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My journey begins!

So I purchased Spironolactone this past week to treat my IH.

I am so excited and I cannot wait for it to arrive!

No I did not get mine through an endocrinologist. I cannot see a dermatologist without a referral and my general practitioner will not give me one. So i decided to take matters into my own hands and purchased the generic version from a pharmacy online.

I know some folks may be wary of getting medicine online but I purchases generic Vaniqa from online since the prescription Vaniqa became entirely too expensive for me.

So yes, I am giving it a shot again!

For the record, I do NOT recommend this method to get medication, but when you are desperate for treatment options you will do darn near anything.

I will do my very best to document pics, exactly when I remove my hair and how, as well as multiple check ups and doctor’s visits just to ensure my blood levels are fine.

Apparently some side effects to spironolactone are few, but high potassium and fertility issues are some of the major side effects.

I will also document other medications that I will be taking to be done with hirsutism for EVER!!! (God willing!)

Thanks for reading!


Going to Start Documenting my Hirsutism Journey!

Though this is a short blog entry, I am going to start documenting my hirsutism treatment.

My endocrinologist diagnosed me with idiopathic Hirsutism BUT gave me nothing for it, even though there are published government medical treatments for IH.

The most popular, at least in the U.S. is spironolactone at at least 100mg a day in conjunction with a form of birth control.

I am currently on Lo Loestrin Fe.

I weight roughly 110-115 lbs (49-52kg for my non-US readers). I am 5’2 (or 1.53m).

If you cannot tell by my profile pic, yes I am an African American woman, with a good deal of Native American in my blood too.

So due to my small frame, I think 100mg of spironolactone a day will be good.

I will be documenting this at least once a week. I will include pics, tweezing or waxing sessions and other medications and activities that I will be doing.

I plan on purchasing the Spironolactone this week so the journey will be begin next week or the following week when I receive the medicine in the mail.

I am relying on an online pharmacy for my meds since, in the U.S., you typically need a prescription for Spironolactone or birth control.

I purchased a generic form of Vaniqa from online and it worked just as well as the prescribed Vaniqa that cost entirely too much money!

So I do not completely condone getting meds from online, but I will admit: I AM DESPERATE! And I certainly don’t have the time or resources jumping from doctor to doctor just to tell me the same thing over and over.

So please follow my blog if you are suffering from hirsutism too or excessive hair on the face and body!


Anti-Androgen: Fluridil

According to a research paper from the Indian Journal of Dermatology, there are several treatments (not necessarily cures) to hirsutism. The article is found in the hyperlink above.

I never head of Fluridil until today. Apparently, it is an antiadrogen that is very effective with hair loss patterns in males and females.

It acts by encouraging anagen hair and depressing telegen hairs. Anagen is fine baby hair and telegen is dead hair.

Unfortunately, it is only available in Western Europe.

Here is the website for Fluridil if you want more information.

Additionally, here is another report on Fluridil. Apparently, it is very effective on facial hirsutism but it does not state how it performs on body hair. This report even shows a before and after picture of a woman with upper lip hair and what it looks like 3 months with Fluridil therapy.

I have seen it for sale on eBay…that’s the most commerce I have seen for this medicine outside of Europe!

If not the purchase, it is certainly worth keeping an eye on for when it becomes available in other parts of the world!

Well…Here is what Hirsutism looks like!

I got super brave and took photos of my face and navel, two of the hairiest parts of my body. I only get it on my face, neck, slightly on my chest, navel and bikini line area.

I am posting a pic of me all pretty and dolled up and then I will post three pics of the real ME under the Cover Girl!

P.S. The face photos are me on a GOOD day, after a fresh tweezing of all the hair….YES, I wake up to that every morning!


Now me at my worse! (insert wolf howl!)


And finally, my navel. I shaved it several days ago and this is the regrowth.


SO as you can see there is nothing perfect about me, as there is with every woman, with or without hirsutism.

Yes, I too spend thousands on laser hair removal, waxing, tweezing, epilating, and even was going for electrolysis sessions at one point. I even purchased an electrolysis machine for myself which I ended up selling. Try shoving a tiny super thin needle into each hair follicle that you can reach! No bueno!

Well here I am coming out of the hirsutism closet. I hope I inspire at least one person to come to the conclusion that imperfection is ok and very common!


Hirsutism Treatment Cocktail of of Natural Herbs! Hopefully it will work!

So since my endocrinologist decided not to put me on spironolactone (even though it is the closest medication for treating my hirsutism, she says), I decided to get it through other means.

