but now I am getting annoying ingrowns!

I pray this regimen is the answer to my body hair! The dark spots it leaves are the absolute worse!

Below is the worse area on my body: my neck. I TRULY feel that when the hair is gone my skin will clear up. I mean with no or very little hair, I have nothing to wax, tweeze and shave, thus reducing my ingrowns and cuts!


Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

My journey begins!

Since I finally got spironolactone in my possession, my journey to a true treatment plan for my hirsutism can start!

I am so excited!!! I have battling this for most of my life. It has caused a great deal of silent depression and self loathe for soooooooooo long! So I am really hoping this works for me! As well as YOU!

So right now my regimen has been my birth control (Lo Loestrin Fe) and natural supplements wild yam, saw palmetto, vitex (aka chasteberry), inositol, and fenugreek seed.

I only started this regimen for a month now and I was not terribly disciplined with it, as in taking it everyday so I cannot say if it works or not. But I do know those supplements I listed either have anti-androgen effects or supply extra estrogen. And being that I was trying to find the most natural means to controlling my hirsutism, I still believe these supplements could be helpful.

I am going to continue my Inositol and Chasteberry regimen but not everything else. Here is a good resource for a break down of potentiall effective natural supplements for hirsutism. Fenugreek and Wild Yam is more for strictly estrogen production and Saw Palmetto can increase bleeding and may make birth control use ineffective. It also may reduce estrogen count in the body for women which, with hirsutism, you want the opposite to occur. Here is that information.

So here is my new daily regimen:

1. Spironolactone @100mg

2. Lo Loestrin Fe @ 10mg

3. Vitex/Chasteberry @ 400mg

4. Inositol @ 650mg

5. Fenugreek @ 610 mg

6. Generic Vaniqa cream for my face

7. Spearmint Tea @2-3 cups a day

Fenugreek is known to provide estrogen-like supplements to the body. Chasetberry is know to have anti-androgen properties. These two will be my natural supplements amongst the other ingredients.

I will also continue my routine hair removing techniques which will including tweezing, sugar waxing, and, if I can afford it, laser hair removal.

You need some type of method of hair removal to see any real difference in the medications you take. How else will you know how lighter the hair is, or thicker or not growing at all?

And of course, I will attend all my routine medical appointments and will let my doctors know of the supplements and medications I am taking to tame my hirsutism. And absolutely I will document all my symptoms, if any, and when, and if, I proceed to the doctors office for those.

I am not going into this blindly, for those of you who are concerned about that!

And yes I will providing photos of my hairs progression. This might be a 3-6 month project, maybe even a year! Here is what my worse areas look like as of today, August 19, 2012.

Here is my navel and bikini line. I waxed both about 5 days ago prior to this pic.




These is my neck after epilating and tweezing the hair. Yes, I have alot of scars from years of tweezing. Think I’m going to wax from now on!


Here is a photo of my sideburn also after a fresh epilation and tweeze done on August 16th, 2012.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

Before and After pics of DIY Sugar Wax of Bikini Line!

Ok so, per my previous post on my homemade sugar and honey wax, I decided to use it on my bikini line.

If you never tried waxing “down there” before, it will not feel like a walk in park! There will be some discomfort! But you can use numbing creams or trim the hairs a little to make the sensation a little more lenient on yourself!

As my hair is a little more curlier and kinkier in texture, I should have trimmed up the hairs more. I discovered my bikini hairs a quite lengthy….of course, after ripping them off!

I only waxed in a “i” shape; I was not brave enough to go full Brazilian! but I think as I get more use to it, I will achieve full Brazilian status lol! I was too scared of waxing my back side hairs and feared I was snatch off my butt hole! Yeah…um…I think I may need that to function! LOL!

I did not do it all at once. This was my first time doing a bikini wax on myself so I definitely took my time….3 days as a matter of fact!

Now that I am use to it and got my temp for the wax down and the use of cotton cloth strips, I think I am good to go for next time.

Yes, I used 100% cotton wash cloths for Wal Mart. They were like 97 cents a piece. I would invest in some for sugar waxing, especially for the coarser hairs like the bikini line, legs and under arms,

Here is the before pic! Don’t laugh at my “fuzzy navel!” LOL!

As the topic of this blog suggests, I do suffer from idiopathic hirsutism, and am natural excessively furry “down there!”

I figured doing waxing would be longer lasting since laser hair removal and electrolysis are not options right now…both costs too damn much! Plus my confidence in laser hair removal is not high since I had it done before in 2003 and all my hear returned after investing over $3,000 in it!

(Insert wolf howl!!!!!)

Here is what my “tenders” look like now!Image

Ta Da!

The dark spots are skin discoloring, from years of shaving and ingrown hairs and all that nasty, unsightly crap! And for my readers who never been pregnant , yes, the “trail” on the navel is Mark of the Beast for pregnancy! I have two little ones!

Anyway…Give it a try and Thanks for reading!

Directions to a DIY Homemade Sugar and Honey Wax for Hair Removal…..that WORKS!

OK guys. After doing some research, I came up with a way to do your own at-home waxing. I read other blogs and watched a few You Tube videos and and the recipe is simple, familiar, all natural and more important, effective:

  • 2 cups of sugar (doesn’t matter what kind. I used pure white sugar. Organic brown sugar is fine too.
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice or lime juice or vinegar (Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar will do. I took a 1/4 cup and filled half of it with white vinegar and the other half lemon juice)
  • 1/4 pure honey

I am not claiming ownership to this recipe! Similar recipes are all over the internet! This is just MY personal testimony to DIY sugar wax, what I used to make my own wax and the steps I took to prepare and use it.

Put all these ingredients in a steel pot and cook until there is medium to dark brown color to the mixture.
Make sure you keep stirring while it’s cooking. Be ready for bubbles and foaming; that’s fine, you know it’s cooking correctly!

You know it’s done when all the sugar is dissolved and the brown liquid is a little runny, but more so the consistency of light molasses. You may have to turn the heat down for it to get to this consistency.

You should only have to cook it for 5 or 10 minutes.

When it is all brown and the sugar is COMPLETELY dissolved, pour the wax in a container. I strongly prefer a thick glass container.

Let it cool off in the glass container completely. I let mine cool off over night in the fridge.

Next day, it’s completely hardened but cooled.

Heat the container up in the microwave. I heated mine for about 2 minutes.

When you take it out, it will be liquified. It WILL be too hot for you to put on your skin!!!!

Run an once or two of cold water over the hot wax and keep mixing until it’s warm but cool enough to put on your skin. This may take 10-20 minutes for it to cool down for use. It will turn to the consistency of light taffy. This step is CRUCIAL!!!

When it is warm but still comfortable to touch, it will be stretchy and kinda messy but it will work!

Stretch it across the desired area and pull off quickly. It might hurt but it will work!!!! Or stretch it out across the desired area, let it sit on the area for a few seconds then pull off quickly!

I tried it on my bikini line and it was my first ever bikini wax! It hurt a little but it WORKED!!!! 🙂

If you are a punk to pain (Like myself!) get some numbing cream, like lidocaine, for your skin before using the wax. I didn’t have any on me when I did it on my bikini line….wish I did though! You should be able to find such creams at a Rite Aid or Walgreens.

The stretchy wax can be used over and over again. But once it cools off completely, you may have to reheat it again. Excessive wax on your body can be washed off very easy with soap and water, unlike commercial waxes.

Just repeat the step of microwaving it for 2 minutes and running a little water in it and mixing it up until its cool to touch.

I apologize for no pics, but I think I detailed the steps to the T. Give it a try!

Good Luck!!!




Potential Hirsutism Appointment…Again!

So I am excited about my hirsutism….for once in my life!

After talking to one endocrinologist who basically was not much help, my general practitioner actually gave me another referral to speak with another endocrinologist.

I am excited because I feel I will get more helpful assistance from this endocrinologist.

Basically, I am hoping for someone to prescribe me some strong, effective (but safe) anti androgen medication.

The first endocrinologist simply told me to keep getting laser hair removal… people can really afford that long term!

So I am hoping this new endo will be much more helpful.

Funny thing is I already purchased Spironolactone on my own.

Either way, I hope I can FINALLY get an effective prescription! Wish me Luck!