More than likely, I will seek a second opinion or get it from an online pharmacy. I know that is not always a good idea, but, yes I will admit, I am getting a little desperate at getting this under control!!!

But before I purchase the spironolactone (also called Aldactone), I want to try some herbs and supplements first.

I am already on Lo Loestrin Fe, a low dosage estrogen birth control.

The rest of my cocktail consists of myo-inositol, Fenugreek and Wild Yam.

Myo-inositol, as a vitamin supplement, can be used to help treatment symptoms of PCOS by balancing certain biochemicals in the body.

For hirsutism, it has been studied to help significantly against the condition. In a study published on the National Institute of Health website, after 6 months of therapy on myo-inositol on 46 hirsute women, there was reported a significant drop in hirsutism. The results of that study can be found here.

I will be taking myo inositol (or just inositol) at 1300mg a day.

Also, I will be taking Fenugreek at 1210mg a day. It is usually used for increased milk production in breast (I am not complaining about getting bigger boobs!!) but it is also has anti-androgen effects. I really want to take saw palmetto but discovered it might counteract with birth control. That claim can be found here.

Though I may take saw palmetto anyway, since my birth control is a very low estrogen pill. I think I will start a saw palmetto regimen when I go back to Vitamin Shoppe tomorrow. If I experience side effects, I will stop taking it.

Lastly, I will be taking wild yam at 1000mg a day, which also promotes estrogen. I think it will help me establish more womanly features, thus easing up on the excessive hair.

So yes, as you can see, I will taking things into my own hands from a mostly natural approach to containing my hirustism.

So we will see what happens. Wish me luck!!

Product Review: Electrolysis Roller

I was so excited to get my hands on this! (Key word: WAS!)

The way it works is that it sends a galvantic charge to your hair follicles afters applying a conducting gel to to the area.

It is designed for most parts of the body.

You roll the device up and down the area until the build in timer goes off. There are two settings: face and body.

It states in the instructions that it takes 6 months to a year to see results.

Bottom line: it doesn’t work.

You will feel tingling as you roll the device up and down the area you are trying to treat, but this is the kicker: You have to remove all the hairs after using the roller.

So, for example, if you “treat” your bikini line, you have to tweeze the remining hairs left. TWEEZE. YOUR. PUBES. I said it right!

So in my opinion, if I am left tweezing hair, I might as well go back to my electrolysis treatments! During REAL electrolysis, the electrologist inserts a needle, sends energy down the hair shaft, then tweezes the hair out.

With this thing, the energy is simply going through the skin, or its supposed to. After a few months and no results,  thankfully I was able to get my money back! Here is a pic of this P.O.S.:


I am convinced most “devices” unless professionally done, simply are crocks. Don’t waste your money and if you do, be sure to dedicate 6 months to a year to a device that has pretty lousy, unbiased reviews.

Thanks for reading!

Products that are effective against Hirsutism for Me: Vaniqa

So when I heard about the Vaniqa cream for excessive hair on the face I got so excited!

I thought “Finally! Something that may work!”

The official website for Vaniqa can be found here.

Vaniqa’s active ingredient is eflornithine hydrochloride, effective in inhibiting hair growth.

I was getting Vaniqa via a prescription, but now I get the generic version, Eflora.

It is half the price of prescription Vaniqa and does the same job.

You have to use the cream religiously, at least 2-3 times a day. And the tube is very small. You are only to use a pea-sized amount on areas of excessive hair growth.

AND you can only use it on the face. It has not been proven effective on other areas outside the face and neck.

Let me make it clear, Vaniqa or Eflora does NOT stop hair growth. It just makes it grow much slower.

I knew when I use it, when my hair grows back, the hairs are more fine and not completely dark and coarse like usual.

Here is a pic of the Eflora tube:


One tube, with a prescription, cost me nearly $100. Three of these babies cost me $100!

I typically don’t do online pharmacy thing, but yes, I admit, I took the risks and have been ordering Eflora since!

Again you have to use it quite often to get it to work effectively. I typically find myself using it three times a day. My only issue comes when I wear makeup to cover the hair.

You should not use it if you put something else on your face, like foundation or some other type of cream. It should be the first thing you use after washing your face. So if I am wearing foundation, I cannot effective use Eflora or Vaniqa.

The hair is still there but it is finer in some areas like I said earlier.

Meaning I have to tweeze and pluck less often.


If you stop the medicine, your hair will grow like it (ab)normally does.

So I would say Vaniqa/Eflora is very effective for me. Too bad it is not approved for other areas of the body!

Thanks for reading!